Know Your Diamond: Tips To Choose The Best Diamond Cut


    The purpose of a diamond cut is to evaluate the diamond’s shine and fire. A diamond cut alone can not help you determine the biggest-looking center stone in a diamond ring. However, a cut combined with the appropriate shape can help you make the right decision. 

    While a higher carat weight is a given to pick a diamond that’s technically larger, but if this is a very low cut grade that it can negate all that pricy extra carat weight! So, here are a few tips that can help you make the best decision: 

    • An ideal diamond cut or an excellent diamond cut is called as a high-performing cut because of the precision and design involved. It is not possible to create these cuts in all shapes. Thus, if you want these high performance cuts, then have narrowed your search to just two shapes – princess and round shape diamonds. That said, round shape diamonds can look smaller per carat than marquise, pear, oval, and emerald shape diamonds.
    • If your priority is to get the biggest size, you can check out different shapes in a Very Good Diamond or Good Diamond Cut range. We do not recommend getting any diamond below the Good cut grade. You ought to have a proportionally cut diamond which will give off excellent brilliance (meaning, sparkle), and in turn make the diamond appear larger to the eye.
    • How big a center stone will look in a diamond ring is also proportional to the carat weight. (On average, 1 carat is the most popular carat in diamond rings) It can be challenging to predict which diamond shape and cut will look the biggest on a person’s hand. But it is strongly recommended that you compare different shapes like oval, princess, and round diamonds side-by-side before making a decision.
    • Different shapes will give a different visual depth to a diamond ring. A well-cut round-shape diamond as center stone will look big because its design allows the facilitation of light reflection in a certain manner. Similarly, an oval or emerald shape will give you an elongated look. On the contrary, the marquise shape center will make the ring appear longer and slender. 

    In other words, biggest-looking may well be a subjective discussion but a superior Cut diamond can definitely be a reason why you diamond would ‘appear’ bigger and shinier.


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