Valentine’s Day gift for daughter which she’ll treasure forever

    Here’s how by choosing perfect Valentine’s Day gift for daughter you can make the day so much more special for your lil princess!

    The bond you have with your daughter is unconditional. Daughters are meant to shine and as a parent, father or mother, you play the most important role of assuring her what she’s capable of and deserves nothing but the best.

    That’s one reason why fine diamond jewelry is the perfect V-Day gift for your millennial daughter and give her a deserving diamond jewelry gift to cherish for a lifetime.

    Some 85% of parents, surveyed by Today, said that they give a present to their children on Valentine’s day, compared to 59% who buy something special for their partner!

    And in case you’re still searching for a way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your little girl – and yes, she will always be your little girl – we’ve put together the list of most worthy V-day gifts for your most precious.

    valentines gift for daughter

    Our Most Popular Valentines gift for daughter 

    It’s been a strange year and continues to be difficult for both young and old. So, go the extra mile & gift her the a piece of your heart which she can hold on to. Here are a few examples of different styles that your daughter might have. 

    • Classy: If your daughter wears mostly solid colors such as black, white, gray and likes to keep her outfits simple, she has a classy style. This means that you can get her something evergreen, like a pair of elegant white gold studs. With diamonds of GH color grade and SI clarity, you can be guaranteed that your daughter will shine through in these.We are sure that your daughter will admire this pair for its effortlessly chic look, perfect to add a little pizazz to her jeans and sweatshirt or her summer dresses. These studs will look perfect with 14K white gold solitaire pendant.


    valentines gift for daughter
    Candlelight Stud Earrings (1/2 TCW); Prices start at $399
    best jewelry gift valentine's
    Stylish Solitaire Pendant (1/2 Carat); Prices start from $499
    • Trendy: If your daughter loves to be on top of the trends, then it might be challenging to keep a track of her style. Whether you have a VSCO girl you’re buying for, or a daughter who just got married, or who’s obsessed with TikTok, we’ve got you covered.You’ll check all the right boxes with this yellow gold bracelet that stands out for all the right reasons. A stunning diamond bracelet is a great option for young millennial women to make a signature ‘style’ statement.

      valentines gift for daughter
      Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 TCW) featuring 89 IGI certified lab grown diamonds; Price $1499
    • Vintage: A love for old-school things such as classic films, music, and books shows that your daughter loves the vintage vibe. She will adore any piece of jewelry that emits an old-world charm.
      Valentine's Day gift for daughter
      Halo Diamond Earrings with cushion shape diamond center surrounded by 23 small diamonds; Available in 1 1/4 TCW and 2 TCW variants; Prices start at $1849

      Gift her these vintage and royal-looking dangler earrings, that will complement her impeccable taste. Featuring a cushion center with an octagonal halo, these earrings are breathtaking and studded with brilliant round pavèd diamonds that shine radiantly.


    • Artsy: If your daughter expresses herself through her creations – be it painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, or writing – she is the artsy type. Artistic people have unique sense for symbolism they can find in things they wear and own. For instance, a circle pendant – which references an infinite sphere of love between you and your daughter or a heart-shaped pendant in yellow or rose gold variant to show the warmth of your love!
      v-day gift
      Breezy Circle Pendant (0.99 TCW); Price starts at $729

      diamond gifts for daughters
      Lovable Ardent Heart Pendant (0.96 TCW); prices start at $899
    • Active: For someone who’s always on the run (literally), you need to make sure that the jewelry is comfortable to wear and can be secured assuredly. The jewelry gift should be easy to maintain and blend with their athletic, sporty or active lifestyle. Our fuss-free cluster diamond necklace and matched stud earrings are wonderfully charismatic.
      v-day gift for daughter
      Cluster Diamond Halo Pendant features 0.28 TCW small cluster stones and 31 accent diamonds (1.16 TCW); Prices start at $1199

      diamond ear studs
      Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring (1 1/3 TCW); Prices start at $699


    • Bohemian, Care-free spirit: If your daughter styles herself in beautiful pretty dresses and pastels that spell ‘Spring’, then she’d love jewelry that complements her. Remember, your Valentine’s day gift for daughter will probably mark the beginning of all the meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts she will get in her life. So make it a good one.
      jewelry gifts for daughter
      Inside Outside Diamond Hoop Earrings (FG SI 1.5 Ct. tw.)

      A pair of diamond hoop earrings crafted to showcase round lab grown diamonds from all angles are the perfect embodiment of a young spirit that’s beautiful inside – out. These lab grown
      diamond studded hoop earrings come with a push lock mechanism to ensure they stay on safe. Available in 14K white gold, show her how much she shines in your eyes. 


    Before you shop Valentines gift for daughter, take inspiration from her jewelry box 

    1. It’s a win-win situation for you if your daughter already owns jewelry because you can use them as a guide to choose a jewelry piece for her.
    2. Take note of what kind of jewelry she owns, like earrings, bracelets, pendants, or rings. This will give you a good understanding of what jewelry styles and designs she prefers.
    3. Write down her favorite color, even actress(es), clothing brands, and any other preference that may help you pin down a specific style.
    4. Use this information to select diamond jewelry for her. It can be a jewelry setting similar to the one that her favorite celebrity or a metal color that will complement her.
    5. And if she doesn’t own a jewelry collection, you can help her start by gifting her a classic (worthy of wearing for a long time through her adulthood) diamond jewelry piece that may as well become her signature style.

    We’re pretty sure that your daughter has a unique style. All you have to do is understand her style and pick a jewelry piece that would best complement her aesthetics. 


    Make the most of LovBe’s 60-day free returns and free shipping to take the pressure off Valentines Day jewelry delivery. We also offer flexible financing options. Shop with confidence or ask for assistance from our Diamond Concierge, anytime.


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