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    Diamond jewelry that lasts forever, even after one is gone, is a deeply sentimental way to treasure memories, people and their pure love. Start your very own tradition of gifting your granddaughter jewelry on her special milestones. 

    The symbolism of jewelry gifts is deeply entrenched within us. So, what is it about these fine jewelry gifts that makes them worth giving over and over again?

    The Thing About Diamond Jewelry Gifts

    Diamond has long been valued for its immaculate beauty. Its physical appearance associates with valuable attributes that are relevant to living a meaningful life, such as purity, clarity, and wisdom. Being the hardest element known to man, they are also thought to represent strength and beauty within love.

    There have been many different beliefs about diamonds. Ancient Romans believed diamonds were shards from the stars while the Indians believed they were good luck charms to keep illness, thieves, and forces of evil at bay. For the Greeks, they were the tears of God and could heal.

    With younger generation being more aware and ‘woke’ about origins of a product a lab grown diamond is perfectly sensible choice too. They are cultured in laboratories by scientists without mining and any of the mining-related impacts like permanent disruption of the natural resources and loss of bio-diversity. Lab grown diamonds come certified from same independent grading labs that grade diamonds from earth too. The 4Cs of diamonds from mine and lab grown are assessed by grading labs and certificates are issued.

    Seven Proven Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

    Whichever way you see it, a diamond jewelry gift for her is a deeply meaningful way to cherish and celebrate special moments together.

    The Best Kind Of Granddaughter Jewelry 

    If there’s a particular diamond shape that you love or a diamond solitaire pendant, pair of diamond ear studs or earrings that occupy a proud place in your own jewelry box, then why not select a similar style (timeless and ever so subtly reminding your granddaughter about you!)!

    Possessing and wearing similar pieces of jewelry creates a sense of connection between mothers and daughters and granddaughters! Someone can wear a certain necklace to bring back memories of a summer with grandparents, whereas someone will keep it in a jewelry box and just open the box to touch and look at it.

    How a piece of jewelry works to maintain memories is individual for each woman, but the basic behaviors of touching, wearing, and owning it are essential in keeping the memories alive.

    As your grandchild transitions in life, a special jewelry gift from their grandparents, a story of how they got the gift is exactly what makes it ‘special’ & ‘magical.’ Here are LovBe’s top jewelry styles which can help you build a legacy of your own for your  granddaughter: 

    Diamond pendants that connect you with her!

    • A dainty heart pendant can be an adorable choice, symbolizing the loving bond between grandparents and granddaughters. The heart-shaped diamond-studded pendant is available in 10K and 14K gold, a choice that you can make as per your budget and your grandchild’s lifestyle. Heart shaped necklaces came into increasing prominence in the 19th century and open heart pendant have come to signify the wearer sharing a place in their heart with the person who gives the pendant.
    • If you are looking to mark an important young adulthood milestone with your granddaughter, like a college graduation or sending your wishes before her first job interview then keep it ever-so-classy with a diamond solitaire pendant and show her how bewitching a high quality lab grown diamond solitaire can become her talisman.granddaughter jewelryThis diamond necklace style is understated but that’s what makes it perfect for everyday wear as well as elegant enough for a professional job interview! For the younger fashionistas, a princess cut diamond solitaire is a great pick o differentiate themselves from the rest.
    • If you want your granddaughter jewelry to be an easy-to-wear style without breaking the bank, we will recommend LovBe’s cluster diamond pendant that layers sensationally with other necklace styles and metals. granddaughter jewelry gift
    A Pair Of Diamond Ear Rings To Help Her Shine 
    • When choosing what kind of diamond jewelry to give to a loved one, take your time to do it carefully. Match it to the recipient’s personality, life and activities or the occasion the gift is intended for.  When you put meaning in to the gift, it becomes so much more special. The choice of settings, to metal to diamond shape for a pair of ear studs is exactly the kind of thought that she will always remember. Ear studs are probably a staple in every woman’s jewelry box. Your granddaughter can pair this one-fourth caratthree-stone diamond stud with a dress, jeans, or skirt for her school/college or her first job. graduation jewelry for granddaughter
    • If you are on a budget then consider choosing these 1 1/3 TCW (total carat weight)  LovBe Diamond cluster ear studs, with prices starting at $699. A dazzling clutch of small diamonds are intricately designed to create a sparkle fest! Smaller diamonds are better priced than one large diamond of comparable weight. These cluster diamond ear stud pair is secured with screw locks so that she’ll can wear them without a worry of losing them.diamond earring stud jewelry gift
    • Diamond Hoops are a fashion staple for every woman, eighteen to eighty! They look gorgeous when paired with casual outfits, especially partywear. A very trendy and very feminine diamond hoop earring gift is perfect for granddaughter who love dressing up.

    jewelry gift ideas for her


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