The A+ ‘Teacher Jewelry’ Gift Guide


    We designed this teacher jewelry gift guide so that you can show your appreciation for teachers who have made a difference in your life as a student.

    Teachers are the guiding lights in our lives. They play a vital role in shaping us as young individuals. We believe that sharing the right piece of jewelry gift that can represent emotions is an invaluable way to express feelings and gratitude. A beautiful teacher jewelry gift can be a testament to this emotion.

    Go the extra mile to make your educator, whether a school teacher or  maybe an university professor or someone whom you look upon as a teacher-figure, feel extra special perhaps on their birthday, or on teacher appreciation day, on their retirement or your graduation day.

    Diamonds lead the minerals for their superior strength and durability. They are made under pressure and still remain indestructible. It is easy to associate a good quality diamond with an educator who thrives under pressure and ensure each one of their student shines. While teachers do not expect anything in return, one thing the pandemic has taught us is that there’s no substitute for a good teacher!

    You don’t need to spend extravagantly on teacher jewelry gifts, and here are a few stellar suggestions — all under $500! The fact that diamonds are cut into so many different shapes, it’s easy to find the one that speaks to you.

    And along with the gift it’s important to think up the perfect phrase for a handwritten note to thank your professional guide or teacher for their guidance. 

    Top Teacher Necklace, Pendants

    This round solitaire pendant is an elegant gift for your college or university educator to mark their professional milestone or . This pendant has an irresistible and ever-so-classy round shape diamond placed in a four prong setting. Precise artistry and workmanship are required to fashion a solitaire diamond so its proportions, symmetry and polish deliver optimal light play. And that’s how LovBe crafts its lab grown diamonds for fine jewelry gifts such as necklaces and pendants. 


    teacher jewelry
    Stylish Solitaire Pendant (1/2 Carat); Prices start from $499
    teacher necklace
    Stylish Solitaire Pendant; also available in 14K yellow gold variant

    A more affordable, but still a very gorgeous teacher necklace is this Classic Round Solitaire Pendant (1/4 TCW) in GH color and VS-SI clarity. Better the 4Cs, more fire the diamond will have.

    All About 4Cs of a diamond 


    gifts for teacher
    Classic Round Solitaire Pendant (1/4 TCW); Prices start at $299
    teacher appreciation
    Classic Round Solitaire Pendant in 14K rose gold

    While solitaires are a choice that can never really be wrong, but these cluster diamond designs are all about the bling! A round cluster diamond pendant has a set of small diamond accents that come together to form a sparkling center. 

    teacher gifts
    Sparkling Cluster Halo Diamond Pendant featuring 5 round diamonds that are 0.64 TCW and surrounded by 26 smaller lab grown diamonds (0.36 TCW); Price starts at $449

    Other Popular Teacher Jewelry Gifts

    If your educational mentor, guide or teacher leads an active life or works with younger students, they would probably need to keep their jewelry simple to prevent it from getting in their way. Enter, diamond studs! These are the perfect accessory for every woman who wants to accessorize but in a fuss-free manner.

    Also, if your favorite prof gives off very classic fashion vibe, then you cannot go wrong with LovBe’s Glacier round solitaire studs. They would be perfect as a retirement gift or graduation day ‘thank you’ gift!

    teacher retirement gift
    4 Prong Screw Back Glacier Stud Earrings (1/4 TCW); Price – $399
    diamond stud earrings
    Glacier Stud Earrings in 14K yellow gold

    These look gorgeous with any outfit, casual or formal. And the basket setting makes sure the diamond is held securely.

    What’s better than one center stone? Three stones! She will love these three-stone round diamond studs set in a triangle because they look gorgeous in 14K white gold or yellow or rose gold. These minimalist ear studs are perfect for everyday work wear as well as a day out at the beach. The coming together of three smaller round diamond, makes for a nice collective radiant glow from the diamonds, with a lovely added glow from the metal prongs placed strategically between the three.


    teacher jewelry gift
    Three Stone Diamond Studs; 1/4 TCW; Price start from $329
    teacher gifts
    Three stone diamond studs in 14K yellow gold
    graduation jewelry for granddaughter
    Three stone diamond studs in 14K rose gold









    If you pick a piece of teacher jewelry that matches her style, she is more likely to wear it. This includes the metal colors and diamond shapes even. now you know why jewelry gifts are considered meaningful because you have to think them through and not just pick ‘something off the shelf.’ 

    It’s time to switch the button and find the best teacher gift to show your gratefulness in a more meaningful way than grabbing a gift card or stationary from a supermarket aisle. With LovBe, you can pick a teacher’s appreciation gift that’ll be with them for a long long time!

    Shop more jewelry gifts for all the special women in your life which they will cherish now and forever.



    If you find yourself confused or feel overwhelmed deciding between diamonds and jewelry styles, connect with us at +1 855 636 8019 or click here to chat with our diamond concierge. LovBe offers a range of lab grown diamonds that can be designed in to pieces of your choice, in your budget. 

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