Why Are Jewelry Birthday Gifts So Popular

    Celebrate the extraordinary women around you with a fine jewelry birthday gift that’s sentimental, meaningful and tells her that she’s special!

    A diamond jewelry birthday gift will never lose its fierce beauty or fall out of fashion. Even years later, her diamond birthday necklace or diamond earrings will look as beautiful as the day you gave it to her. Diamonds are that kind of time capsule to your special moment, every time she would adorn herself with it. How many other gifts can actually boast of this power?  

    It’s a fact that fine gold jewelry (be it white gold or warmer yellow gold and more recently romantic rose gold) is loved by women across age groups. It makes them feel beautiful, empowered and let’s them express their personality through these jewelry pieces. Over the years, jewelry designs have evolved to match the varying moods and tastes of the modern women.

    Diamond Gifts Are Special Because You Have To Pay Attention!

    1. The most basic and important step before you pay for that fine jewelry gift is to take some time to understand jewelry preferences of the person for whom who may be buying. Look for clues in her daily lifestyle, metals and accessories she frequently wears and if still in doubt, ask her girlfriends!
    2. Thankfully, items like birthday necklaces, or earrings or ear studs, a milestone marking gift like diamond bracelets don’t tend to have specific sizes. So, it’s far easier to shop for these as a ‘birthday surprise.’ Now, if you want to celebrate her birthday with an eternity ring, or a ring (ok, we are not talking of an engagement ring!) that she can wear or layer with her her rings, then you better get working to find her ring size.

      diamond gifts for her
      Lab Grown Diamonds
    3. Next, understand your choices well. The world of jewelry is vast and can be intimidating, given the pressure, pretension, and price tags that are commonplace in the industry. Diamonds, earth-mined or grown in laboratories, are both 100% carbon!
    4. Identical down to chemical, optical and physical attributes, lab grown diamonds and diamonds from earth are indistinguishable to the untrained eye. Even your local jeweler cannot differentiate between a diamond from earth or lab because they both test as diamonds. That’s why gem grading labs certify the both lab grown diamonds and diamonds from ground based on their 4Cs and mark a unique certificate number on the diamond’s girdle that can be seen under magnification.

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    5. Learn about payment options available so that you can afford the best birthday gift for her, minus the stress of immediate payment. LovBe offers flexible payment options like Affirm which allow you to purchase your gift and choose a payment schedule as you go along. Ask our Diamond Concierge for more information on flexible payment options.

    diamond concierge

    Choosing Jewelry Birthday Gift For Partner/Wife

    For thousands of years, diamonds have inspired emotions, mesmerized and seduced.  The Greeks believed diamonds were the tears of the Gods while Romans theorized they were fragments of stars fallen from the sky. The Egyptians placed a diamond ring on the fourth finger, believing a ‘vein of love’ ran directly from the finger to the heart. They have been the source of endless stories and ultimately, a diamond’s beauty is the rarest of all their qualities. 

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    Perhaps that’s a reason why diamond bands have such deep significance in a relationship. If you’re thinking of gifting your girl a promise or wedding band, nothing could be better than this stunning lab grown diamond band with nine sparkly diamonds. Make this a concept gift, where every diamond represents a reason why you love her! Add a heartfelt hand-written letter in the jewelry gift box and hand her your birthday gift. She’ll probably fall in love with you all over again! 

    diamonds for wife
    9 Stone Band (1 TCW); Prices start at $999

    A promise of a lifetime of togetherness, faith and trust with an eternity diamond band can be a very thoughtful gift for a romantic partner’s birthday.

    diamond jewelry gift for wife
    Prong Set Diamond Eternity Band (2 1/3 TCW); Prices start at $3479


    If your partner has a long neck, she will look better in longer diamond hoop earrings or if she has a petite head and shoulder set, then she will look radiant in something more delicate like a solitaire ear stud or a delicate style of pendant.

    Elongated three stone pendants look real groovy because they can mix well with chokers or other gemstones in a layered look. You can choose a tri-stone pendant in a very distinct two shared prong setting, graduating from small to big diamond. It is simple style with minimal metal prongs interfering between the diamonds, creating a very unique ‘floating diamond’ look. This pendant, in a metal color of her choice, would be complementary for all kinds of outfits.

