Radiant cut diamond cheat-sheet (+2 money saving tips)


    The radiant cut diamond is one of the newer diamond shapes that are a perfect balance of elegance of an emerald cut with the brilliance of the classic round brilliant. 

    Created just over 30 years ago by master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard who worked to combine the best elements of the emerald and round brilliant diamond, a radiant cut diamond is an intelligent engineering feat. (also called the rectangular modified brilliant cut diamond) 

    The radiant cut doesn’t have steps like the emerald cut diamond. In fact, it’s a combination of the round brilliant cut and the step cut, to give a smooth amalgamation of both. With 70 facets, the radiant cut is considered to be one of the more ‘brilliant’ diamond shapes. Grossbard’s careful and painstakingly done experimentation in diamond cutting changed the world of diamond shapes forever.  

    Why should you choose a radiant cut diamond?

    The radiant shape diamond makes sense for someone who wants to cut through the conventional engagement ring style clutter and embrace something that’s modern, elegant and with no compromises to brilliance that’s expected from a diamond ring. Engineered such that the critical internal points of the diamond turn the ordinary light into dazzling sparkle, radiants are that kind of beauty.

    Sure enough, the radiant cut diamond has been worn by women who make their own rules, women who are not afraid to walk their own path and live their dreams. 

    The radiant diamonds have slightly more depth and thus reflect light differently. Its brilliance looks more sparkly, whereas the square, princess cut diamond will exhibit a more linear pattern of light reflection.

    If you want the most sparkle, then the radiant cut wins over the princess cut. Mind you, they both look ravishing – but are completely unique from each other.

    How to maximize brilliance in a radiant cut diamond ring?

    Before Grossbard gave us the radiant shape, diamonds with straight edges such as the emerald cut with its long rectangular facet (“step cut”) made a diamond appear glassy. And diamonds with rounded edges such as round, pear shapes, and ovals, were faceted with triangular facets for brilliance. But by combining two distinct cutting styles, Grossbard’s radiant cut diamonds could achieve natural brilliance within a straight edged diamond! 

    In a radiant cut diamond ring, you have the option to set it with a square or a rectangular radiant center stone. They both work well as center stones. As it has smooth and trimmed edges on the corners, it gives an extremely elegant look, even when used in a solitaire setting. radiant cut diamond ring

    Bold, distinctive, and absolutely stunning, the radiant cut is perfect to design a bewitching ring. You can always up the drama quotient by introducing the pavé or channel setting. 

    Best combination of 4Cs to get ‘more for less’

    For the unique cut that the radiant cut comes with, the cut gives a much larger look to the center piece that it might usually be. So a well cut 1 carat radiant cut diamond ring could actually look much bigger than a comparable carat of a round or cushion shape diamond.

    Surprisingly, its face-up area is much lesser than a round brilliant, but its long diagonal measurement tricks the eye and makes it look larger than it really is. Because the cutting process minimizes any wastage in a rough diamond, it is far more pocket friendly than any other diamond shape.

    You can also go a little low on the color grade to save some money. A one carat VS1 clarity H or I color lab grown diamond in radiant cut is going to cost much lesser than a round brilliant with the same parameters of selection. This way, you can invest what you save into the metal or setting of diamonds you choose for your final piece. 

    1 carat radiant cut diamond ring
    Shop 1 carat radiant cut diamonds

    If you are going for a higher carat weight, stop at VS diamonds or very slightly included  [VS1 or VS2 clarity grade] for your radiant cut diamond.

    As the carat weight increases, there are more chances of inclusions to show up. Even if that happens, you can choose a color grade anywhere between the E to I. This cut offers you flexibility on your color grade selection, so that you can invest more in your cut and carat instead. #1 #moneysavinghack


    Build the ‘perfect’ radiant cut diamond ring

    Celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Fox and even super-hot tennis star Anna Kournikova received radiant cut diamonds in their engagement rings. We love Hillary Duff’s splendid ring featuring a radiant cut diamond weighing 14 carats! No that’s some blinding love.

    Most celebrities typically sport higher carat weights, complemented by a French set pavé band, side stones, even fancy stones in yellow and pink color to add more glamor to their rings. But all you need is a 1 carat radiant cut diamond ring and you would make heads turn, nevertheless.

    Just about any kind of setting looks gorgeous with a radiant cut diamond. If you choose white gold or platinum, we recommend choose a side stone setting or pavéd band so that your center radiant glows even brighter.

    1 carat radiant cut diamond ringWhen carefully cut to meet strict proportion standards, a radiant diamond comes off looking looks incredible in a white metal setting. If you wish to for a higher carat weight ring, then opt for a yellow gold setting so that even with a lower color (I, J color) your radiant center will still look reasonably colorless when set. And that’s how you can get maximum carat for maximum value. #2 #moneysavinghack

    The radiant cut diamond in fancy colors like pink and yellow can be an excellent choice for milestone occasions too. Why, you ask? Because with fancy color stones you want to increase the color and with radiant shapes, you can! That’s why most fancy yellows, in particular, are cut as radiant.

    Think of that 5th, or 10th anniversary ring; a ‘push gift’; or better still as a surprise on Valentine’s day! Due to the exception of its shape, this diamond shape personifies a fresh, modern gift for someone who would appreciate owning a stand-out diamond. Diamonds can make people gawk. But great diamonds can really leave wonderstruck.


    Design your own radiant cut diamond engagement ring on diamond concierge will be happy to assist you in your journey to build your ring and personalize it. 


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