Why Simple Engagement Rings Are Versatile?


    Simple engagement rings are less about elaborate ring settings and more about a stunning center stone. So, the attention is squarely on the center stone while any subtle ‘personal’ details are blended within a smart minimalistic design. 

    A big and beautiful lab grown diamond scintillating in a precious metal band – that’s the secret of stunning simple engagement rings. Engagement rings are one of the most personal pieces of jewelry one ever owns in their life and so it is bound to have unique symbolism for every couple.

    Here are why simple engagement rings are so versatile & always on top of the popularity charts:simple engagement ring

    1. Simple engagement rings are perfect for brides who lead an active lifestyle.
    2. They are also a great match for women who want a fuss-free and easy-to-maintain engagement ring design.
    3. The simplicity of such engagement rings makes them easy to stack with a variety of  wedding band styles (and even metal colors!)
    4. Just because they are ‘simple’ doesn’t mean they are boring! Simple engagement rings are probably most fun to customize and tell their unique love story. For example, you can add personal engravings – names, dates, or zodiac signs – on their minimalist engagement rings. 
    5. You can design your very own engagement ring with a range of diamond shapes (even matching different shapes – think a three stone ring) or with your choice of  setting (prong style, choice of metal, band width and band styles).Here are some of our simple engagement ring picks to help you get started in your journey:

    Solitaire Styles

    A solitaire setting truly celebrates a center stone. Offset this style with a striking band that will add to the beauty of the center stone, and you have a stunner.

    Popular center stone shapes for solitaire rings are round, princess, emerald, and cushion-cut diamonds. You may also consider fancy shapes such as pear, oval, marquise, and asscher to add your own style to your simple engagement ring.

    You can experiment with elements such as the type of band, metal, and setting to craft your unique engagement ring. Like this rounded 4-prong setting on a solitaire that beautifully lifts the center emerald shape diamond.simple engagement ring

    If you want to add a quirky touch to the classic solitaire setting, you can opt for design variations in metal bands such as intertwined band or trellis band.simple engagement ring

    Halo Styles

    Create your simple engagement ring with a dainty halo setting. Not only will it make the center stone look more sizable, but the smaller accents can create a mesmerizing effect. Look at this brilliant round center stone which is matched with a contrasting cushion-shaped halo creating a captivating vision (and a supersized diamond!). .simple halo engagement ring

    As for brides who prefer a cleaner look, a hidden halo wrapped around the center stone is a charmer! It’s a perfect example how the smallest addition can make a huge difference in look and feel, all while keeping things simple.
    hidden halo simple engagement ring

    simple diamond engagement ring

    Three-Stone Engagement Rings

    Three-stone engagement rings are a good option for brides who want just a dash of extra glamour in their engagement ring. The trilogy ring design features three diamonds, (identical or different) with the center stone usually being bigger and surrounded by a smaller stone on either side. You can play around with three-stone ring design. For instance, you can choose a ring with identically shaped diamonds set in a sleek shank for an alluring look or a fancy center stone with smaller diamonds on the side.

    simple three stone engagement ring
    We know that your perfect ring, whether simple or elaborate, is something you would would be proud to wear and something that you would be comfortable with your partner buying. That’s why we have an intuitive Ring Creator on LovBe to help you create your dream engagement ring)



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