These Are The Most Popular Diamond Shapes


    “While you must cut a diamond to make a shape, the shape is essentially the overall geometry or form of the diamond (round, square, etc.), while the cut is the diamond’s facets and proportions — the things that give diamonds their brilliance and fire.” (The Knot)

    While the diamond shape does not fall within the 4Cs of a diamond, it is the first thing that you spot (and fall in love with) when browsing diamonds. The popularity of diamond shapes is led by celebrity engagements, royal weddings, TV shows, social media, Netflix (yeah!) and of course friends. All of this play a role in determining what will be the most popular shapes of diamonds of the year. And yet, among all the traditional and fancy diamond shapes, a few have etched a place in our hearts – these are the evergreen. Here are the top five diamond shapes that have made their mark as the most popular diamond shapes over the years:

    1. Round shape diamonds: Nothing can beat the beauty of the classic round shaped diamond. Forever in high demand, the round shape maximizes the shine of a diamond. No wonder why couples and even top Hollywood celebrities are drawn to the brilliant sparkle of round diamonds! Many fans were stunned when John Krasinski (Jim from the all-time favorite, The Office) proposed to Emily Blunt with a 3-carat round diamond. The price has been estimated at around $100,000! Round diamonds are the hallmark diamonds for engagement rings because of their emotional appeal. They give a traditional and classy look and work really well in a solitaire setting. A brilliant-cut, round-shaped diamond is generally priced higher than other shapes. And the best part is that it sits well on any finger!  diamond shape round
    2. Cushion shape diamonds: Cushion shaped diamonds are also a favorite because of their ‘shine’. The square diamond imparts a vintage look & feel to an engagement ring (it has been around since the 18th century). Combining the old-world charm with a 4-prong ring setting can make for an excellent choice! This setting is ideal since it holds the diamond securely without blocking the light. Naturally, it maximizes the fire and brilliance of the diamond. Around 15% of diamond lovers choose cushion-shaped diamonds for their partners. The rounded edges of this shape give a softer (compared to the sharp edges of the princess shape) look to the diamond.diamond shape
    3. Princess shape diamonds: Another classic choice, the princess shape is undoubtedly one of the hottest options for engagement rings. What sets them apart from the cushion shape is their pointed edges that look gorgeous in a 4-prong ring setting. They are popular as loose diamonds and can be used on all jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock wowed her fans with a stunning princess shape diamond set on channel band.diamond shape
    4. Oval-shape diamonds: According to several jewelryexperts, elongated diamonds are rapidly carving out a niche in the diamond market. Among the elongated shapes, the oval shape has gotten pretty popular with diamond lovers (perhaps due to its similarity with the round shape). Oval diamonds are elegant and can make your finger look slimmer. Blake Lively wowed her fans with a 12-carat oval diamond engagement ring (gifted by her fiancé Ryan Reynolds). It was estimated at $2 million!oval diamond shape
    5. Emerald shape diamonds: Since the demand for elongated diamonds is skyrocketing, emerald shape diamonds are quickly taking the spotlight. JLo’s 15-carat emerald diamond ring (estimated around $1.8 million) drew a lot of attention and may have even pushed the demand for emerald rings! It holds the fifth position in the list of most popular diamond shapes, getting a 7% popularity rating from US diamond lovers. The emerald shape may not have the ‘sparkle’ of the round or oval brilliant shape but it can give a hall-of-mirrors effect – perfect for a lovely selfie. It has few facets and thus, it can be a great choice for a minimalistic, toned-down style. Gorgeous and appealing, emerald-shaped diamonds are a fantastic choice for engagement rings. emerald shape diamond

    Diamond Shapes Approved By Global Celebs

    Over the years, celebrities have adorned many diamond shapes with grace. The shine and sparkle on their fingers have never missed the eye of the general public and the media. It’s no surprise that their choice of diamonds has set the tone and trends that many of us follow in the later years. Here are some of the diamond shapes made popular by celebrities

    • Round Shape Diamonds: This shape never needed celebrities to make it popular. Even the British Royal Family is in awe of the fire and elegance of round-shaped diamonds. Queen Elizabeth II flaunts a 3-carat round diamond ring, a proposal engagement ring given to her by Prince Philip. The shape is pretty popular among celebrities too, especially for their engagement rings. These celebrities include Meg Ryan, Carrie Underwood, Emily Blunt, Felicity Jones, and Nikki Bella. Remember when John Cena picked a beautiful five-carat round cut ring for Nikki Bella? We love Carrie Underwood’s yellow round diamond finished with a gorgeous white halo. Drool! 
    • Princess Shape Diamonds: Star Jones stunned her fans with a 7-carat princess cut diamond during her marriage with Al Reynolds, with baguette stones on either side. Jaime Pressly also rocked a three-stone halo ring with the princess shape set at the center. Other celebrities that have popularized this princess-shaped stunner include Cameron Diaz, Carrie Ann Inaba, Katrina Bowden, and Sherri Shepherd. Carrie Ann Inaba was proposed on live TV with a 2.5-carat princess cut solitaire (color grade – the colorless D). Absolutely romantic!
    • Emerald Shape Diamonds: Emerald shape diamonds and their attractive hall-of-mirrors effect is a favorite among many celebrities. This shape has been the prized possession of the likes of Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. During her marriage with Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian wowed the world as she boasted a 16.5-carat emerald shaped diamond ring, flanked by trapezoid diamonds, all colorless and sparkly!
    • Oval Shape Diamonds: Oval-shaped diamonds are a fusion having the bling of round-shape diamonds and the elongated look of a marquise shape. Katie Perry and Lady Gaga boasted a pinkish-red stone and a pink-sapphire diamond ring respectively. Chris Pratt also proposed to Katherine Schwarzenegger with an oval-shaped diamond ring. The Pirates of the Caribbean star, Orlando Bloom stunned his fiancé Miranda Kerr with a dazzling engagement ring featuring a 4-carats oval and round diamonds in a pavé setting.

    These gorgeous shapes have not only stunned our favorite Hollywood stars but also carved a place in our romantic hearts. If you too wish to turn heads with these top four diamond shapes made popular by Hollywood celebrities, you could check out our diverse collection of diamonds. We promise to offer you bang for your buck!



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