Husband’s Guide To Choose the Perfect 20th Anniversary Jewelry Gift For Her


    There’s no doubt that fine jewelry is sentimental and lasting, which makes for an ideal gift for some one closest to you. Now that your 20th anniversary is here, you’ve the chance to raise a toast all to all the big-little moments that got you to this milestone, with a special anniversary gift for wife.

    If you want to invest in a piece of jewelry for your wife then use our guide for some ideas and we’ll make sure that your 20th anniversary jewelry gift for her will be a beacon for many more happy years together. Anniversary jewelry can be anything from a ring to a bracelet to a necklace to earrings, depending on what your wife likes.

    Emotional Significance of 20th Anniversary Wedding Gift For Wife

    Congratulations on making it to two decades together. You and your wife would have made countless happy memories together and experienced life side by side. That’s why celebrating 20 years of married life is no small feat. It is a celebration of the journey two people have undertaken upon the promise to be with each other, come what may. 

    There’s no right way to celebrate a special wedding anniversary—truly, the best thing to do is what makes you two happy as a couple. The traditional 20th anniversary gift is china, while the modern 20th anniversary wedding gift is platinum.

    LovBe is all about celebrating eternal love with the most incredible lab grown diamonds. For a bond that’s unmoved even when subjected to pressure and obstacles in life, there can be nothing better than diamond (and platinum!) to honor and cherish it for a lifetime. Wear it with pride! 

    Upgrade Wedding Band, Wedding Ring

    If your bride has been rocking a basic wedding band, you can add some panache by upgrading to a LovBe wedding band in platinum. If she already has a diamond band, get creative with design so that she can wear it on other hand or stack it with other rings.

    Nothing looks better than an engagement ring nestled between two diamond bands, plus, LovBe diamond bands start as low as $328. Make sure your 20th anniversary jewelry gift for her matches her style today. It’s not necessary that she would love all her jewelry from two decades ago.

    Get her a worthy carat size with a lab grown diamond for her ring or a dazzling LovBe diamond & platinum wedding anniversary ring with hidden details like this one. The details like the surprise diamond at the crown secured in its bezel setting, the elegant cathedral style shank with two princess cut diamonds flanking the center stone, and paved shoulder with smaller accent diamonds add details of unique craftmanship in this ring.  

    anniversary gift for wife
    Three Stone LovBe Bridal Ring

    anniversary gift for wife

    With no pressure of getting the ‘perfect’ ring for proposal, give a free rein to what your wife would love to flaunt and get creative by choosing the metal for the band, center stone, and setting style for the ring.

    Other Fine Jewelry Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife

    • Gorgeous pendants – A diamond pendant adorning a woman’s neck beautifully enhance its wearer’s personality. A thoughtfully chosen anniversary necklace can mean so much more to your wife because it’s a gift that’s for her to treasure.Take for instance, thistwin bail, halo pendant which looks breathtaking with its diamond-encrusted halo all around the center diamond and that shimmering bail accented with diamonds.

      jewelry for anniversary
      Radiant Round Halo Pendant


      Or this 1.25 TCW double halo pendant which she can wear all day, every day. Choose 14K, 18K yellow, white or rose gold variants if you think she would like to have some variety in her jewel box.

      anniversary necklace for wife
      Captivating Halo Pendant


      The solitaire in the center of a shimmering circle of smaller diamonds will surely beguile her senses.

    • Classic diamond earrings – A pair of diamond earrings is a jewelry gift that you can never go wrong with, ever. A sparkling duo of stones caressing the earlobes is a look that never goes out of style.To add glamour to a party look opt for this 3 1/10 TCWbezel halo diamond earring. This is the kind of ‘floral gift’ that she will not be able to keep her hands off. Platinum set, the shimmer and radiance of this pair is insane.anniversary gift for wifeIf she’s not the one who like big stones dangling from her ears, then this

      cluster diamond stud earring checks all the right boxes. The cluster halo are crafted with a selection of 7 proportionate size diamonds (on each ear stud) forming a floral pattern around a focal diamond. The end result is a mesmerizing light play of diamonds.

      diamond ear studs for her
      Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring (1 1/3 TCW); Prices start at $699


      These delicate studs are available in a basket setting which lets the ear stud sit flush with the lobe.


    Whether you choose to renew your wedding vows on your 20th wedding anniversary or bring it in with family and close ones or maybe zoom off to a destination of choice, capture your love with an unforgettable anniversary jewelry gift.

    She won’t stop talking about it for the next 2 decades!

    Don’t forget to ask about our financing options to help you find something that fits her style and your budget for the most gorgeous anniversary gift for wife. Our diamond concierge is always here to assist you.

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