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    Bridesmaids are any bride’s most trusted tribe who help her get through the entire wedding journey, by executing their roles as expected. And what’s better than a bridesmaid jewelry gift to show them appreciation and mark your special day!

    There may not be enough words to thank the maid of honor or bridesmaids for being by your side on your big day. After all they played such an integral role in the entire process that you’ll be forever grateful. That’s why fine jewelry makes for excellent gifts for the occasion.

    Bridesmaids and the maid of honor invest their time, money, and emotions to make a bride’s big day memorable. Picture this – they’re all flying in (driving our to your wedding location), wearing the dress you picked (hopefully sans frills), and keeping your jitters at bay, so treat them some high quality bridesmaid jewelry gifts to show your gratitude. While it’s easy to find cheap bridesmaids gifts online, brides would probably choose to give gifts that her girl gang would actually want to wear more than, like onceThus, we recommend dainty (pocket-friendly) diamond jewelry for as gifts for bridesmaids as well as maid of honor gifts.

    The tradition behind having Bridesmaids in a wedding

    maid of honor gifts

    Bridesmaids traditionally all wear the same colors, and the historic reason for this was to confuse evil spirits. Originally the bridesmaids would not just be dressed to look like each other, but to look like the bride herself. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, all of her twelve bridesmaids were dressed in identical white dresses to compliment Victoria’s beautiful white, satin gown. Reportedly, Queen Victoria and her bridesmaids kicked off the tradition of royal brides wearing white instead of silver on their wedding day!

    The head bridesmaid, known as the maid of honor if she is unmarried or matron of honor if she is married, is by tradition in charge of the other bridesmaids. It would be the maid of honor’s duty to give out chores to the other bridesmaids to help in the planning of the wedding, she would look after the bride and help her get ready for the ceremony. #BridesmaidTraditions

    When should bridesmaid jewelry gifts be given?

    When it comes to gifting your bridesmaids, there’s no rulebook. Brides choose what feels right to them. A bridesmaid gift from LovBe will exceed all their expectations and, after all, isn’t that just what you want?

    gifts for bridal party

    Brides can choose to hand out their bridesmaids gifts during the wedding weekend or give out their maid of honor gifts at the bachelorette party or share gifts for the bridal party at the rehearsal dinner (if it is a gift that her bridal party will use on the day of the wedding).

    So, the decision lies entirely up to you – whenever you feel like it’s time to appreciate your girls, surprise them with lovely bridesmaid jewelry gifts.

    LovBe’s high quality lab grown diamond bridesmaids jewelry won’t hurt your budget, or sit dormant in your friend’s jewelry box for all of eternity. You can choose bridesmaids jewelry in 10K, 14K or 18K white gold, yellow or rose gold. 

    Bridesmaid jewelry gifts (Under $700)

    With so many options to choose from, you want to get something that your bridesmaids will cherish and wear for a long time. Here are some of the best jewelry gifts for your bridesmaids and maid of honor.

    A dainty diamond pendant necklace can complement your maid of honor’s outfit to go effortlessly from wedding ceremony to after-wedding party. We would recommend this classic 4-prong solitaire round diamond pendant which is 1/2 carat and a very versatile piece that your girl friend can rock with all outfits.


    gifts for maid of honor
    Effervescently Attractive Circle Pendant (0.5 TCW) in 10K rose gold variant featuring 20 small lab grown diamonds encrusted around a circle; Prices start at $469



    maid of honor gifts
    Stylish Solitaire Pendant (1/2 Carat) in 14K white gold variant; Prices start from $499


    Depending on the bridesmaids outfits or the theme of the wedding, a modern circle pendant in the right metal color, encrusted with glistening tiny round diamonds will be a radiant expression of your beautiful ceremony.  

    Take your ‘bridal gift bag’ scorecard to a whole new level with when you match the color of the precious metal with the wedding theme. Like, yellow gold jewelry for a sunny beach or summer wedding. If you are going the pastel wedding theme route, then rose gold jewelry is absolutely perfect for your girl tribe. For that ultimate winter month wedding bash, white gold jewelry will be an obvious choice. 

    To amp up your bridesmaids gift boxes, take consider a bridesmaid gift necklace that’s somewhat less expensive than your maid of honor’s but still a dainty diamond necklace that will knock the socks off your bridesmaids. 

    bridesmaid gift necklace
    Triangular Three Stone Pendant (1/4 TCW); Prices start at $379
    diamonds for wife
    Three Stone Ladder Pendant (1/4 TCW); Prices start at $379



    If you would like to maintain uniformity in your gifts for the bridal party then choose your metal color and shop these cute ear studs. If you think your bridesmaid will love the charm of a timeless chic jewelry piece, then add these pairs in bridesmaid gift boxes! (and order a bigger carat size for yourself while you are at it!)

    gifts for bridal party
    Three prong diamond stud earring with martini style setting (1/2 TCW); Prices start at $399

    If it is a close family like sister or a real-close cousin who’s handling the maid of honor duties, then go the extra mile with a sparkling pair of halo diamond studs that’ll forever dazzle in her jewelry box as a reminder of your special day and its memories. Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that you’ll treasure forever.

    diamond earrings for maid of honor gifts
    Graduating Three Stone Diamond Earrings in 3/4 TCW; Available in white, yellow and rose gold variants); Prices start at $599


    Let bridesmaids’ outfits guide your jewelry choice!

    While choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for your girls, it is a good idea to consider their outfits for the wedding day. The bridesmaids who are wearing high or halter necklines, it is best to stay away from necklaces. You can choose a stunning set of diamond studs or diamond hoop earrings even that will beautifully complement their dress. It is also wise to keep their personal style in mind while looking for the right jewelry. 




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