Minimalist Engagement Rings For The Minimalist Bride


    A minimalist engagement ring is a dazzling piece of expression without being too weighty or overstated. And you’ll be surprised just how many different types and styles of minimalist engagement rings there are to choose from.

    minimalist ring

    For instance, you can’t be not impressed by Chrissy Teigen’s stunning cushion-cut diamond engagement ring — a simple and very minimalist ring style. It’s dazzling without being too weighty or overstated, and we love that she doesn’t drown out its beauty by overpowering it with too many other jewelry pieces.

    If you/your partner prefer small, dainty jewelry and always have, that’s your clue to your minimalist style. You sure wouldn’t want to suddenly change your style and sport a massive rock because that wouldn’t be you.

    Not many people think about this, but a large or intricately detailed diamond ring needs some adaptation. Like some designs get easily caught in everything from hair to clothes, and can also make it difficult to use your hands actively for work. So, if you’re planning to wear your ring on a daily basis, then a minimalist ring design might work better for you.

    Keep reading if you want to know what are your options to build the ultimate minimalist engagement ring.

    1. minimalist stylesCoco Chanel famously proclaimed “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Simple engagement ring designs like a solitaire set with a classic shape (round, oval or princess) center stone has bucked ever-changing style trends, managing to stand tall next to any elaborate or modern ring designs. A solitaire is the perfect embodiment of minimalism. You can also choose a solitaire with a twisted band design or flaunt this solitaire diamond with a traditional cathedral setting, or claw prongs. Pro tip: If you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd, choose a colored diamond as your center stone.
    2. plain band minimalist styleAn unembellished band (okay, maybe with some subtle engraving or geometrical patterns!) is a also statement for the minimalist bride. To keep things minimal, go for delicate diamond engagement rings with thin bands. A 1.8mm – 2mm petite band can deliver you the minimalist look. Another good choice would be tapering bands or some dainty milgrain detailing on band. Pro Tip: You can embellish or stack your wedding bands beautifully. 
    3. Choosing the ring’s metal is as important as choosing the center stone. The right metal can impart a classic elegance to your ring, binding everything in a perfect combination. If you want your engagement ring to have an effortlessly brilliant shine, you should opt for a white 14K or 18K metal band. White gold or platinum are two popular choices for wedding rings because they complement the center stone in a seamless blend. Colored metals like yellow gold or rose gold in 14K or 18K are great options for those wishing to add a dash of color to their simple engagement rings. Since we’re talking about minimalism, you can opt for unembellished bands with fine milgrain details to add an edge.
    4. A three-stone diamond ring can also be a fantastic choice for a minimalist engagement ring. The three-stone engagement ring, or the ‘trilogy ring’, can prove to be worthy of its name when set in the right setting, such as a halo or hidden halo setting. You can choose a tulip setting with three round diamonds set on a plain white gold band featuring a scalloped design. The scalloped design elevates the side diamonds to maximize the brilliance and drama of the engagement ring. minimalist engagement ring
    5. The best part about minimalist engagement rings is that they can effortlessly be a part of your everyday life, understated yet deeply meaningful. Most minimalist styles are pretty low-maintenance and thus easy to care for. The clean metal band and high quality center stones are an impeccable choice for minimalist rings for modern brides. LovBe offers a wide variety of minimalist ring designs. Browse them here.



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