Know Your Diamond: The Best 4Cs To Look For In A diamond


    Understanding the value of a diamond may require an expert’s eye. Buyers can easily get confused while looking for the perfect diamond. Knowing the 4Cs of a diamond can be very useful as 4Cs of diamond or its Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. in an ideal combination can get you your perfect diamond.


    A perfect diamond should have a quality cut that can bring out its shine. The cut directly affects the brilliance of the stone, known as the fire. The cutting is graded on a scale ranging from excellent to poor with the best being 3EX or triple excellent for round and 2EX for fancy cuts.

    Every grading institute has different standards to grade diamond cuts. IGI grades the cut within a range from Poor to Excellent. Excellent cut displays the most brilliant fire and commands the highest value. It is best to keep in mind that grading varies within the diamond industry and even the best

    Because cut is the most important of the 4C though, it is best to stick to high grade or get an expert’s advice.


    Color is considered the second most important factor.  The color of white diamonds is graded on a D-Z scale, where D is colorless and Z is a very visible color tint (generally a yellowish tint). Color becomes an important factor as we move towards larger and heavier diamonds. Different color scales are used for diamonds of different colors.

    Expert gemologists can understand color differences by comparing a diamond with master stones. However, as a buyer, you may not be able to tell subtle differences. However, if you spot yellowish tints on white diamonds, then the value of the diamond diminishes. Diamonds within the range of D-J are mostly colorless having zero to a negligible yellow tinge. Yellowish tinge started appearing to the naked eye from the K range. While the diamonds within the K-M range are still accepted by many, LovBe does not deal with diamonds N-Z color range.

    While choosing the diamond, it is best to inspect the color closely, and also consider the metal. Platinum might accentuate the yellow tints while gold might go really well with slightly tinted diamonds. Check out diamonds of different color grades; it is possible that some people might like a diamond with some color in it (like a J grade) for its warmth. For those who love colorless diamonds, it is best to stick to the D-H range.


    The clarity of a diamond determines the number of inclusions and blemishes present in a diamond. 

    The clarity of the diamonds is graded using an 11-point diamond clarity scale created by IGI. The scale ranges from Flawless (no imperfections visible to a skilled grader under 10x magnification) to included (inclusions almost always visible to the untrained eye). 

    To get the best value for money, it is recommended to choose a diamond that is ‘eye clean’ (eye-clean being a diamond that may have imperfections, which are not visible to the naked eye) and within your budget to get the best value for your purchase. 


    Carat weight and its importance lie entirely with the receiver. If the carat weight is important for you, choosing a diamond with a higher carat weight might be a good idea. Heavier carat weight increases the desirability of a diamond. The carat weight may also impact the size of the diamond, but not necessarily so. The right combination of carat, cut, and shape allows for a diamond to appear bigger than it may actually be. 

    A 1-carat diamond is a classic and is loved by many, it is also a popular weight among buyers. The choice comes down to the budget and aspirations of the buyer. LovBe offers beautiful lab grown diamond choices for higher weight categories at prices that allow for great value for money.

    In the end, every diamond is unique, and finding the perfect one lies with the customer and their needs and aspirations. If you keep the 4Cs in mind and understand how they work in determining the value of a diamond, you can get your perfect diamond easily.


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