Top 5 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds


    The future of engagement rings is classy, brilliant, affordable, customizable up to the smallest detail, and grown in a lab. Lab grown diamonds not only offer a perfect alternative to mined stones but also an incredible value for money to customers. 

    An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment, and it totally deserves something beautiful, brilliant, and worthy to mark it. With new choices like lab grown diamonds, customers purchasing engagement rings, do not need to compromise on the brilliance and beauty of their jewels.

    Reports claim that millennials and now Generation Z – who are the main purchasers of diamonds for engagement rings – are moving away from conventional diamonds, with nearly 70% of millennials considering buying lab diamond rings.

    Why have the lab grown diamonds taken the jewelry world by storm? Here are the key reasons: 

    lab grown diamond ring

    1. Lab Grown Diamonds Are 100% Diamond

    Science backs the development of lab grown diamonds and their presence is even acknowledged by the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC. The FTC amended the jewelry guides to admit that a diamond is a diamond, grown under or above the earth.

    Chemically, physically, and optically lab diamonds are same in composition as the mined diamonds. But when you buy a lab diamond, you can get a much bigger gem than a mined diamond for the same amount of money or walk away with the savings. Choice is yours. 

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    2. Your Engagement Ring, Your Choice

    Brands like LovBe go the extra mile and have made sure that customers can ‘create their own rings’ in easy steps. From choosing their own LovBe lab grown diamond, comparing with other certified diamonds, to customizing details of their ring – every detail is a click away. Customers can choose from a range of diamond shapes like round, pear, princess, oval, cushion, marquise, emerald, radiant, and heart shaped diamonds.

    You could start with a diamond, or start from a setting you have set your heart on, or if you have something unique in mind, you can begin with sharing your vision and budget and our diamond concierge will assist in realizing your dream ring design. A custom designed engagement ring is the probably the best way to create your own distinctive expression of love. 

    diamond engagement ring 

    3. A Diamond Which Aligns With Your Values

    Most of the buyers for fine jewelry, especially engagement rings are millennials or Gen-Z. These younger customers favor more humane and sustainable options in almost every product and service they purchase, and jewelry is no different. 

    Lab grown diamonds have none of the extractive mining related issues. The fact that lab grown diamonds are created without displacing tons of earth or drilling holes into ground that are visible from space, leaving biodiversity in a state of disrepair, is big plus for most new age buyers. Lab grown diamonds are grown in controlled environments, without the large scale ‘irreversible’ impact on the environment.

    how diamonds are grown in labs

    For many customers wearing a lab grown diamond ring is parallel to making a statement that articulates their own science-backed beliefs as well as showcases their pride, in how technology has paved way for a product that won’t leave gaping holes in the ground. 

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    4. Make a Lasting Statement with Your Lab Diamonds

    A lot of jewelry made with precious gems and stones stands out and makes a bold statement. Why should your engagement ring hold back? As lab grown diamonds enable you to opt for a bigger center stone at the same budget, you can let your pride shine through and opt for the design you love, pick out unique settings in the metal of your choice, and make a statement in style.

    three stone engagement ring

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    1. Best Value for All Budgets

    We all want to get the best ring that money can buy, but real life comes with budget constraints. But what if there’s a way to upsize the carat and quality of your diamond, without overspending?

    In this WWD article: MVI Marketing’s CEO, Marty Hurwitz, whose company has been tracking growth of lab grown diamonds since 2004, shares that when shown both mined and lab grown diamonds, the bigger stone of the same quality in lab grown diamond reigned popular among the couples getting engaged. “Consumers are most drawn to the size-to-value equation [in lab grown diamonds],” notes Hurwitz.

    make your own diamond ring

    Adding to this value proposition, LovBe offers transparent policies like Lifetime Diamond Upgrade, Lifetime Warranty & Lifetime Referral programs along with grading lab report for each diamond, assuring customers that they’ll always have complete control over their choice.


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