Why Are Three Stone Rings Special?


    three stone ring styleThree stone rings are rich in symbolism and can be an aesthetic expression of couple’s journey. Also known as trinity or trilogy rings, three stone engagement rings are rather popular today.

    There are many interpretations for the diamonds in a three stone ring. One of the popular ideas is that they stand for the past, present, and future of a relationship, with each stone representing a specific time. The diamonds can be interpreted to show to represent friendship, love, and fidelity in a marriage. Every time your partner looks at their three stone engagement ring, they’ll be reminded of the commitment, the two of you have for each other.

    According to some, three stone ring also draws upon religious connections of the Holy Trinity, interpreting the ring as The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. However you would interpret it, a three stone engagement ring can be very meaningful for a couple.three stone ring

    Miranda Kerr wowed social media with her engagement ring from her fiancé, Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. The elegant simplicity of Kerr’s three stone diamond engagement ring featuring tapered baguette on sides of a round center stone is a fantastic choice for the model who works in an industry where fashion is forever evolving and yet the three stone ring remains in style. Kerr’s ring joins the ranks of other brides who sport the same style. From Megan Markle, Sofia Vergara to Cristina Ricci, we have spotted sparkling three-stone rings on celebrities in & beyond Hollywood.three stone ring

    The best part about choosing a three stone ring is that it can be styled for you and your partner’s preference. You can go with three equal-sized stones, or choose two small-sized stones flanking the center stone (graduating effect) so that the center stone pops out beautifully. You can mix and match the shapes of diamonds to build up a dramatic effect or elegantly intensify the fire of the center stone. If you wish to choose three equally sized diamonds, then round, emerald, and square shapes are recommended.

    Three stone rings can be customized by choosing fancy cut diamonds as side stones or even colored center diamond. On LovBe, you can choose from tapered baguettes, pear, round, emerald, baguettes, or pear shapes sides for your center diamond. The options are just limitless. LovBe’s exclusive collection, LovBe Eternal allows you to choose beautiful fancy diamonds as side stones. 

    Here are some very exquisite three stone ring that you can shop on LovBe, right now:




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