Why Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Trending?



    Rose gold engagement rings have been in vogue for last couple of years. With rose gold as the choice of metal, brides can build a modern, feminine and very unique alternative engagement ring compared to the traditional white gold or yellow gold choices.

    Even if your jewelry dreams don’t feature rose gold engagement rings, we can assure you that this attractive hue will complement most skin tones and is an assured conversation-starter! Read on to know what exactly is making this rosy warm metal one of this seasons most coveted choices for bridal and engagement rings?

    What Is Rose Gold? 

    Rose gold or pink gold or red gold is good old yellow gold mixed in varying ratios with alloys to make it strong enough to fashion in to jewelry. Depending on the ratio of copper (yes, this red metal is what gives yellow gold the pink color) to gold, the resulting metal would range between a soft pink to a deep red.

    Typically, 18K gold is basically 18 parts pure gold and the remaining 6 parts are comprised of other metal alloys (like silver). 14K rose gold is 14 parts pure gold and remaining 10 parts of other metal alloys. It is the white color from silver, strength from copper and that preciousness of yellow gold which creates this winning pink hued metal. 

    Difference Between Karats and Carats

    The metal will not tarnish easily, is resistant to daily wear and tear and can be safely molded in to magnificent rose gold wedding rings. Understandably, rose gold is also a lower maintenance option and since it isn’t plated there’s no worry of re-coating the ring periodically (the way you would with White Gold).

    Take just one look at this one-of-a-kind stunner by LovBe and you’ll see why we love rose gold rings! 

    rose gold engagement ring

    Rose gold, also came to be known as Russian Gold when Carl Fabergé (renowned jeweler to the Czars) used it in his ornate creations, the famous Fabergé Eggs. Popularity of rose gold soared amongst the imperials and aristocracy and brought the metal to the world’s stage sparking its popularity.

    Wait… So Rose Gold Rings Aren’t Really A Modern Day Thing? 

    Nope! From Russian Czars to the Victorian era, rose gold has been known to humans for awhile now. Reintroduced to masses in the 1920s by jewelry design house Cartier and their famous signature Trinity Band which consisted of three metals woven in one ring: yellow, white, and rose gold.

    The rose gold ring trend lasted till the white metal and platinum caught fancy of all in the Art Deco era which fell off the radar around the second world war and rose gold was rediscovered all over again. Rose gold’s understated elegance and inimitable femininity is back at the forefront of bridal creations in 2021. rose gold wedding band

    From Czars to Modern Day Pop Icons…

    Remember rose quartz (Pantone, 2016) which dominated everything from mobile phone covers to wedding themes, and came to be associated with dreaminess, optimism, and pure passion.

    Rose gold engagement rings have already made their way amongst celebrities and we can’t un-see them. Jewelry enthusiasts would know how Audrey Hepburn treasured her wedding bands from husband Mel Ferrer — white, yellow and rose gold bands. The yellow and rose gold bands were beveled with a geometric pattern on the surface. The white gold band featured 1.5 carats of baguette diamonds in an eternity setting.

    rose gold engagement ring set

    A bevy of younger stars are also rocking this rosy metal on their hands. Gossip Girl stars, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester both own rose gold rings as does recently-married Princess Eugenie. Other stars like Julianne Hough, Alison Brie and Lauren Conrad have also embraced this popular choice of gold color.

    rose gold engagement ring


    Latest Trending Styles For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

    Rose gold diamond engagement rings can be really striking when paired with the right lab grown diamond. When it comes to the shape of the center stone, a brilliant round, marquise, oval, or even the pear shape lab grown diamonds will be perfect with the rose gold metal settings. Because of the warmer tone of the rose metal, you could get away with choosing a diamond of slightly lower clarity (VS2-SI) and color (H-I-J).

    There’s no doubt that dainty, minimalist jewelry is in and rose gold is rocking this sentiment. 

    1. Combine high quality of craftmanship to your rose gold wedding ring set with this gorgeous pair. That radiant halo around the a brilliant cut round lab grown diamond (4Cs that you choose!) is delicate and pretty. The rose gold lends a very subtle yet distinctly romantic vibe to this bridal ring set. 

      rose gold ring wedding ring set
      Radiant Cushion Cut Halo Bridal Engagement Ring Set
    2. Rose gold rings have been a popular option for generations. While they do seem have their highs and lows but if you are all heart for this softly glowing metal on your hand then you would love this minimalist wedding ring set. Featuring the superlatively beautiful & versatile oval lab grown diamond solitaire, matched perfectly with a pavéd rose gold wedding band, this rose gold ring set is a marvelous one to treasure for a lifetime.

      rose gold ring wedding band
      Endearing Solitaire Bridal Engagement Ring Set
    3. Rose gold is a perfect choice for vintage or modern engagement ring styles. It delicately accents intricate vintage styles without looking as too dated like yellow gold jewelry. Take a look at this LovBe vintage style featuring a mesh of tiny diamonds sweeping up the center lab grown diamond ever so gracefully.
      rose gold jewelry
      Ziva Engagement Ring



    Not sure if 14K/18K rose gold should be the star of your engagement ring?
    Speak to our diamond concierge and get unbiased advice on diamond shapes and settings. 

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