Why Are Colored Diamonds So Famous?


    Want colored diamonds in your engagement ring? Great.

    While you will still need to pick the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat) carefully, remember with fancy colored diamonds it’s the Color which is the most significant characteristic that you need to weigh in. Clarity inclusions simply are not as easily seen in a colored diamonds versus being more visible in a white or colorless diamond, and that’s why when choosing fancy colored diamond you must focus on enjoying its inherent body color and luster, and not so much about its fiery sparkle. There is hardly any focus on its light performance (which is rendered by diamond cut) because fancy color diamonds will return small amounts of scintillation anyway.Ā 

    In lab grown diamonds, by varying the heat and pressure during diamond formation,Ā  inclusion of trace elements like nitrogen or boron, or irradiating the finished crystals,Ā  diamonds can grown as pink, yellow, or even blue. It is important to note that these are not ‘merely coated’ pink or yellow diamonds, the color is atomically part of the diamond during growing process, just like it happens under earth.

    Yellow as the color of the sun symbolizes hope, happiness, optimism and energy. Add to that the symbolism of diamonds and engagement rings which stand for everlasting love and you literally get a meaningful match made in heaven. For yellow diamonds, radiant cuts are recommended as depth of this cut intensifies diamonds with lighter colors, bringing out the best color. Yellow diamonds look magnificent as engagement rings, especially when set in yellow gold. The warm colored metal complements and enhances the diamond’s beauty. And because yellow diamonds are more easily available it also makes them a great ‘most-bang-for-the-buck’ choice. Browse fancy yellow diamonds on LovBe here.

    Pink diamonds are a hot commodity in Hollywood as well as among brides who want a ring that stands above all. Because the supply of pink colored diamonds is limited — be it from mines or from labs — they continue to be rarity in the bridal jewelry world. The delicate feminine hue of a fancy pink diamond goes perfectly with white gold or platinum, and will pair beautifully with white and other fancy colored diamonds.

    Are Colored Diamonds Real?Ā 

    Yes! Colored diamonds, be it lab grown or mined, will test positive as diamond in *any* diamond test because they are 100% diamond. One diamond is grown above the Earth’s surface and other is grown below the Earth’s surface — they both can be found in different colors as well as colorless. It is the structural integrity of a diamond that determines its ā€˜realnessā€™ whereas the colors in diamonds comes from the unique conditions in which they are formed under.

    Diamonds are pure carbon, which makes them colorless. But sometimes, non-carbon can get trapped within the lattice structure of diamonds and change in pressure. The result – various diamond colors. The yellow color appears due to presence of nitrogen while pink color comes out because of extreme pressure led compression of diamond structure (phenomenon is called Plastic Deformity)

    If you are still unsure about the authenticity of colored diamonds, you can check the diamond certification. Independent gemological institutes such as IGI, GIA, GCAL among others grade both lab grown and natural diamonds on the exact same 4Cs.

    Celebrities Who Own/Love Colored Diamonds

    The glitz and glamor of Hollywood seems incomplete without the glitter of shiny diamonds. Many famous celebrities and artists are proud owners of colored diamonds with some even choosing them for their engagement rings. Letā€™s take a look at some of them.

    Jennifer Lopez: Singer Jennifer Lopez has owned two engagement rings with colored diamonds. The first ring- a huge 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring gifted by her then partner Ben Affleck. The estimated price of the ring was believed to be around $1.2 million. Lopez married singer Marc Anthony in 2004, who gave her a captivating 14-carat blue diamond ring worth more than $4 million for their first marriage anniversary. The light blue stone looked absolutely beautiful on JLo and had a personality of its own. Both these rings wowed her fans all over the world and made headlines in fashion magazines.

    Kelly Clarkson: FormerĀ AmericanĀ IdolĀ winnerĀ Kelly Clarkson’sĀ engagementĀ ring comprises of a jaw-dropping five-carat yellow diamond surrounded by pave diamonds on a channel set band, and it’s worth an estimated $150,000.

    Mariah Carey: Grammy award winner Mariah Carey owns a gorgeous $2.5 million engagement ring. Her husband Nick Cannon bought this stunning engagement ring for her. It is a 10 carat ring featuring an emerald-cut pink diamond flanked by two half-moon white diamond side stones. The larger diamonds are then surround by 58 pave-set pink diamonds that add even more shine to the already impressive ring. It is known to be one of the the most expensive celebrity engagement rings, and the perfect fit for Mariahā€™s mind-blowing personality. Ā 

    Heidi Klum: Model and TV host Heidi Klum sported a massive 10-carat yellow diamond engagement ring, gifted by her (now ex) husband singer Seal who proposed inside an igloo in the Canadian Rockies. The ring was specially made for her with an oval-cut center stone. The yellow diamond was surrounded by smaller yellow diamonds and set with a gold band. The ringā€™s price is an estimated $150,000, and was designed by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.

    Carrie Underwood: The ‘American Idol’ winner and country music singer Carrie Underwood owns a 5-carat ring with a vibrant canary yellow diamond. Carrieā€™s ring is aĀ platinumĀ halo setting with pavĆ© diamonds extending along its sides. The overall look is thoroughly modern, but with a classy nod to vintage style. The round cut yellow diamond is surrounded by a circle of smaller square diamonds delicately sitting on a diamond band. It was designed by Johnathan Arndt with an estimated price of $150,000.


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