Fact Check: Lab Vs Real Diamonds


    Anatomically & chemically, diamonds are 100% Carbon. To set record straight in discussion of lab vs real diamonds (aka mined), both are diamonds. Diamonds have long been desired for their beauty, fire and elegance. Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring, a pendant or earrings, you simply cannot go wrong with a gift of diamond.

    If you have any reservations about buying lab diamonds, keep reading. We’ll unpack the differences and similarities between lab vs real diamonds, so you can make an informed decision. lab vs real diamonds

    #Fact Check 1: It’s Diamond Vs Diamond

    Optically, physically, and chemically lab vs natural diamonds are identical. No difference, whatsoever. Lab grown have the same durability as real natural diamonds. But to understand the difference in lab vs real diamonds, it’s important to understand what is a diamond first.

    A diamond is formed when carbon is subject to intense heat and pressure. A diamond is nothing but crystallized carbon. A natural diamond is the result of crystallization process occurring deep within the earth’s crust over billions of years. This naturally formed diamond has to be then extracted out from the earth using mining equipment and processed for jewelry. 

    Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, have their beginnings in a laboratory. A lab diamond is formed when scientists recreate the pressure and temperature conditions to crystallize diamond seeds in to diamonds. The process takes around 4-6 weeks and the end result is a lab grown diamond rough that is cut and polished exactly as rough diamonds from mines are. Technological advancements have made it possible to develop diamonds of high quality that can be used in jewelry. 

    Bottom-line: Be it a lab grown diamond or naturally mined, both are 100% diamond.

    #Fact Check 2: Origin

    Here’s the point of difference between lab vs real diamonds. One is born in the lab and other is born inside the folds of earth. Lab grown diamond are a product of decades of scientific research and hence customer can be assured that the diamond came from a laboratory. It is an important characteristic for millennials who may not want to be associated with extractive natural resource mining industries. On the other hand, tracing the origin of a mined diamond is almost impossible due to the complexity of its supply chain.

    Bottom-line: Assured guarantee in terms of knowing where their diamond came from, is becoming a very important aspect for woke consumers. So, lab grown diamonds score higher here.

    #Fact Check 3: Both Test As ‘Diamonds’

    The differences between natural and lab grown diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye. But they both – because identical in composition – test as diamonds in any diamond tester.

    Diamonds made in a laboratory aren’t fake, they are chemically and structurally real, unlike cubic zirconia or mossanite, which look similar to diamonds but have different chemical and physical properties (and which you can easily spot if you breathe on one of these gems — it’ll fog up).
    Source: CNN

    To distinguish between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds, only gemologists with highly specialized equipment can tell them apart. 

    #Fact check : Certification 

    Lab grown diamonds can be certified just like their mined counterparts. Reputed gem grading laboratories like the IGI (International Gemological Institute) issues detailed reports evaluating lab grown diamonds, just as they do for mined diamonds. Certification by appropriate gem certifying authorities goes a long way in instilling confidence, ensuring that you get exactly what you paid for. After grading, labs put microscopic inscriptions (report number) on the diamond that’s not visible aesthetically but is assuring in case you want to be absolutely sure.

    All LovBe’s lab grown diamonds (loose) are certified by grading laboratories, ensuring that each meets rigorous industry standards. The diamond grading certificate is included with your purchase, allowing you to shop with ease.

    Bottom-line: Lab vs real diamonds both come with certificates, based on the same 4Cs parameters and should be an important ask when shopping for that ideal diamond. lab vs real diamonds

    Summing this discussion up, lab vs real diamonds are same product with different origins. They are both magnificent ways to say I Love You and can be a real sparkle when you pick out the right combination of 4Cs.

    With LovBe lab grown diamonds, customers can walk away with a better cut-color-clarity-carat weight diamond, and at a value that is mind-blowingly awesome. Browse through our stunning collection of lab grown diamonds and jewelry to find that perfect piece that resonates with you!



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