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    If you are looking to find some perfect diamond jewelry for her that unquestionably highlights or compliments your woman’s personality, then keep reading. Right jewelry piece worn on the right occasion can be colossally beautiful.

    It is very important, when choosing jewelry for her, to understand what kind of jewelry would make her feel beautiful, special, loved and thus, confident.

    Diamonds play a big role in making a woman feel good about herself, which is why they’re so valuable to many women. That’s why knowing how to choose fine diamond jewelry for her, something that will light up her personality, is almost an art form. But we’ve got your back here.

    Choose Jewelry That Complements Her Personality

    Originating in the 1920s, halo style jewelry re-emerged stronger than ever in the last few years (single halo to double halo and now even hidden halos on engagement rings!). Smaller diamonds are used beautifully around a cluster or a center stone to magnify the fire of the jewelry. This style makes for quite a statement and will make a fabulous gift for someone who doesn’t mind the attention. 

    Style a dainty halo pendant with cluster ear studs and you have a winning combination. LovBe’s halo pendant encrusted with clusters of brilliant round diamonds when paired with floral-patterned clustered ear studs set in prong baskets are great enhancers for workday outfit or a day at the park.

    jewelry for her
    Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring (1 1/3 TCW)
    jewelry for her
    Sparkling Cluster Halo Diamond Pendant (0.64 TCW)








    If you want jewelry that she can wear to work as well as Sunday brunch with her gang of girls, then we strongly recommend statement pieces that look delicate and radiant. Go for fancy shaped diamonds in eye-clean Clarity and Color then we recommend you mix and match a halo pear-shape pendant dangling from a bail with an oval matched floral halo diamond earrings. The overall effect is glamorous and very chic.

    diamond jewelry
    Halo Diamond Earrings
    diamond jewelry for her
    Vibrant Pear Halo Pendant (3/4 TCW.)









    Top Quality Jewelry Craftmanship Is a Must

    Diamond jewelry gifts for her can be expensive – starting from a few hundreds of dollars and upwards. That’s why LovBe is very proud to offer fine diamond jewelry options where each piece feels modern yet has something of the ethereal and timeless about it too. By adding subtle unique twists to classic silhouettes, we have created seriously covetable and wearable pieces.

    For instance, our diamond-studded heart pendant balances soft femininity with contemporary cool when you pair it with an edgy princess-shape ear studs or takes the classy high road when twinned with the dainty round ear stud.


    Precious Metals That She Can Wear Comfortably

    Jewelry for her, whether glimmering with lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds, has got to be made with metals that are comfortable to her lifestyle. If you can’t ask directly, then familiarize yourself with what metal she selects or wears pre-dominantly and which one she never wears. 

    Interlinked three-stone jewelry is playful and a great conversation starter. LovBe’s graduating three-stone pendant set on 14K (yellow or white gold) is a gorgeous match with a  tri-stone earring featuring diamonds set in individual prong baskets. Yellow gold is a classic metal choice that’ll work for women of all age groups and skin color. 







    Another recommended style for the woman who loves her diamonds and metal colors is LovBe’s three-stone pendant in a triangular setting. Delicate and very modern, it syncs brilliantly with our triangular three-stone stud.  

    We cannot miss out on elongated shaped diamonds when talking about gift-worthy jewelry sets. Like this celebrity-favorite diamond shape, the emerald shape diamond set in a four-pronged pendant that is incomplete without matching pair of four prong emerald studs

    diamond jewelry for her
    Aurora Emerald Ear studs
    diamond jewelry gift sets for her
    Fascinating Solitaire Emerald Pendant (1/2 TCW)








    Platinum is hypoallergic and extremely versatile as far as durability and maintenance is concerned. While it comes at a cost but platinum jewelry gifts are truly a cut above the rest. Even 14K or 18K gold (white, yellow or rose) are very long-lasting and hold their shape (and diamonds). But 14k gold contains 58.5% pure gold (585 parts per thousand) where as 18k gold contains 75% pure gold (750 parts per thousand). 14K white gold is our most popular choice for jewelry because it strikes balance between cost and purity.

    You probably wouldn’t catch your lady matching a pea green coat with orange knee socks, right? But when it come to mixing jewelry colors (be it metals , gemstones, shape of diamond etc.) there are no rules, just preferences!

    Pick Diamond Jewelry For Her ‘Vibes’

    But aside from the obvious choice of the diamonds being the ultimate symbol of a loving relationship, diamond jewelry also packs in deeper spiritual meanings thanks to their sturdiness (they are the hardest substance known to man) and have a fiery brilliance that’s unmatched by any other gemstone.

    That’s another reason why diamond jewelry for her is the perfect channel to express your relentless love to your woman for all the roles she plays in your life — be it of a confidant, your soul mate, that motivator you turn to, a wife who supports you, a friend who always has time for you, or the mother of your children. 

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    When it comes to solitaires, round diamonds are the most popular choice and no one would mind multiple! A ¾ carat round solitaire pendant paired with a four-prong ⅔ carat round ear stud is perfect for her jewelry box — just choose a different metal or chain length to allow her layer her solitaire pendants.

    yellow gold jewelry for her
    Glacier Stud Earrings (2/3 TCW)
    14k gold jewelry for her
    Gorgeous Round Solitaire Pendant (1/4 TCW)








    Some also believe that the illumination and reflection of a diamond can inspire imagination and ingenuity in its wearer. Diamonds also represent strength, fortitude and courage as a diamond’s hardness is ‘invincible’ (diamonds are the hardest substance) with power to drive away bad energy or fortune. So, when you present a unique diamond jewelry gift to her, she’ll know that you cherish and treasure her and will do so for a lifetime! 

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    Why stop at just a necklace and earrings when you can enhance your gift set by adding a sparkling tennis bracelet? A tennis bracelet will compliment each of these pendants and earring sets to create a complete look. LovBe offers tennis bracelets in varying carat weights. If you want a bang-on-the-buck tennis bracelet without compromising on the shine, a 4-5 carat white gold tennis bracelet can be a great buy. However, if you want to go a little extravagant, a 7-10 yellow gold carat tennis bracelet makes for a marvelous gift.  

    With its exquisite modern finery at an approachable price, celebrating the woman in your life with diamond jewelry is not going to cost you an arm and a leg anymore.


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