Choosing A Marquise Engagement Ring Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 3 Expert Tips Carefully



    It’s a fancy shape that you probably don’t see too many brides wearing but when you’d see the selection of high quality marquise lab grown diamond like the ones we have on LovBe, we bet you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from its scintillation.

    Marquise cut diamonds were pretty big in the early 20th century, then fell out of favor, made a comeback in the 1970s and 1980s, but dropped in demand by the turn of this century. Football star David Beckham proposed to wife Victoria with a $70,000 marquise cut engagement ring featuring a 3-carat marquise stone, way back in 1998 (which she later traded it for a pear cut and since then has added a unique shape diamond ring on her finger)

    Marquise cut diamonds are slowly but surely coming back again as brides choose to set their own rules and a marquise engagement ring plays into the exact sentiment with their one-of-a-kind design aesthetics, as you see here!

    marquise engagement ring
    Marquise Cut Crossover Engagement Ring


    Marquise Diamonds Stands Out For The Right Reasons

    One of the oldest modified diamond cuts, the legend of marquise cut diamond starts in 18th century when King Louise XIV had a diamond shape created to complement the enticing smile of his mistress Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, the Marquise de Pompadour.
    The marquise diamond, also called as a navette which in French means little ship, has been historically been popular among aristocrats and monarchy.

    This elliptical shaped diamond cut relies heavily on symmetry for its brilliance. The two end points (of the marquise diamond) have got to align such that diamond’s right and left side form a near mirror image. A small misalignment can result in an unusual look.

    According to the GIA, a length to width ratio of 1.75 to 2.15 is considered the classic marquise cut. A marquise ratio of less than 1.50 may appear too short and wide, while a ratio of over 2.50 may affect its brilliance. For this reason, we recommend choosing Excellent or Very Good cut symmetry for marquise shape diamonds. It is important that the marquise is not cut too shallow as that could cause light to pass through the back of the diamond and diminishing its brilliance and fire.

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    The marquise’s pointed ends are vulnerable to chipping upon impact so we also suggest to opt for a slightly thicker diamond girdle because it will lower the risk of damage to the stone. (The girdle is the perimeter of the diamond)


    marquise cut diamond
    Fanciful Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring
    lab diamond engagement ring
    Intrinsic Solitaire Engagement Ring








    A marquise diamond has 58 facets and is categorized as a modified brilliant cut. While it may not match the radiance and sparkle of a round brilliant cut lab grown diamond (no other diamond shape can), it does stand out for its elongated shape which makes it appear almost ‘twice the size’ of a comparable carat weight brilliant shape diamond. Importantly, a 1- carat marquise cut diamond would probably be more affordable than comparable round diamond. This combination of carat and price can be a deal-breaker for some.

    round diamond price
    1 carat round lab grown diamond
    marquise cut diamond
    1 carat marquise lab grown diamond

    Every LovBe lab grown diamond includes precise measurements, as well as the length to width ratio, so you know the exact shape of the marquise cut diamond you are considering.

    The Special Thing About Marquise Cut Diamond


    marquise shape diamond ring
    Three Stone Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
    marquise cut diamond engagement ring
    The center has a beautiful marquise held by two graceful V-tip prongs.








    Because the shape was developed in reference to woman’s lips, there’s deep historical symbolism attached to marquise diamonds. With marquise cut diamonds featuring on different crown jewels to their history of originating within the aristocratic circles, this is definitely not your everyday diamond shape!

    With this diamond cut, you could even opt for a lower diamond clarity grade because unlike the round brilliant shape diamond, marquise diamond shape hides inclusions.

    Just as with other elongated shapes, the marquise can make fingers appear slender and longer. With one of the largest crown surface areas of any diamond shape, marquise shape diamond is a good choice when trying to maximize the perceived size of a diamond.

    For an engagement ring with distinction, look no further than the timeless marquise!

    Besides its one-of-a-kind shape meant to catch every eye in the room, a marquise diamond allows brides the freedom to design their rings in halo setting or add ornate filigree details or style the ring with pavé bands or even two-toned metal mix-ins. The possibilities!

    One of the most popular and versatile setting for marquise cut diamonds (actually any diamond shape!) is a prong setting. For marquise, that would be a six prong setting. You can add a double claw to really add some sass! (Or you can also strategically-place double prongs to conceal a blemish or inclusion!)

    yellow gold marquise solitaire

    Some of the most well-known names of the glitterati have stood out spotting a marquise diamond in their ring finger. 2 decades ago, Catherina Zeta Jones showed how to carry off a 10-carat marquise engagement ring!

    marquise ring catherine zeta jones

    marquise diamond ring

    Marquise shapes are often associated with women who are creative, or anyone who enjoys attention and these diamonds come with their own brand of style, making for a perfect match.



    Not sure you want to make the marquise the star of your engagement ring?
    Speak to our diamond concierge and get unbiased advice on diamond shapes and settings. 

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