    Three Stone Snowman Diamond Pendant (1.00 TCW); Available in 14K/18K white, yellow, and rose gold and platinum variants; Prices start at $849

    A halo of tiny diamonds have their own glowing charm that can warm hearts. Now imagine this 1.25 TCW round shape center diamond with a floating halo held by a diamond pavéd bail on her neck! This is just the kind of jewelry that she’ll never take off! Pick a metal color of her choice and you shall have the best birthday necklace for your woman.  

    jewelry for wife
    A bright and shining round brilliant cut solitaire radiates in the center on four prongs. Small, round diamond halo around the center makes for a bewitching birthday necklace (1.25 TCW); Prices start at $1499

    Perfect Birthday Necklaces For Daughters

    Every lab grown diamond is unique. Much like a snowflake or a fingerprint, no two are identical. They all have internal characteristics distinctive and special to them  — just like your dearest girl. If you’re thinking of giving a diamond gift, knowing what to choose can be overwhelming. We recommend that you understand diamond’s characteristics — the 4Cs — so that it always remains the ‘shiniest most beautiful gift‘ all her life.

    From personal to cultural meanings, jewelry with specific symbols can convey a message in a unique way. Like for instance, LovBe’s heart-shaped pendant which features 0.96 TCW round brilliant diamonds arranged on the heart. Choose a rose gold metal setting if shopping for a milestone birthday necklace which she will never forget! 

    diamond gifts, jewelry for her
    Lovable Ardent Heart Pendant (0.96 TCW); prices start at $899

    After all daughters do fill our hearts with love and pure joy.

    Maybe you want to mark her start of a career, a new chapter in life or give your daughter a milestone worthy gift, then we would recommend a carat and quality that she can strike an attitude with. LovBe’s cluster pendants are the latest trend. Take a look at this yellow gold halo diamond pendant that looks like a tiny cluster of flowers circled by round accents. We are sure your daughter would love the aesthetics of this diamond birthday necklace.

    birthday necklaces
    Sparkling Cluster Halo Diamond Pendant featuring 5 round diamonds that are 0.64 TCW and surrounded by 26 smaller lab grown diamonds (0.36 TCW)
    birthday necklace
    Pendants are available in 14K/18K white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum; Prices start at $949

    Honor your daughter’s bold personal style or character with this triple halo pendant that light up a room. Show your daughter how a good quality diamond jewelry like LovBe’s trio of three halo diamonds can transform her aura, and put her in the center. The elongated design of this necklace is ultra feminine and brilliance of the diamonds unmatched.

    birthday necklace for her
    Elegant Round Trilogy Pendant (1.00 TCW.); Available in 14K/18K white, yellow or rose gold and platinum variants; Prices start at $899

    Choosing Diamond Gifts For Siblings’ Birthday


    The most important thing when choosing a memorable gift is to pick something that will enhance and complement your sibling’s style and holds some sort of significance. It is this meaning that’ll hold fast and trickle down the years as a delightful birthday gift given by you.

    How about a pair of ear studs that are fancy enough for the style-savvy sibling or a pair of diamond earrings that will be an indispensable addition to her jewelry box? We at LovBe have carefully curated the best cut-color-clarity and carat combination so that you can shop for jewelry birthday gifts on any budget. 

    If your sibling knows her diamonds, then raise a toast for her milestone birthday with these princess cut diamond ear studs matched with a birthday necklace, instantly making them her most quintessential jewelry pieces. We love the understated beauty of a princess cut diamond. Whether your sister chooses to wear them as a set or style with just one, these beauties make a statement. #GirlBossInTheHouse

    birthday jewelry gift
    Sunburst Princess Ear studs (1 TCW); Available in 14K/18K white, yellow or rose gold and platinum variants; Prices start at $1099
    jewelry birthday gift
    Charismatic Princess Solitaire Pendant (1/2 TCW); Available in 14K/18K white, yellow or rose gold and platinum variants; Prices start at $499


    After ear studs, diamond hoops are the most popular earring choice for women. For instance, these yellow gold hoop earrings feature 30 shimmering round diamonds and radiate gorgeousness 360 degree. From a white crisp shirt to a wedding party, these diamond hoops can take on everything!

    sister jewelry gift ideas for her
    Inside Outside Diamond Hoop Earrings (1 TCW)
    jewelry for her
    Prices start at $899; Available in 14K white gold variant only


    When Choosing Jewelry Birthday Gift For Your Special One…

    Jewelry birthday gifts can be deeply meaningful and will be a window to the thought you put in choosing them out. So, pay close attention to style preference of the person you are buying jewelry for so that it vibes with them.

    If you would like our assistance in zeroing down on the best birthday jewelry gift, just connect with our Diamond Concierge.


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