Why A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Makes Sense


    Scientists have been attempting to produce diamonds for last 200 years. According to GIA, in the 1950s researchers at Union Carbide and General Electric recorded successful trials by duplicating the conditions deep underground: the temperature, the pressure, and the chemical makeup resulting in diamonds.

    Over the next few decades, as the diamond growing technology evolved, scientists perfected the art of growing gem-quality grade diamonds in laboratories. These are chemically, physically & optically identical to diamonds from mines. And nearly 7 decades after diamond growing was achieved by scientists, here is why excitement for a lab grown diamond engagement ring is at an all-time high.

    You are sure of your diamond’s origin 

    Mined diamonds are mined or extracted from the ground and by the time diamond is set in a jewelry, nobody can be completely sure of where & which diamond mine the diamond came from. Yes, there are select brands who can claim to prove a natural diamond’s origin, but that knowledge comes at a premium.

    Lab diamonds are grown in laboratories, inside specialized chambers where temperature and pressure are controlled carefully. The rough diamonds grown in laboratories are then cut and polished just like a mined diamond. Best part of owning a lab grown diamond engagement ring is that you know for sure that your diamond did not leave holes in the earth (mind you, holes that are visible from the space!)

    Lab grown diamonds have a distinct value proposition:

    Most of us believe that buying a diamond means you need to have tons of cash. But what if you can get a great looking lab grown diamond at nearly 30% less than a comparable mined diamond! Yes, you read it right. These savings can help to upgrade to a higher-quality metal base; or a bigger carat center diamond; or opt for a custom designed setting. Result will always be a better ring for your partner.

    In simple words, you get the option to pick a better-quality diamond and design a unique ring.

    A choice that gives you confidence:

    Lab grown diamonds make the perfect sense to begin with as they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds and they’re both diamonds.

    Trained gemologists and sophisticated equipment are needed to tell lab grown apart mined diamonds – and so it is important to make sure you shop diamonds that are graded by independent laboratories like IGI, GIA, GCAL, AGS etc. This certificate gives one a fair insight in to the 4Cs of your lab grown diamond.

    Grab a good deal online:

    You don’t need to go visiting jewelry shops for a lab diamond engagement ring. Most reliable brands now offer lab grown diamonds, alongside mined diamonds online. Why online?

    You can almost always get a great deal with an online retailer like LovBe. All the loose diamonds in LovBe’s inventory can be viewed in magnified 360-degrees which you can’t expect to find in physical stores.

    Most offline stores will almost always have a limited stock while brands such as LovBe allow customers to not only compare different diamonds but see each one with a setting style so that there are no surprises. You can take your own time to decide what diamond and engagement ring you would like to purchase.

    Most importantly, purchases are also safeguarded by policies such as free delivery with free returns within 60 days which just makes shopping online a better deal.

    engagement ringDesigning your own
    You can go bold. Build your very own ring, something unique, something off-the-shelf!

    Select a diamond (after you have compared possible lab diamonds side by side in 360 degree!), put it in a setting of your choice (play around with metal combinations), see the final ring, and then decide if you like what you have created. Again, this isn’t an experience that you can recreate in a store!

    It’s liberating to see so many diamond shapes, hundreds of settings styles and if there’s a particular design detail that you would like to include, then have LovBe’s diamond concierge service assist you. The diamond concierge can answer your ‘diamond questions’ or provide you more details on a setting style of your choosing. Always pick a brand that offers lifetime warranty (Like LovBe) on its jewelry which is a great assurance when buying online and lifetime diamond upgrade (cheers to that!).


    Will lab diamonds pass diamond tester — Yes, absolutely! Lab diamonds pass the diamond tester because they are 100% same as a mined diamond. They’re both crystallized carbon.

    Do lab diamonds shine like mined diamonds — Yes. You (or even gemologists) cannot even tell the difference between mined and lab diamonds by just seeing them side by side. There are sophisticated instruments needed to distinguish between the origin of two diamonds. Do not confuse lab made diamonds with cubic zirconia, or any other diamond simulants.

    Do lab diamonds come with certificates like natural diamonds — Lab diamonds are graded in the same way as mined diamonds by the same diamond grading laboratories. Diamond grading certificates are important to help you to identify your lab or mined diamond if you ever must repair or sell it and to be sure of what are the 4Cs of your diamond.


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