Half Year Report On Engagement Ring Trends in 2021


    Half of 2021 is behind us and we have seen some very clear engagement ring trends emerging this year.

    As romance colors up the summer air and couples across US come out of the pandemic truly realizing the importance of ‘better together,’ one of the biggest items on their shopping list is the engagement ring. Heavily inspired from Pinterest, Instagram and Tik Tok, the engagement ring trends for the year mirror the need of millennials to be unique and very distinctive.

    • Get Her A Solitaire & Top Grade 4Cs: Celebrate love with a sizeable solitaire because she’s worth it! Many are ditching the elaborate halos, band filigree and other diamond-accent settings, instead preferring simpler, petite bands (white gold or platinum reign at the top), and a prong set solitaire lab grown diamond setting. There is definitely a renewed interest in the clean ring aesthetics that are timeless – like a solitaire (with hidden halo and petite shank-side details which although subtle bring a whole new look to a solitaire!)

      engagement ring trend
      Elegant Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring 
    engagement ring trends
    Hidden heart cut out detail visible from sides
    simple diamond engagement ring trend
    Hidden diamond accent halo details on a solitaire 
    • Netflix & Royalty Rule: Nothing surprising here! With all that binge-watching of Netflix The Crown (Season 4), comes the craze for royal-inspired engagement ring trend that is going strong as ever. Lady Diana’s engagement ring is iconic and Kate Middleton has shown us how this blue sapphire ring is elegance personified. This 12-carat, oval-shaped Ceylon sapphire sits daintily surrounded by 14 small diamonds and is just magnificent to stare at.
      engagement ring trends in 2021
      Also trending this year are gemstones like the aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, and tanzanite fulfilling for the aspiration of ‘something blue.’ Actor Scarlett Johansson’s massive light-brown diamond on her very modern but very a ‘simple’ setting is another color inspiration that we hope will be big in 2021. Don’t shy away from color – we say – as it surely defines your style. Pro-tip: If choosing a diamond alternative, keep its Moh’s hardness in mind. Diamond is the hardest gemstone and thus is a perfect long lasting gemstone for your engagement ring (which you would wear every day for a long long long time!)
    • Go Yellow: Yellow gold has trumped over rose gold. A close second after white gold or platinum, yellow gold has marched its way in to 2021. Couples primarily choose the metal because of its easy to maintain (doesn’t call for re-plating or rhodium polishing as often as 14k/18 white gold) and is easy to pair with other styles of jewelry. The downside to this trend? The price of gold went up during the pandemic, and seeing the engagement ring trends in 2021, we doubt that gold prices will go down any time soon.

      14K yellow gold 18K yellow gold
      Halo Diamond Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
    • Make It Elongated: While the round brilliant center stones are still the supreme favourites, 2021 has been big on fancy shapes that have elongated shapes (emerald, ovals and pear shape diamonds). These are most sought after by working women, who prefer simplicity in their engagement rings with twist.
    • Add Custom Style: By custom designing aspects of their engagement rings, couples are all for making a simple set ring unique with either distinctive diamond shapes and settings (a low set crown or flush setting to allow the wearer to work actively while wearing the ring). We have witnessed a shift towards achieving ‘everyday sophistication’ in engagement ring trends in 2021, one that focuses more on the architecture of a ring than a fanciful filigree. engagement ring trend

      engagement ring trend
      A semi bezel center mount engagement ring with six brilliant diamonds set flush onto the shoulders of the ring
    • Twist On Traditions: Within the numerous engagement ring design choices, there is the deeply sentimental 3-stone ring setting. A symbol of past, present and future, the three-stone engagement ring trend has been heavily inspired by celebrities and has  evolved into a neo-modern trend of mixing shapes of lab grown diamonds to make a ring that is breathtakingly stunning. Thrice the bling power!

      trending three stone engagement ring style
      18K Yellow gold three-stone engagement ring set with a sparkling pear-shape center diamond bordered by two shimmering emerald diamonds on the sides


    Engagement ring trends come and go, but at the end of the day, the style of ring and type of stone that you choose will always be a deeply personal decision. So, tell us in comment section, if you bought a ring in 2021 and what you went for! #ShowandTell



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