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    Sister necklaces or sister jewelry is a great way to mark a special day, occasion, or begin a new chapter. Armed with a glittering gemstone set in precious metals that your sister will cherish and hold a lifetime of memories — what can really be wrong about it? Can you even imagine any other ‘functional gift’ coming close to the sentiments that a diamond jewelry gift invokes?

    Whatever the celebration, Siblings Day or National Sister’s Day or her birthday or a significant life event, thoughtfully chosen sister jewelry will always hits the mark. Buying and giving presents is an opportunity to show who you really are and part of giving jewelry is setting the stage. This is where you can make the presentation just as special as the gift! Find a really creative jewelry gift box or a personalized gift packaging that resonates with you and your sister.

    We have rounded up some simple sister jewelry ideas that are sure to become that one piece of jewelry she’d never take off.

    Sister Bracelets For The One Who Appreciates ‘Fine Things’

    LovBe’s magical sister bracelets are the glue that we hope will eternally bond you and your sister even when distance and time may push you away. Archeological evidence shows that bracelets were worn as early as 40,000 BC or even earlier in cave paintings making them one of the oldest forms of jewelry! Nearly every ancient culture has records of adorning bracelets (different varieties). 

    Tennis bracelets are a style statement in itself — and have been around since the 1920s. But they shot to popularity after the 1978 US Open tennis championship where Chris Evert who was wearing a diamond line bracelet stopped the match to look for her misplaced “tennis bracelet.”

    sister jewelry gifts
    Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 TCW) featuring 89 IGI Certified lab grown diamonds

    LovBe’s tennis bracelets are made up of uniform four-prong settings fused together by hinging a row of diamonds together (links are usually riveted) which allows the bracelet to flex easily on the wrist. These tennis bracelets can be adjusted to fit by removing links but this must be done by a jeweler.

    Imagine this diamond tennis bracelet on your sister’s wrist and then picture her ecstatic face. It’s a design that’s made for women who know how to appreciate life’s finest. Available in both 14K white and yellow gold, our sister bracelets come with double lock feature to ensure absolute safety.

    Sister Necklaces For The One Who Won’t Take It Off!

    Highlighting a neckline or décolletage with a striking lab grown diamond pendant necklace can be a magnificent addition for any woman, any age. The necklaces in ancient Egypt were worn close to the heart, as the source of life. Soon, expensive stones became the jewelry of aristocrats and rich people in the Middle Ages. In short, diamond pendants, necklaces are rife with history and symbolism.  sister necklaces

    A simple diamond pendant is pretty classy and a perfect gift for any sister or your soul sister. Whether going out to lunch or to a concert, we can bet she’ll always be wearing her ‘sister necklace.’ It’s comforting, it’s special and it binds her to you. LovBe has a great selection of simple but very good quality (read high quality 4Cs) diamond pendants for you to pick out the perfect sister necklace (and maybe one for yourself too!).

    unique gift ideas for mom
    Elegant Round Trilogy Pendant (1.00 ct. tw.)
    sister necklace
    Triangular Three Stone Pendant (1/4 TCW); Prices start at $349

    How would you feel about these three-stone pendants/necklaces for your sister on a dainty 14K rose gold or white gold chain? A diamond each to represent a milestone that you share or a diamond each for your younger days, today and happy tomorrow. Three stone jewelry is typically very sentimental and can be a great physical manifestation and reminder of what you want to communicate to your sister.

    Petite Sister Jewelry For Those Can’t Say No To Twinning!

    Diamond earrings, be it studs or hoops, are loved by women globally. For instance, LovBe’s diamond hoop earrings with push locks can jazz up her any look, minimalist or avantgarde. The round cut of the diamond emphasize the brilliance and light while the prong setting in 14K will be durable enough for everyday wear.

    sister jewelry gift ideas for her
    Inside Outside Diamond Hoop Earrings (Color- FG; Clarity-SI; Carat – 1.5 TCW); Prices start at $899

    You can be assured that every piece curated by us here is going to be chic and enviable. Translation: Yep, she’ll be posting it to socials!  These pieces of sister jewelry will speak volumes of your love for your sibling.

    Jewelry For Sister — Why It’s Important To Think It Through

    Sisters are our secret keepers and can see right through us. No matter what, sisters always have our backs. We all know that gift-giving can be incredibly powerful and emotional. Remember, it’s more than just a sister gift… it’s a tangible, very physical display of your gift boxes

    When choosing a gift of diamonds for your sister (a friend who’s like a sister or a soul sister even), pay attention to: her preference for jewelry types, the things she already has in her jewelry box, personalization and the meaning these types of gifts have. Take cues from your insider’s jokes, secret endearments, and experiences to tell you the diamond shape of her liking, the metal colors and the kind of designs that will be her ‘timeless’ pieces.

    This may sound like an awful lot but it’s exactly this attention to detail that’ll make your gift for your sister so much more magical, and one-of-a-kind.

    Just like the bond of sisterhood, diamonds (be it lab grown or mined from earth) symbolize durability and stability. Lab grown or man-made diamonds are chemically identical to those that are mined from the earth. Both have the same carbon chemistry and crystal structure. They also get graded like mined diamonds for carat, cut, clarity and color by diamond grading labs. 


    If you or your sister disapprove of the irreplaceable damage mining industry does to the bio-diversity then lab grown diamonds are a match for your choices. The brilliance and innate beauty of lab grown diamonds comes at no compromise to authenticity of the gemstone.


    • Shop online and save yourself those retail mark ups.
    • Avoid online stores that have restrictive returns policy (read the fine print) or won’t deliver purchases for free.
    • Ask and check for Lifetime Warranty of jewelry so that you can be confident that it’s a good quality jewelry gift.
    • Vibe with her and choose a matching jewelry gift for yourself! After all #SisterSquad 

    Shop stress-free on LovBe with our 60-day free returns and free shipping for every order.
    Speak to our diamond concierge and get expert advice on fine jewelry, metals for jewelry, custom engraving or personalized designs. 


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