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    Engagement ring styles are always evolving. For instance, on Pinterest searches for creative engagement rings increased eleven-fold in the past year and remains one of the site’s top engagement ring search terms. Even though diamonds remain the traditional stone of preference for engagement rings, but we are seeing a few definite popular engagement rings that you should take note of.

    1. Round Classic Engagement Ring

    popular engagement ringsA survey of 5,000 couples in 2020 showed that 43% chose a round diamond sparkler as their wedding stone. And this classic round diamond ring continues it’s reign at the top of the trending list. Set a round center sparkler with a plain band setting and you would have an elegant and beautiful winner on your hand.

    We have seen versions of the classy gorgeous round shape engagement ring on stars like Miranda Kerr, Emily Blunt, Brittany Snow, to Emmy Rossum. If you’re planning to propose to your partner, do explore this ring style and see how you can add your own element in a traditional round classic engagement ring style. Look for popular engagement ring inspirations here.

    2. Three Stone Ring Styles

    three stone ring styleOut of all the current popular engagement ring trends, three-stone engagement ring styles are going stronger than ever continue to gain popularity for years to come. A three-stone engagement ring style stands for past, present, and future which is can be an important notion for couples. 

    Elongated shaped diamonds like pear or emerald are great for three stone ring styles. These diamonds recreate a hall-of-mirrors kind of effect which adds a distinct look to the engagement ring. An emerald diamond set in a three stone ring setting with two round diamonds is a hot favorite, here at LovBe. You can switch the round diamonds with any other shape and still get a fascinating ring. For brides-to-be who don’t want to stray too far from traditions yet want to have their own modern take on engagement rings, an elongated diamond shape is the perfect trade-off. 

    4. Adding Personal Touch In Popular Engagement Ring Styles

    hidden halo style
    Hidden Halo Ring Style

    According to The Knot, nearly half the couples who participated in their jewelry study purchased rings with some sort of customization. The only rule of choosing engagement ring styles is that there are no real rules. It’s your ring, and it celebrates your love.

    At LovBe, we have helped many customers to create their dream ring styles with thinner and daintier bands, mostly in white gold metal. For most couples, petite bands on rings is a way to build a stunning ring stacking setup for other [anniversary, celebration] bands to come. Another popular engagement ring style that has come to prominence in 2021 is hidden halo where a complete loop of gemstones or diamonds sits below the center diamond. These hidden halos offer the ring extra character and brilliance, perfect for couples who want a special something in their rings. 

    5. Halo & Vintage Ring Styles

    It’s not all about the center stone — the setting completes your bridal ring style. The row of small diamonds around the center stone in a halo ring style setting can really make a huge difference to the overall aesthetics of the ring. While the vintage style never really went out of fashion, many couples are turning back to vintage engagement ring styles for inspiration. The timeless look of a simple, round diamond with a delicate band has made it a popular engagement ring style in 2021. Emerald and asscher diamonds are also great choices to achieve a vintage look.



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