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    The pear shape engagement ring has come a long long way from when two decades ago Carrie Bradshaw “literally” threw up at the sight of it! (Sure, it was less about the ring and more about Bradshaw’s fear of commitment)

    But the pear cut diamond is one heck of a beauty and is proudly worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Anna Kournikova and Katherine Heigl among many others. 

    Pear shape diamond takes its cues from both the oval and marquise shapes. This modified brilliant shape plays straight for those who lead and live by their own set of rules. This hybrid shape stands out proudly in a sea of traditional round brilliant engagement rings.

    What’s So Special About Pear Cut Diamonds?

    Pear shape diamonds, be it lab grown or mined, are shaped round at one end and tapered at the other with a total of 58 facets for ultimate brilliance.

    These teardrop or tear-shape, was first designed in the mid-1400s, and even centuries later remains a dapper choice. Flemish diamond polisher Lodewyk van Berquem pioneered this diamond shape in 1458 and is one of the few diamond shapes that presents a unique asymmetrical design. Its 58 facets are modeled after pear shape diamonds’ predecessor, the round shape diamonds and are cut with utmost precision to allow maximum reflection of light.

    But the one elongated edge along with the difference in proportions makes the pear cut diamonds appear larger than similar carat weighted round cut diamonds. (That’s more diamond for your budget!)

    pear shape engagement ring
    Twisted Two Toned Pear Diamond Engagement Ring



    Now, by virtue of their shape, they hide imperfections rather well, especially on the tip side of it. That means even stones in VS2-SI clarity will look eye-clean (unless the inclusion is nastily placed on the table of the diamond). But because the pear shape can accentuate color tints, it is advised to choose a lab grown diamond that’s H or a higher color grade.

    When comparing fancy shapes like pear cut diamonds, we recommend that you pay attention to its proportions such as for length-to-width ratio ranging between 1:1.50 and 1:1.70. Some pear shapes may even show a bow tie effect (also present in fancy shapes like oval shape diamonds) which is caused by the depth of stone.

    You can easily find different dimensions in a pear shape diamond with some stones being chubbier, some not too deep (flat looking) and others could be stretched, slimmer pear shape diamonds. (They look rather elegant in a necklace!)

    When you are comparing your pear shape diamonds, look at the diamond’s overall curvature. It should appear to be aligned in symmetry so that if you draw a line in the center the two halves should it should be identical with delicately sloping sides or else the shape may appear lopsided and your diamond’s brilliance can be compromised.

    The Pear Shape Diamond Was Always A Celeb Fav and Continues To Be

    One of the famous pear-shaped engagement rings was set in platinum and was a whooping nine-carat piece of jewelry that famous singer Frank Sinatra gave Mia Farrow in 1966. And then Richard Burton also bought a massive 69.42-carat stone for jewelry-loving legend Elizabeth Taylor in 1969. 

    pear cut diamond
    Frank Sinatra gave Mia Farrow a stunning 9-carat pear-shaped diamond ring in June 1966

    More recently, we have seen Princess Charlene of Monaco, Sophie Turner to hip-hop superstar Cardi B, happily sporting their gorgeous (and mega-normous) pear shape engagement rings with élan.

    cardi b's pear shape engagement ring
    Cardi B flaunts a 8 carat, pear shape diamond ring set in platinum in a halo setting style complete with a paved band

    If you wish to to make a statement with your engagement ring hand, then we will recommend you consider a pear shape engagement ring as a top contender.

    Just like raindrops, pear cut diamonds fall in a natural way down and this effect is highly coveted for necklaces. Elizabeth Taylor, whose famous Taylor-Burton 69.42 ct pear shape diamond graded by GIA as E-F clarity was made in to a necklace (from a ring). Look at that pear drop accentuating the collar bones and the neckline, ever so elegantly.


    Elizabeth Taylor with her pear shape diamond necklace
    Elizabeth Taylor with her pear shape diamond necklace (Source: GIA)


    Best Setting Styles For Pear Cut Diamond Ring

    Pear cut diamond rings absolutely need prongs at the pointed end that’s most likely to chip. Here are our top recommended settings styles that you can totally rock with a pear center LovBe lab grown diamond!

    pear cut diamond ring

    1. Bedazzle away in this ever so beautiful pear shape engagement ring. A striking halo encircles around the pear and a triple row of pavè diamonds on band further multiplies the glimmer. The not-so-common three-prong setting for is crafted by master artists making sure your diamond is protected within the halo setting and stays super-sparkly for a long long time. 
    2. The versatility of a pear cut diamond is that you can use them as a center stone on a solitaire engagement ring or even as side stones on a three stone ring!

      pear cut diamond ring
      Tiana Pear Ring
    3. Pear-shaped diamond rings can be worn with the tip facing up or down, which can dramatically affect the look. Australian actress and film producer, Margot Robbie chooses to wear her ring with it’s tip-side down! 
      pear shape diamond ring
      Margot Robbie’s Engagement Ring

      pear shape diamond ring
      Build your own ring on LovBe: Breathtaking Sidestone Pear Engagement Ring
    4. It is hard to not be ‘bowled over’ by the detailed milgrain beading work on a glamourous vintage setting when it’s matched with the radiance of a pear cut diamond. Look at this ravishing LovBe ring with small diamonds on band catching light from sides while the milgrain details add a soft white gold, delicate glow to the ring. 
      pear shape diamond ring
      Zopyra Engagement Pear Shape Ring with accented side band finished with milgrain pattern.


    If you are considering a fancy shape lab grown diamond for your engagement ring or have questions about LovBe or need clarity on different diamond shapes, connect with our diamond concierge and get expert advice today. 





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