How To Shop Rose Gold Fine Jewelry Like a Pro



    A well-crafted piece of fine jewelry can say so much more. Rose gold’s popularity is everywhere  — from long-awaited iPhone backs to soft pink-hued metallic color accessories — quickly elevating it on the fashion charts. A rose gold fine jewelry piece can be absolute fun, modern along with a dazzling reminder of your special moments with your bae.

    Remember fine jewelry gifts can be quirky, modern while being meaningful, treasure-worthy too. When a person wants to make their loved one feel special on a memorable occasion (be it an anniversary or birthday), they would often turn to fine jewelry. Not only do these gifts they bring the wearer a sense of pride when someone asks about the significance of the piece, but fine jewelry truly deeply connect with both the wearer as well as the one who gives the gift.

    Take our word for it — your girl will approve your appreciation for the finer things in life, and we will show you just how to ‘rock’ this rose gold fine jewelry gift trend with LovBe’s jewelry selection. Be it rings, necklaces, earrings or bands, we’ve got 14K and 18K pieces in rose gold that are guaranteed to impress your special one. 

    Understand Rose Gold Like a Pro

    The term rose gold refers to an alloy of gold to which copper has been added. Flattering to most skin tones—a youthful-seeming blush is highlighted, or perhaps induced, by rose gold—the shade has spread to fashion, accessories, and beauty, says New Yorker.

    rose gold
    The Moscow Kremlin egg, 1906. Pic: Stan Shebs

    Rose gold got its start in 1800s in imperial Russia. Carl Fabergé, world famous for his Faberge Eggs brought this metal to vogue. Faberge, then jeweler to the czars, used the metal in many of his ornate creations. That’s when the popularity of this pink metal took off throughout upper classes of Russia, earning it the nickname of Russian Gold.

    Why Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Trending

    Rose gold is an alloy of gold (just like 14k, 18k white or yellow gold are) formed by mixing pure 24k yellow gold with copper and silver. The silver and the copper combine with yellow gold to create the pink hue of rose gold.

    The typical ratio for gold and its alloying metals is 75% for gold and 25% for 18k rose gold. While silver oxidizes, all gold jewelry will get a layer of patina. Since rose gold is alloyed mainly with copper, its patina is a coppery red hue, which can make the piece of jewelry even rosier.

    rose gold fine jewelry
    Poised Prong Eternity Diamond Band (1 TCW) features round diamonds set in prongs encircling all over the band, symbolic of your never-ending love; Prices start at $1951

    You don’t need to break the bank to buy a rose gold jewelry gift for the special woman in your life. Thanks to brands like LovBe among other online jewelry platforms, you can choose from curated collection of diamond jewelry at competitive prices.
    (Free Shipping and 60-day returns on us!)

    Top Rose Gold Jewelry Recommendations (under $1500)


    #1 Fine Jewelry Gift: Rose Gold Halo Pendants

    It is said that while white gold signifies friendship, yellow gold stands for faithfulness, rose gold is all about love. Pay attention to her jewelry styles and you’ll be able to conclude (or ask her gal pals, if confused) if your special lady will appreciate a ‘non-traditional’ rose gold necklace as a modern alternative to her yellow and white gold jewelry

    rose gold fine jewelry
    Effervescently Attractive Circle Pendant (0.5 TCW) in 10K, Rose Gold variant; Features 20 small lab grown diamond encrusted around a circle; Prices start at $469

    Wearing the circle as a piece of jewelry is said to bring the wearer a sense of ultimate harmony. Representative of continuity, the circle when combined with a feminine colored metal can vibe very well for the wearer. Remember that when you wear (or gift) any geometry-influenced jewelry like a circle or any angular shapes (triangle or square etc.), your jewelry can send the right subconscious message to others, even if you don’t believe in its symbolism.

    Best part of choosing diamond pendants is that your woman can easily detach it from the chain and make it a pin-back to wear as a brooch!

    rose gold gift ideas for her
    This dainty pendant glitters in bezel set center; Prices start at $649

    You can never go wrong with a halo style pendant that sits complementing her neckline. It’s a style that is light on the pocket but big on style quotient. LovBe’s Alluring Solitaire Halo Pendant is mesmerizing with the milgrain details and the 14 smaller accent diamonds encircling the 0.5 carat center brilliant round lab grown diamond.

    rose gold fine jewelry
    Sensational Halo Pendant; Prices start at $849

    If she is into elongated diamond shapes (which actually make for very pretty necklace style), we would put our money on the oval-shaped halo pendant with 5 small diamonds glistening on its bail and 14 diamonds pavéd along the halo. This impressive design comes with a serious wow factor of the gorgeous 0.5 carat center oval lab diamond, which is safely set in bezel style. (considered one of the most durable setting for diamonds)

    #2 Fine Jewelry Gift: Rose Gold Bands

    Rose gold engagement rings definitely have more of a romantic and vintage vibe. If that’s what you’re going for, you will be joining the ranks of celebs like Blake Lively who wear rose gold as their right-hand ring.

    Featured below is our halfway-domed pave band featuring three rows of smaller lab grown diamonds in a style that’s truly a combination of classic look with modern metal hue. It’s difficult to not fall in love with rose gold jewelry that’s subtle looking, hinting of glamor, without being brash as some high carat yellow gold can be. 

    rose gold
    Cupola Pave Diamond Band (3/8 TCW); Prices start at $1233


    Best part of wedding bands is that she can wear them on their own on any hand or mix it up in a stack with her other rings — rose gold fine jewelry is just very wearable. For example, this three-stone band featured below (0.48 carat TCW) is a double-toned diamond ring that is so sophisticated on its own. She will love the engraved band and the rose gold accent near the diamonds which give a unique look to this ring. 


    fine jewelry for her
    Hand engraved round diamond band; Prices start at $1417


    #3 Fine Jewelry: Rose Gold Earrings 

    Rose gold pieces of jewelry will last for years and they’ll only look better with age. So everyday diamond ear studs in rose gold metal will be a great gift that can be worn without a worry. Every woman has a go-to pair of earrings that she falls back on for any occasion or event and rose gold ear studs can easily become that because the color is easy to vibe with outfits, occasions and seasons.

    rose gold jewelry for her
    Aurora Emerald Ear studs (1 TCW); Prices start at $1099
    jewelry for her
    Starlight Oval Ear studs (1 TCW); Prices start at $1049
    jewelry for her
    Sunburst Princess Ear studs (1 TCW); Prices start at $1099


    Well-crafted diamond rose gold jewelry from LovBe will stand the test of time. From daily wear jewelry gift style, to minimalistic styles, we have a choice for all budgets, for all your special occasions.

    Don’t hold back on carat or quality – go big on lab diamonds and rose gold fine jewelry!



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