Pro Tips To Follow When Buying Diamond Ear Studs


    You just can’t fault the lasting beauty of a pair of diamond ear studs. You can rock as many as you want (like all of your ear piercings can be studs) and yet you won’t overdo it. 

    Diamond ear studs sit on the ear lobe as opposed to dangling from it, and are the true staples in the jewelry box of any accessory lover. They’re typically the first kind of diamond jewelry any man or woman will come to posses. And because they are a breeze to wear, maintain and pair with outfits — they transcend above all other kinds of fine jewelry. They don’t get caught in flowing manes (or face masks!) like chandelier earrings, and don’t attract as much ‘looping attention’ as hoop earrings.

    When names like Meghan Markle happily go about flaunting their 1.39-carat diamond ear studs, as well as a trove of A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, and Natalie Portman show off their diamond ear studs at red carpet events, you know this is a trend that is not going away any time. The love for ear studs is rather unisex as there’s a growing list of male celebrities which includes Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Ne-Yo, and Usher who have been seen wearing them.

    diamond ear studs

    How To Buy Diamond Ear Studs?

    1. Choose a diamond shape: Diamond studs are almost entirely about the diamond, as opposed to the mounting. That’s why round and oval diamonds are usually the most popular choices for because the symmetrical shape and uniform facet structure tends to produce the best light performance aka a sparkling pair. Square shapes are also rather popular choices because diamond pairs can be easily matched in quality and sizes.
      Pro Tip: We recommend that you choose ear studs that complement your facial structure. Rectangular diamond shapes can balance out wider faces, whereas rounded diamonds are perfect for shorter faces.
      diamond ear studs
    2. Pick out the best 4Cs: Yep, you can’t escape – the diamond 4Cs! Unlike engagement rings, you can safely choose a lower cut, color and clarity grade for a pair of ear studs without any visual compromise. That said, you still need to have a minimum clarity (SI is acceptable) for a diamond to sparkle. If diamonds are too included or lower than GH color, the studs just won’t shine brilliantly enough. Pro Tip: LovBe offers affordable one-carat diamond studs starting at $899. This is the total weight of the pair of earrings, with a half-carat in each setting.diamond ear stud
    3. Choice of metal: It is imperative to carefully look at the metal used for the ear stud mounting. While platinum is hypoallergenic and ideal for lobes with metal allergies, we recommend 14K white, gold or rose metals for ear studs are they are sturdier options and will hold shape for daily wear items like studs.ear studs
    4. Choice of mounting: Your choice of mounting is important because it will decide the comfort and aesthetics of your ear studs. For instance, a martini setting is typically lower set (sits flush on the ear lobe) and so gives off a minimal look. On the other hand, a bezel mounting creates a clean, modern look and the metal frame builds up the visual size of the studs. However, if you want your ear studs to accentuate boldly, pick a halo setting to enhance size of the main diamond and the overall light play. Just adding small details, like 4 prongs, crown or basket style setting can add a distinctive character to an otherwise classic earring. If maximum glamour is your goal with your diamond studs, then a halo setting should be your choice! Pro Tip: High quality diamond earrings should offer you locking earring backs or screw backs for optimal security.

    If you want to get optimal value for money, choose lab grown diamonds.  After all, who wouldn’t love to get twice the carat value of a mined diamond within a set budget! At LovBe, we promise you’ll go home with a stunning piece.

    What size diamond ear studs are the most popular?

    If you are shopping for jewelry for your self or to gift, then we suggest you start with diamond studs. Ear studs are dainty pieces that anyone can pull off – be it for a party or  work meeting. Most working women like their ‘office’  jewelry to be subtle, yet stand out! This is why an increasing number of modern women prefer diamond studs because it’s easy to style them. Now for the question, what size ear studs are most popular?

    1. Start with the style you’re going for when choosing the size for your diamond stud earrings. If you want to buy diamond studs for daily wear, petite size studs are a good choice. Anything between 1 total carat weight (TCW) where each stud would be about 1/2 carat each is a good start. Pro tip: Diamond stud earrings are weighed as a total pair, so each stud weighs exactly half of it. 

      diamond ear studs
      Candlelight Stud Earrings (Prices start at $399)
    2. We like to think of diamond studs as the “little black dress” of the fine jewelry world! Pick elongated diamond shapes if you want the effortless beauty of a diamond stud but with a difference. Oval, pear, and emerald shape diamonds make ear studs appear bigger. For a more traditional royal look, princess or round-cut diamonds in yellow gold metal are a good choice.

      diamond stud earrings
      Glacier Stud Earrings (prices start at $399)
    3. To help you picture the carat size, a single 0.50-carat diamond is about 5 millimeters in diameter and a single 1.00-carat diamond is about 6.5. Keep in mind that a larger pair of diamond stud earrings will also mean a heavier weight. If you don’t want your ear lobes to feel too heavy for every day wear ear studs then choose an appropriate carat weight.
      ear stud earrings
      Sunburst Princess Ear studs (Prices start at $1099)

      There are no set “rules” for choosing diamond size but instead guidelines. One could always choose a larger carat size for everyday wear or a smaller size for special occasions if they prefer understated elegance. If the studs are meant to be worn only for special occasions then you may want to go a little larger for a total carat weight of greater than 1.00.

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