Jewelry Gifts For Women That Are A Cut Above Everything Else



    Whatever the occasion may be, choosing jewelry gifts for women can be daunting. Every woman is unique, her style distinct and so will be her preference to the kind of jewelry she would love. 

    The value of a diamond gift goes well beyond the beauty and brilliance of the gift. Choices in your diamond, like lab grown diamond jewelry gifts allow you an alternative without compromising on the diamond’s cut-color-clarity-carat and within the gift budget that feels comfortable to you.

    Learn All About Diamond 4Cs 

    We are very proud to offer you lab grown diamond jewelry – across a range of price and precious metal choices to celebrate your queen. Supersize the diamond in the fine jewelry gift for your woman by choosing a better quality and carat LovBe lab grown diamond. Diamonds symbolize perfection and strength and bring a host of good things to the wearer, including clarity of mind, energy, power, courage and positive mental health.

    That’s why diamonds, lab grown or mined, make for a great gift for any one!

    jewelry gift for women
    Double Halo Pendant is available in 14k white, yellow and rose gold variants; Price starts at $999 for 0.5 TCW
    lab grown diamond jewelry gift for women 14k gold jewelry
    This contemporary pendant highlights a magnificent double halo around the center stone which glitters and sparkles in the light.










    Before You Go Shopping For a Jewelry Gift, Use This Checklist…

      1. Does she have a favorite diamond shape and carat size preference?
        It is good to know what your gal (would) like for her diamond to look like. Too big, and it could be off-putting. The wrong shape and it would be a misfit in her jewelry box. Our advice: do your research – look her Pinterest board up or her Instagram posts to get some idea!
      2. Is there a piece of diamond jewelry that she already owns and would like to have a matching pair or a complementary piece?
        Finding the perfect jewelry gift for her may have begin to look like a mammoth task by now but believe us, it is exactly these finer details and thought that makes diamond jewelry so much more precious.
      3. What would be her preference of precious metal?
        Very important detail that you should be aware of if she has any alloy allergies. While 18 Karat is 75% gold, 14 Karat is about 58% gold. The remainder is made of copper, silver, zinc, and nickel. Nickel can cause an allergic reaction for some so if this applies to your girl, then contact us to learn about jewelry gift options in platinum.
      4. Would she like a classic style or would like something custom designed with personalized engravings?
        Personalized jewelry is huge and this is also a big reason why the story a piece of jewelry tells is so intimate.
      5. Do you have a clarity on your gift budget?
        Keep a clear budget for your gift (after you have figured what kind of diamond carat and shape your lady would prefer!)

    So, if you wish to explore jewelry gift options for your beloved, we have handpicked LovBe’s all-time favorites.  jewelry gifts for women

    Chart-toppers: Jewelry Gifts For Women Of All Ages


    1. Halo pendant and matched ear studs

    A pendant coupled with matching ear studs is a wholesome gift for women. A halo pendant with a round diamond and a diamond-studded bail can look fabulous when paired with brilliant halo earrings.


    jewelry gifts for women jewelry gifts for women








    For a more classic look, match a graceful round solitaire pendant with timeless round solitaire studs or if she has a preference for fancy diamond shapes then checkout this brilliant pear (or emerald, oval or princess) shape pendant matched with a dazzling twin set of pear studs and you’ve got an unrivaled gift that’s just for her special moment.


    jewelry gifts for women jewelry gifts for women


    1. Eternity Ring

    There isn’t a more special gift for your partner than a diamond, be it studded with lab grown diamonds or mined rocks! Eternity rings symbolize endless love. It is one of the most popular anniversary gift choices for couples or to honor a milestone in couple’s relationship.

    An eternity band features tiny diamonds packed together in a continuous circle – a fabulous representation of your never ending love for your gifts for her
    Commemorating life’s milestones and successes helps us remember them for a lifetime. We love this prong-set eternity band that can pair wonderfully with an engagement ring or is absolutely perfect on its own.
    jewelry gifts for women


    1. Ear studs

    Ear studs are evergreen as they pair well with any outfit, be it a gown or formal attire. While round solitaire studs are the go-to choice for many, you can wow your beloved by opting for a fancy-shaped solitaire earring such as princess, emerald, oval, or pear solitaire gifts for women

    And if she already has a pair (or two) of diamond ear studs, you can always upgrade with a pair of gorgeous halo danglers

    1. Tennis bracelet

    Tennis bracelets are one of the more expensive pieces of diamond jewelry, but also brings home a higher carat (total carat weight!) number which is always good!

    Be it the first child birth, a milestone anniversary, or a marital first, these are occasions call big on sentiments. We feel that tennis bracelet is that piece of meaningful jewelry that answers the call and makes the woman really cherished, valued and loved. It’s a memorable way to capture your feelings.

    diamond fine jewelry gifts for women
    Featuring a linear arrangement of diamonds of the same carat weight, shape, cut, and clarity, tennis bracelets command a high price in the market. They come in both prong and bezel settings. A 4-5 carat prong set tennis bracelet is guaranteed to knock her socks off! 

    Now it’s time for you to get busy and select the most fitting piece of jewelry that’ll resonate with your beloved’s personality. Feel free to reach out to us for an expert opinion or any requests for customizing a design and we promise to hook you up with the best deal! 


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