Finding A 2-Carat Engagement Ring For Less


    For many couples, 1-carat engagement ring is an ideal choice. Simply because a 1-carat center stone is sizeable enough to set in a design and within the budget of most couples. But what if we told you that you can upgrade to a 2-carat engagement ring without burning a hole in your pocket?

    By choosing LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds, you can double the carat weight, at almost the same price without compromising on any other characteristics of your diamond.2-carat diamond ring

    A comparable 2.01 carat natural mined diamond would be upwards of $13,000 (yes, we checked!) while at about $3000, you can find comparable 4Cs in a mined diamond albeit in the range of 0.80-0.90 carat weight center stone.

    A 2-carat diamond engagement ring

    …is a magnificent choice for modern brides as you get a sizeable center stone which can be set in a worthy ring style. Diamonds in this size range have an impressive on-hand look, without feeling too large or uncomfortable.

    2 carat engagement rings

    A 2-carat engagement ring can look elegant as a simple solitaire set on 14K white gold or platinum. However, if you want to make the diamond look brighter and bigger(!), go with the halo setting or choose accent stones on shank or around the center stone. The average diameter of a 2-carat round diamond is approximately 8.10 millimeters, which is almost 60% bigger than a 1-carat diamond. carat size

    While choosing the perfect engagement ring, carat weight is one of the primary pillars and one of the only characteristics that you can be absolutely sure of. (Rest of the Cs – Color, Clarity and Cut remain a subjective guide and can vary depending on the lab that is grading the diamond.) Natural diamonds are priced twice as much as lab grown diamonds and as the carat weight increases the price increases significantly. Higher carat weight diamonds are rarer and hence priced at a premium. For example, a 2-carat natural diamond (round) costs can be in the range of $8,400 and go as high as $58,000 even. 

    Why opt for a lab grown center stone for an engagement ring?

    It is extremely difficult to spot the difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined diamond without specialized equipment, even to a trained eye. Plus, lab created diamonds can be 40% more affordable than their mined alternatives of similar quality! With a 2-carat lab grown round diamond (Excellent Cut) which can cost between $3,000 and 8,000, the resulting 2-carat engagement ring will be as sparkly as any diamond from the mine (if not better).

    2-carat engagement ring

    The 2-carat diamond ring will be perfect for fancy shapes and cuts too because it really makes the diamond shape stand out. But avoid diamond shapes with sharper points, such as the marquise, trillion, and pear for a 2-carat engagement ring because they are susceptible to chipping unless you choose a setting that protects the pointed edges. 

    How’s that possible? At LovBe, we promise to deliver unmatched value to our customers by offering you twice the carat weight of a natural diamond. 

    LovBe Promise

    Here’s looking at the top 8 reasons to choose a 2-carat lab grown diamond engagement ring for your partner: 

    1. Lab grown diamonds allow you to upgrade to a bigger diamond, without compromising your budget or choices.
    2. Lab grown diamonds are 100% diamonds bearing the same chemical composition as natural diamonds. So, rest assured, you are buying a genuine diamond.
    3. You are aware of a lab-grown diamond’s origin. And if this is something that’s close to your heart or important as you start a life together, then lab grown diamonds are your answer. 
    4. You get certification outlining all the important details like cut, color, carat weight, clarity, shape of the diamond you buy. 
    5. Colored mined diamonds are extremely rare. Hence, natural colored mined diamonds are mostly out of reach. But with lab grown diamonds, you can get fancy yellow and pink diamonds at an economical price range. 
    6. High quality lab grown diamonds are crafted with high precision, in state-of-art facilities. For example, LovBe’s lab grown diamonds are handpicked by experts, with only 2 in every 10 diamonds passing the stringent quality standards upheld by LovBe. 
    7. LovBe’s lab grown diamonds – 96% of them – are classified as Ideal or Excellent cut which means customers can be assured of maximum sparkle, fire, and scintillation. Our focus is to deliver diamonds that exhibit brilliant fire and sparkle. 
    8. LovBe’s five-star diamond concierge is available at every step of your engagement ring journey. Be assured of unbiased and non-commissioned advice from our concierge.

    Bottom line, lab grown diamond engagement rings offer excellent value for your money. And believe us when you see your 2-carat diamond ring in front of a 1-carat diamond ring, you will know why we love ‘big’ diamonds!



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