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    If you are reading this article right now, then you probably searched for best jewelry gift ideas for wife and landed here. Clothing to handbags to shoes all change with seasons; flowers, chocolates and gift cards will make one happy for a while but diamonds for wife will always be with her. 

    Let’s start with why diamond jewelry checks all the right boxes for the ‘best gifts for wife’. The feeling a well-crafted piece of jewelry invokes is heart warming. The twinkle it brings to a hand, a wrist, ear lobes or the neckline is a radiant reminder of the love she is surrounded with. It has been proven that there are fantastic emotional benefits to gain from giving presents to others!

    Studies have shown that people tend to feel happier about their own lives when they are able to give something special to a loved one, improving their state of mind.

    Be it a diamond bracelet for wife, a pair of diamond ear stud or a pendant necklace for your love, the significance of a diamond jewelry gift goes beyond its brilliance. This clear gemstone symbolizes deep, everlasting love — and, appropriately so, as it is hardest known substance on earth. And, they bring a host of good things to the wearer, including clarity of mind, energy, power, courage and positive mental health.

    History Of Diamonds

    With a lab grown diamond, she will be able to wear her jewelry gift proudly knowing well that her diamond was not mined. Mining natural resources has an irreplaceable impact on the bio-diversity of the region, so much so that holes dug by mining industry can be even seen from space!

    Knowing that their diamonds were made above earth by scientists using principles of physics – pressure and heat – just like they are created under the layers of earth. Only creation of lab diamonds leaves no irreplaceable impact on bio-diversity which is an inherent nature of mining. This can be very important information for many women (couples) to be aware of. It is empowering to be in complete control of what you wear and its footprint. 

    How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Grown

    A piece of beautiful fine diamond jewelry that comes with a clean conscience (origin) will be a fitting gift for your wife, telling her that you put a great deal of thought in choosing a gift that’ll be with you both tomorrow, and forever!

    To get you started on some best jewelry ideas for wife, here’s what is really rocking our charts right now!

    #1 Best Jewelry For Wife: Upsize that diamond ring on her finger! 


    best gift ideas for wife
    Featuring the wave pattern, this bridal diamond ring set, is a perfect one for couple who can use the symbolism of ocean waves to promise to see each other through all the ‘ups’ and ‘down’s of life!

    If you’re already engaged or married, giving a diamond ring or a matching band which she can wear in addition to her bridal jewelry (either on her left or right hand) is a no-brainer. Not all diamonds for wife are meant for engagement rings. You could custom design a ring for a bit more trendy or fashion-forward than her bridal jewelry making it a great gift for your anniversary or special dates you celebrate as a couple.

    We offer a range of different styles of eternity or diamond bands, including a few LovBe exclusives, that will inspire you. 

    diamonds for wife
    Twisted Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow Gold (14K)
    best jewelry gift for wife
    Twisted Diamond Wedding Band in Rose Gold (14K)








    twisted diamond-encrusted wedding band crusted with pavé set diamonds, in a metal color that will fit the wife’s tastes! Beautiful on its own or can be also paired with a bridal ring. 

    best jewelry for wife
    Featuring shimmering round diamonds pavé set in alternating round and marquise shaped frames detailed with milgrain accents, this band will be perfect gift for any special occasion


    Or score big with an intricate but vintage looking diamond band with round diamonds pavé with milgrain accent details. It is the all-over milgrain that adds a distinct personality to a ring or piece of jewelry. The touch of antique elegance it delivers is reminiscent of artistry and craftsmanship that adds to the uniqueness of the piece. Choose platinum or white/yellow/rose gold to craft your own desired effect. 

    best jewelry for wife
    Crafted to showcase your love, this band displays pave set round diamonds arranged half way across the band

    Another excellent option is a pavé band featuring graduating twisting (waved) channels of accent diamonds. Perfect to build a diamond ring stack for her !  

