Why Are These Women’s Engagement Ring Styles So Popular?


    Some of the all-time favorite women’s engagement ring styles are just timeless and transcend through fashion decades. With colorless diamond being the favorite center stone, white metal the most popular choice and round brilliant diamonds cementing their spot for the most popular shape — it is fairly straightforward what styles couples have chosen  generation after generation, to celebrate their relationship!

    The evergreen solitaire, the deeply sentimental three-stone engagement rings, and the ever versatile halo style women’s engagement rings continue to sweep brides off their feet. Prong set diamonds with smaller diamond details on band also score high.

    • Solitaire:

      This ageless setting which traces its name from the French word for “alone”, carries a solitary diamond which commands all the focus. The setting is by far the most desired style in women’s engagement ring history, for decades! In the late 1960s, Richard Burton showed how it’s done when he gifted Elizabeth Taylor, the Krupp Diamond – a whopper 33.19-carat asscher solitaire ring.

      women's engagement ring stylesAnd now, after several decades, Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s gorgeous 10-carat solitaire diamond sitting atop a simple yellow gold band, reminded us why this style is labeled as ‘effortless’ and ‘all things classy!’ While round brilliant shaped diamonds are the go-to traditional choice for women’s engagement rings, elongated shaped diamonds (oval, emerald, pear and even marquise) pair perfectly in most prong-set solitaire designs. Just put your center stone on a high or low set tulip or a cathedral style prong setting, and see it shine radiantly.

      Here are a few examples to show you how solitaire styles in women’s engagement rings can be traditional, minimalist and yet have that ‘something unique’:

      CLAW SET SOLITAIRE – Fairly traditional but add your own style of claws around the lab grown diamond center (whether round, square, talon claws etc.) and you’d have a solitaire ring that’s reflection of exactly what you want it to be.women's engagement rings
      BEZEL SET SOLITAIRE – Steadily growing in popularity, the bezel solitaire is definitely a distinct look to set diamond in women’s engagement rings. It involves expert craftmanship to encase the solitaire diamond creating a stunning border. This is also one of the most secure setting for your diamond ring.bezel set women's engagement ring women's engagement ringEAST TO WEST SOLITAIRE – East to west setting is used to describe when an elongated diamond shape such as emerald or oval or marquise is set horizontally rather than vertically. This style looks mesmerizing in half bezel solitaire setting and is a truly a hyper-modern approach to a traditional solitaire diamond ring.women's engagement ring

    • Three Stone Rings

      Three stone diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who value sentiments and cherishes symbolism because the trinity or trilogy rings are packed with just that! With three dazzling diamonds symbolizing the past, present, and future, the three-stone engagement ring can be the perfect ‘conversation starter’ for every single family gathering.

      The beauty of a multi-stone ring is that one can combine different shape of diamonds set side by side (even match a colored lab grown diamond with two smaller diamond pairs!), prong styles and band designs (double band or split shank) to create a unique engagement ring.three stone engagement ring

      A three-stone ring with one center stone and tapered side baguettes (instead of three sizeable stones) is an excellent pick. While white metal such as gold or platinum is a popular choice for engagement rings, three stones look magnificent when set or matched in colored metal (look at that extra pop of color!) most popular diamond engagement ring

    • Halo

      The halo ring craze has been around for years and does not seem to be fading away anytime. Thanks to the shimmering illusion it creates by supersizing the center stone, the Halo design is an absolute win-win. The two most popular center stone choices for halo settings are round and cushion shapes. Many couples choose hidden halos on solitaires, or double halos to get that extra something, while halos with intricate floral details have been a cult favorite, thanks to the royalty! Make traditional halo engagement ring ‘your own’ by setting it with a unique band style such as twisted, split shank, or double-row halo band. twisted shank popular engagement rings


    Even though we know that most brides desire simple and classic engagement rings, but the three styles we have shared with you are exactly that and more. Just use subtle design details to add personality to any of these ‘all-time fav’ engagement ring designs. 



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