Everything You Should Know About Emerald Cut Engagement Rings



    1. A very distinct visual display.
    2. Stone shows off eye for quality!
    3. Evocative of style & sophistication.  

    With top-of-the-line 4Cs for an emerald shaped diamond, you can achieve all of the above in your emerald cut engagement ring. Let us show you how!

    The Emerald Shape Cut In Diamonds:

    Emerald cut engagement rings feature a center diamond cut in an elongated, rectangular shape with step cuts that creates a hall-of-mirror effect (the long facets of this rectangular cut typically with layered corners, resemble stairs and create a very perceptible display effect). From old Hollywood names like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor to modern day icons such as Beyoncé, emerald shape engagement rings are loved by women of all generations!

    emerald cut engagement ring
    Beyoncé wears her 18-carat emerald cut engagement ring from husband Jay Z

    Symmetrically, an emerald cut diamond is somewhat similar to a square diamond (or princess-cut diamond shape), but only elongated and a different type of faceting.

    emerald shape engagement rings

    Shop Emerald Shape Diamonds

    Due to its large table (the visible rectangular upper surface), the diamond’s color grade and clarity (inclusions) can directly and visibly influence the emerald cut center stone’s beauty.

    It is sometimes easy to confuse an emerald cut lab grown diamond with a radiant or asscher shape! That’s because radiant shape diamonds although look similar to an emerald cut (a rectangle with cut corners) but they have smaller facets (not linear like emerald shape) that are designed to produce sparkle instead of the stair/step cuts like in an emerald shape diamond.


    radiant cut engagement ring
    Esmeray Halo Radiant Cut Ring
    asscher cut engagement ring
    Beaming Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring
    emerald shape engagement ring
    Gleaming Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring
    Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing An Emerald Cut Diamond:
    1. An emerald-shaped diamond can show internal inclusions or tints of color easily to the eye because of the large table and linear step cut. It is strongly recommended to check the included diamond certification and ensure that your emerald cut lab grown diamond scores high on the ‘clarity’ scale. Choose a VS2 or higher clarity scale on LovBe’s Ring Creator and you will have an emerald shaped diamond with barely any visible inclusions.
    2. The cut quality of emerald shaped center stones can be difficult to assess. The depth, table, and length-to-width ratio are better parameters to find your perfect stone. The most popular range of ratios is between 1.25 and 1.55.
    3. When it comes to the diamond’s color, it is best to choose a higher color grade on the D-Z diamond color scale to avoid any visible ‘yellow-brown’ tint.
    4. Emeralds typically will appear larger (despite the same carat size) than diamonds in cut in Asscher, Princess, Cushion, Round, Oval, Pear, and even Marquise shapes.
    5. Apart from the color and clarity, your choice of precious metal will also play a role in how your emerald shape engagement ring will look. For instance, if you choose white gold or platinum, the whiteness of the metal will complement the diamond.
    Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Today:

    Emerald cut engagement rings are loved for their dramatic look and the light play, thanks to the unique step-cut design. It can be real hard to peel eyes off this larger-than-life looking diamond which reflects back an endless diamond fire! LovBe recommends high settings as they allow light to reflect wonderfully through emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

    emerald shape diamond
    Aggie Emerald Engagement Ring (higher prong setting)
    emerald shape engagement ring
    (Table View) Aggie Emerald Engagement Ring









    And even though an emerald cut diamond has less facets than the more sparkly round brilliant diamond, it is in a class of its own. The name ‘emerald’ is actually inspired by the emerald gemstone which was cut in this shape to minimize chipping. While emerald shape center stones look absolutely stunning in a classic solitaire setting, they can be made to look sensational in halo setting styles.

    Here are some latest trending setting styles for emerald shape lab grown diamonds:

    • Emerald Solitaire Ring – If your partner prefers minimalist designs but wants to make no compromise on sophistication, then an emerald cut solitaire ring would be a safe option. You can choose an emerald center stone secured in a simple 4-prong tapering shank set in white gold.

      emerald shape solitaire
      Glorious Rope Shank Solitaire Ring
    • Emerald Halo Ring – Halo settings dramatically enhance the beauty of the center stone by creating an illusion of a bigger diamond.  Halos with intricate design details can add a vintage look to the ring, making the emerald diamond shine even brighter. Even simple halos featuring brilliant round diamonds can add that extra dazzle to the center stone.

      emerald cut solitaire engagement ring
      Enthralling Emerald Engagement Ring


    three stone emerald cut engagement ring
    Three Stone Emerald Cut Trellis Emerald Engagement Ring
    • Emerald Tension Setting Ring – For those who love fuss-free designs, an emerald diamond within a half bezel tension setting can be a fantastic choice for everyday wear. You can opt for a 14k white gold setting to enhance the shine and focus on the stone, or go for a yellow gold setting for a more classic look.

      emerald shape engagement ring
      Half Bezel Set Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


    Just like any other diamond shape, there are pros and cons to buying an emerald-cut engagement ring. One thing remains — emerald shape diamonds can kick the ball out of the park when it is placed in the right setting.

    At LovBe, the customization opportunities are endless so check out all the settings to see what fits your favorite diamond shape the best. We can’t wait to see what you choose!



    1. Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive?

    No, emerald cut diamonds are not the most expensive shapes in lab grown diamonds, but you would need to pick a superior clarity and color grade emerald lab grown diamond in order for it to be eye clean. And this can make it some what expensive than some other lower quality center stones.

    2. Do emerald cut diamonds sparkle better?

    Emerald cut diamonds will not have the traditional scintillation and sparkle that other brilliant ( like round, oval, princess) cuts have. They will, however, give off flashes of light in a linear pattern which is close to a mirror-like display. For that extra sparkle and spectacle, we recommend you style your emerald shape lab grown diamond in a pavé or a halo ring design setting.

    3. What clarity do I need for an emerald cut to be eye clean?

    Emerald cuts, because of their unique faceting and larger table surface, are more sensitive to having visible inclusions. You can see right into the emerald cut diamond whereas brilliant cuts like round, oval, pear, princess can hide the inclusions better. We recommend to get a VS2 (very slightly included or above) clarity for your emerald shape engagement ring to avoid visible inclusions.


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