Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Are In Vogue. But Why?


    Yellow gold is the traditional engagement ring metal. For many who are fond of sun-kissed warm hues, yellow gold engagement rings take precedence over white or platinum.

    After all it is the right combination of metal color, diamond shape and 4Cs that will decide the perfect look for your engagement ring. Yellow gold engagement rings in contemporary parlance represent value, prestige, and achievement.

    Fact: Yellow gold was the preferred metal for Victorian engagement rings.

    Want major mod vibes? Opt for a half-bezel or two-tone look for the perfect hyper-vintage or hyper modern looks. half bezel yellow gold engagement ring

    Many prefer 18K yellow gold ring over a 14K engagement ring. With 75% gold, the 18K yellow gold has a deeper color and looks effortlessly classy. Engagement rings or wedding bands made with 18K gold are prized for their natural radiant glow which is warmer and brighter than 14K and 10K gold alloys. But with the higher content in gold though comes a higher price, so get ready to pay about $500 more (depends on gold rates) for the warm beauty.

    Engagement rings made with 14K yellow gold still display a lovely yellow warm hue for a more affordable price, but they do not have quite the same luminosity as the 18K. The popularity of yellow gold as a metal option in engagement rings has grown steadily year after year. LovBe expert diamond concierge has helped in designing many custom rings in vintage and retro-inspired styles with yellow gold in the karat weight that complements customer’s lifestyle and budget. 

    Fact: 18k yellow gold engagement rings are highly resistant to tarnish

    Tennis champion Maria Sharapova got engaged on December 2020 to her long-time boyfriend, British businessman Alexander Gilkes. Her ring is minimalist, featuring a stunning emerald-cut diamond solitaire (cradled in a bezel setting) atop a thin yellow gold band! simple engagement ring

    With 2021 jewelry trends moving towards artful etching along the bands, styles such as micropavé accents, or classic round-cut accent diamonds set on an eternity style gold band or an elegant emerald-cut 18K yellow gold ring with side baguettes, have been rather popular and in vogue.yellow gold

    The fire of the diamond creates a beautiful contrast against yellow-ness of the gold. If you prefer to add a personal touch, you could experiment with colored gemstones like yellow sapphires or fancy yellow lab grown diamonds. Here, you can go a notch down and economize on a diamond grade saving you some money, without compromising on the overall look.

    Yellow gold continues to carry on as a favorite of vintage lovers (and many celebs!) — maybe because of metal’s symbolism or low maintenance 18K/14K yellow gold rings or the fact that this color usually pairs with both day & night looks — in 2021. 

    One big pro to yellow gold diamond engagement rings is that they can hide slight color tints in diamonds. We recommend our customers 14K/18K yellow gold setting in G-H-I grade of lab grown diamonds to perfectly match their budgets. This color range of diamonds pair enigmatically with either 14K or 18K settings. So, if you find your ‘perfect diamond’ with Exceptional/Ideal cut grade, desired clarity but a lower color grade, you can safely pick a yellow metal setting to mask any light yellow tint in the diamond. 

    Last but not least, because an engagement ring will be worn for a lifetime, it pays to purchase the ring from a retailer like LovBe because of stress-free policies such as 60-day refund policy and free shipping (no minimum purchase), ring re-sizing, lifetime warranty on jewelry and even a diamond upgrade program!


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