This Is How You Can Save Money When Buying An Engagement Ring


    Yes, buying an engagement ring during the “off season” – March through October can land you some great deals (better value) even if you are planning to pop the question later during the holidays. Think of the extra time as bonus to make sure your dream ring is resized and altered perfectly for that beautiful proposal!

    There is a good chance that you can get yourself a great deal + value when you buy engagement ring online, but just keep in mind the seasonal cycles.

    It’s 2021 and online shopping is officially your the best chance to buy an engagement ring due to no retail mark-ups, no pushy sales-man trying to sell you what they want to and limited range of in-store options. Best part of most reputable online jewelry stores is that the ring will be shipped to your door, with guaranteed returns (so look for online brands that give your generous return options, like LovBe and with its 60-day free returns policy!) buying an engagement ring

    If you want to be confident that you get the most bang for your buck without compromising on the beauty of your ring or the diamond, then mark your calendar for these ‘sale seasons’ before buying an engagement ring:

    Summer season: June to August marks a high number of weddings which means that by this time people are already through the proposal part. The season is slow and most online  and offline stores are looking ahead to keep things moving. You can find significant discounts on engagement ring settings along with many free services like resizing, engraving. Pro tip: Watch out for military or first responder discounts (if you are eligible) on most jewelry sites like LovBe!

    buying an engagement ring
    Black Friday:
    The global tradition of great discounts on Black Friday is definitely a big opportunity for buying an engagement ring for the best value (It’s not just the $$ you save but also the quality of the diamond ring that matters, right?). However, to make sure that you are not fooled by the superfluous discounts, you should keep an eye on your favorite piece a few weeks prior. The long weekend after Thanksgiving—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday—is a particularly good time to get your ring shopping sorted.

    Cyber Monday: Buying an engagement ring is a good idea around Cyber Monday as most of the sales starting from Black Friday are extended online now. With Christmas and New Years round the corner, there are going to be a lot of proposals and thus a lot of engagement rings offered at discounted prices. But if you find a deal with an unbelievable and tempting discount on diamonds, you ought to keep it in your cart before it vanishes. Pro Tip: Make sure you have read the shipping and delivery timeline from online retailers as surge of orders can impact the delivery of your engagement ring. buying an engagement ring

    Christmas Deals: If you have missed the Black Friday sale, worry not because every online retailer worth their name will have ‘last min’ Christmas offers which can mean great discounts on fine jewelry as well as engagement rings. All brands try to outsell each other, especially online where engagement ring deals can get super competitive. Here’s when you get to take advantage of the season sale! Just wish-list or save your favorite ring designs and diamond in your shopping cart and wait for the offers!

    Valentine’s Day: What better day to confess your love than Valentine’s Day? The season of romance filled with reasons to give gifts and super discounts on rings makes it the perfect occasion to buy an engagement ring. Keep in mind that Valentines Day offers typically begin in January which makes the first month and a half of the year a prime season for buying an engagement ring. This is also the time when inventory for most jewelry brands is just flying off the shelves, so you better make your decision quickly before your favorite one is sold out. 

    You don’t buy an engagement ring just every day. But, when you do get this beautiful opportunity, take some time, research the type of diamond and ring you want to buy, explore different brands and their customer reward programs, and then buy your engagement ring!

    While any day is a good day to pop the question with a ring, but if you are still in the planning phase, then spend a month or two in understanding the 4Cs of the diamond (lab grown or natural diamond, Benefits & facts lab grown diamonds) and then decide which brand will serve you well.

    Now that you know the best time to buy, it’s time to understand Why Some Engagement Ring Styles Are More Popular Than Others!


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