How To Stack Wedding Rings 101


    The demand for stackable wedding rings continues to grow as brides experiment with styles. Stacked wedding rings add a layered look and allow creative freedom to play with different styles – creating truly unique & distinct wedding ring style for the wearer.

    From Reese Witherspoon to Sophie Turner, many celebs too have shown us just how to build a sparkling stack with wedding and engagement rings. If you’ve spent any time on Instagram lately, you know that stacking — piling several rings on one finger — is a burgeoning trend! 

    FUN FACT: A wedding band, when stacked with an engagement ring, is typically worn on the left hand, at the base of the ring finger (and thus closer to the heart, as is traditional for wedding bands).

    How To Go About Building A Wedding Ring Stack?

    Stacked wedding rings have one and only one purpose — to make your engagement ring shine from all angles while creating brilliance that can be seen across the room. Ring layering also opens up myriad style options to those who LOVE jewelry and dressing up their bands

    • While designing the right stacked rings mostly depends on your creativity, but when you start your search, always consider what kind of wedding band can multiply the fire of your engagement ring and its center stone.
    • So, if you have a solitaire or a three-stone engagement ring, a curved delicately paved  wedding band can heighten the look. You can supersize the bling by pairing a thick or gemstone wedding band with your diamond ring.
    • The metal of your wedding band can make your stacked engagement ring set gorgeous. A platinum or white gold engagement ring can become more stunning with a yellow gold wedding band. Play with the colors and contrast to make your stacked engagement rings set stand out. We recommend that you build a wedding band stack for your engagement ring over time and not in one go. 
    • If you want to achieve a mismatched look, then wear a selection of bands with your engagement ring that have little to no similarity with each other. For example, layering three eternity rings with white, yellow and rose gold tones with a diamond engagement ring can get you a modern and edgy look.

    FUN FACT: In Scandinavia, it’s common for women to wear three rings: one for engagement, another for marriage and one for motherhood.

    • You could also use symmetrical stacking method to stack your wedding rings. You place the engagement ring in the middle, locking it from two sides with two bands (a wedding band and eternity ring). It’s common to add bands over the years to commemorate life events.
    • There really is no right or wrong way when it comes to stacking wedding rings. Some like to put their engagement ring on first, slipping in bands after (in front) representing the sequence of their journey with their partner or milestones.
    • You can also break the rule by mixing up metals and colored diamonds or even gemstones to make your stack stand out. Your stack may be a balance of modern and vintage when you pair different band styles because it’s YOUR choice! The possibilities of designing your very personalized wedding ring stack are simply endless.

    No matter how you style them — whether you wear one meaningful band or artfully curate stacks on both hands — these are your timeless pieces and you get to decide the rules. If you want to talk to LovBe’s Diamond Concierge, to help you put together a magnificent stacked bridal or wedding ring set, click here



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