Is Excellent cut diamond the most expensive diamond cut


    The price of a diamond is determined by combining many factors yet if you need to own the most good-looking and expensive diamond Cut, then it would be the Ideal or an Excellent cut diamond.

    And here’s why: 

    The fire: The facets, shape, angle, and precision in an Excellent Cut diamond come together to maximize the amount of light that gets reflected from the diamond. Very little or no light manages to escape from the stone. This enhances the fire or the shine of the diamond, increasing its value. Among the Cut grades (read more on Importance Of Diamond Cut here) the Ideal Cut or the Excellent Cut diamonds are benchmarked as aesthetically superior diamond cuts. 

    The design: The Excellent cut diamond is designed to form symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing light and dark spaces in the diamond when viewed from the top. This amount of precision increases the value of the diamond. Choose a setting style that will complement your high-performance diamond. 

    excellent cut diamondCraftsmanship: The craftsmanship that goes into creating an expensive diamond cut impacts its price. Ideal and Excellent Cut diamonds and some very proportional cuts such as the Hearts and Arrow require a lot of time, effort, talent, which makes them the highest-priced cuts and shapes. You got to pay top dollars for the quality! And when you handpick a perfectly symmetrical ‘shiniest’ diamond ring and present it to your partner — it’s probably worth spending the extra money.

    Demand: The princess and the round diamond shape which are available in an Ideal Cut or an Excellent Cut are also two of the most popular diamond shapes. This automatically makes them more expensive than the rest. For those who have a carat size in mind, pick a diamond between Fair and Good cut especially in fancy shapes. While the diamond will lack the scintillation and brilliance of a well-cut diamond, it will allow a significant increase in size for the same price. 

    To get the best cut diamonds that’ll complement your choice, contact our LovBe Diamond Concierge. LovBe is happy to help you guide or pick the right diamond cut and shape that will make for one unique engagement ring.


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