    #2 Best Jewelry For Wife: Matched Pair of Diamond Studs  

    A pair of elegant and dazzling diamond earrings can transform any outfit. While solitaire, diamond ear studs are great for formal dos, a pair of diamond hoops that can go from dressy to sporty depending on her outfit or style. For example, a beautiful pair of round or princess solitaire studs will look great on those who like their classic shapes. Choose a romantic rose gold (14K or 18K) to add some color to her jewel box.

    diamond earrings stud earring
    Sunburst Princess Ear studs (1 TCW); Prices start at $1099
    valentine's day gift delivery diamond ear studs
    4 Prong Screw Back Glacier Stud Earrings (0.75 TCW); Price – $599


    A pair of clustered diamond studs set in a metal of her choice is great for everyday wear. The smaller stones compliment each other and offer extra sparkle (for their size and price!).

    diamond ear studs
    Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring (1 1/3 TCW); Prices start at $699

    remember diamond ear studs are worn to accentuate her facial features and beautiful hair. So, up your carat game with a halo setting featuring a single diamond center and smaller diamonds laced around it in a floral design.

    best jewelry for wife
    A magnificent round brilliant cut center set in prongs shine even brighter amidst a sparkling halo of smaller round diamonds set in bezel setting
    diamond ear studs
    Prices start at $3199 (3 1/10 TCW, GH Color, SI Clarity)

    #3 Best Jewelry For Wife: Diamond Tennis Bracelets On Her Wrists

    Tennis bracelets drape around the wrist and dial up glamor statement for anyone who’s wearing them. Not to mention, they’re designed and crafted to be durable. When you choose to gift your wife a diamond bracelet, remember it is a piece of jewelry that she’ll see all day long as she wears it. So, it better be a sweet carat and shine!

    sister jewelry gifts
    Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 TCW) featuring 89 IGI certified lab grown diamonds; Prices start at $1499
    fine jewelry
    This 7″ glimmering Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet features 62 IGI certified round brilliant cut diamonds (4 TCW) meticulously set in four prong setting with a double safety lock; Prices start at $2499


    She will be knocked off with the shine of these tennis bracelets. Ranging anywhere between two to four total carat weight, is a fabulous choice. Be sure to double-check the wrist sizing. (tennis bracelets can be resized according to her comfort by simply taking a link or two off, but speak to our Diamond Concierge when you have made up your mind) 

    A four-prong diamond bracelet in platinum will have your wife’s girlfriends envying her glowing hands!

    #4 Best Jewelry Gift Ideas For Wife: A Diamond Necklace Close To Her Heart

    Though a daily-wear accessory, diamond pendants can be truly versatile and most likely to become her ‘most worn’ jewelry item. So, choose wisely.

    Pendants with crosses, hearts, or teardrop shape solitaire shapes are perennial favorites. Then there are modern adaptations of wearing graduated styles that have different sizes of diamonds aligned either along the chain or in a pendant because why not! From classic solitaires to delicate minimalist designs, LovBe has curated the best options in diamond pendants and diamond necklaces that can be gifted to your special woman.

    gift ideas for wife
    This serene pendant features 11 diamonds (1.05 TCW) in shared prong setting; Prices start at $809
    valentines day jewelry gift ideas
    Sparkly Dainty Heart Pendant feature 26 small diamonds paved ins an open heart design (0.52 TCW); Prices start at $549
    push gift ideas for wife
    Breezy Circle Pendant highlights 33 small round diamonds arranged in a open circle shape (0.99 TCW); Prices start at $729
    diamond necklace for wife
    Solitaire pear shape diamond (3/4 TCW) dangles on a four prong setting and a V-style metal connector; Prices start at $1099

    A three-stone style is a deeply sentimental way to connect a diamond gift with past-present-future. Believe us, it’s a gift that she will not stop raving about.
    LovBe’s petite looking triangular pendant and the three-stone ladder pendant (1.00 Ct. tw.) are exactly that.

    diamonds for wife
    Three Stone Ladder Pendant (1.00 TCW.); Prices start at $929
    best jewelry gift ideas for wife
    Triangular Three Stone Pendant (1/2 TCW.); Prices start at $4949



    Now that you have heard the reasons and seen the options, go ahead and choose the best jewelry for your wife.




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