Why Are Solitaire Wedding Ring Set So Popular?

    The irresistible beauty of a solitaire wedding ring set is just hard to match. It’s pure magic to pair solitaire ring settings with a wedding band of your choice and see the pair sparkle superlatively on your partner’s hand.

    The solitaire ring setting has lived through decades of changing fashion & culture to emerge as one of the most remarkable choices for couples even today.

    The solitaire ring styles available today have a mind blowing options that can be matched with your personal style. Just pair your engagement ring with a contoured, or pavèd, or an eternity wedding band and you would have you very own version of a classic solitaire wedding ring set!

    You could also play with colored lab grown diamonds – using a fancy pink or vivid yellow as the center stone. Classic styling of a solitaire setting just became more fashionable, millennial friendly, affordable with all the bells and whistles that you want with lab grown diamonds.  

    Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds

    What Exactly Is a Classic Solitaire Ring Setting? 

    A classic solitaire setting features a singular center stone (can be any gemstone but a diamond solitaire is one of the most coveted bridal styles). This center stone is commonly prong-set on a plain metal band. (your metal choice can create distinctive look for the traditional solitaire ring setting)

    A classic solitaire ring setting with 4 prongs.

    solitaire ring settingclassic solitaire ring setting










    A basket setting solitaire ring. From the top, even though the two style look similar, they will have a distinct side view. Both the setting styles allow the center diamond to receive optimal light with very little metal showing.

    basket setting solitaire ringbasket setting solitaire ring











    These classic solitaire ring settings do not allow a straight wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring because the basket or prong base touches the finger, sticking out from the band. And because of this curved protrusion, you would need a contoured wedding band if you want your solitaire wedding ring set to sit flush on the finger.

    We would encourage you try a 360 degree view of your engagement ring on LovBe to really see how each diamond shape creates its own unique and mesmerizing light play.high set solitaire engagement ring contemporary solitaire ring settings

    Different cuts of the central stone can create a completely different look of the quintessential solitaire setting. While brilliant round center stone remains a cult-favorite, oval solitaire engagement rings and princess-cut solitaire engagement rings are also pretty popular.

    The emerald or the marquise shape diamonds too are great choices if looking at under 2 carat engagement ring. These elongated shapes make the lab grown diamond appear larger than round brilliants or cushion cuts. Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald-cut engagement ring from Mike Todd catapulted the emerald shape diamond to new highs in 1957. The demand continues to grow for fancy shapes in a solitaire setting ring.

    If you are leaning towards an emerald cut engagement ring then keep in mind that by virtue of their ‘step-cut’ clarity or inclusions are seen easily in emerald cut engagement rings. So you would be better off choosing a higher color and clarity grade!

    All About Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

    High set solitaire setting Vs low set solitaire ring setting

    The cathedral setting style sets the center stone above the ring’s shank and is a popular high set solitaire setting method. With this setting style for your solitaire wedding ring set, you can make the center stone more secure because of the added support on each side. 

    Pro Tip: The solitaire ring setting will need checking over the course of your lifetime, every few years to make sure that the prongs are tight and secure to keep the solitaire diamond safe.

    The cathedral setting is very classy and very timeless with the added advantage of making your center diamond more prominent and bigger than it actually is. What’s more, LovBe even offers solitaire styles embellished with stones underneath as a secret additional feature. Shimmer and shine, all around!

    cathedral setting solitaire ring cathedral setting solitaire ring


    On the other hand, a low set solitaire ring setting will bring the diamond lower and closer to your finger. These low-profile solitaire settings make sense for those who may wear gloves at work or lead an active lifestyle which can cause your solitaire ring to bump against surfaces. 


    low set solitaire ring setting
    Princess Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
    low setting solitaire ring
    Princess Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

    This princess bezel set solitaire will “catch less” on things because it is one solid metal  with no prongs holding out the diamond. 

    If you want a truly low-profile for your engagement ring, then you should avoid choosing anything above 1 carat center stone. Bigger carat means a deeper cut stone (rounds and princess shapes) and that means it would have to be set higher to accommodate the depth.

    Choices, choices and more choices for pairing 

    Pairing a solitaire setting is easy and fun. You can build a radiant stack over a period, with your own take on metal and style mix.


    twisted wedding bands
    Entwine Solitaire Engagement Band

    We recommend buying bridal sets so that the engagement ring and wedding band fit together perfectly, just the way you want them to. And even though they may come as a set, the wedding band and engagement ring would look perfectly in sync even when worn on different hands or fingers. Pro Tip: Bridal wedding ring sets can also save you money over buying each ring separately.

    The best part is that every time you invest in a lab grown diamond you are getting more value for money. At LovBe, we guarantee you would be able to buy the best value for your budget. 

    Want to see how LovBe can help you build a solitaire wedding ring set that checks all the boxes for you? Speak, chat or email our Diamond Concierge and get unbiased expert advice on all diamond shapes, settings and budgets. 


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