Everything You Should Know About Oval Engagement Rings


    Although traditional, oval engagement rings can never really look dated. You can use an oval diamond center in different ring setting style — vintage, minimalist engagement rings or even custom designed engagement rings. 

    The radiant elegance of an oval diamond, be it a lab grown diamond or a mined one, makes them a very close choice for the brides who want something other than the round diamond. Oval cut diamonds, both lab grown and mined, offer high brilliance and fire and that makes them a popular choice for bridal jewelry.

    Fancy shapes like oval, marquise, or pear can save you money (which you can use to upgrade your choice of metal, maybe) because less diamond waste is incurred during the rough diamond cutting stage and that allows retailers to offer better prices on the diamonds. These shapes are unique and beautiful in appearance so if you’re on a budget, this is one way to save up to 30-40% when compared to a round brilliant diamond of similar 4Cs!

    The best 4Cs to choose in a lab grown or mined diamond!

    What’s So Special About The Oval Cut Diamond?

    This shape is relatively modern in the diamond history, having first crafted by Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan in the 1950s. Crafted with 56 facets or faces, oval cut diamonds have a rose-like appearance on the top and a discernable star pattern on the bottom. Even the most historically significant jewels are decorated with oval diamonds. Like the famous Koh-i-Noor (105.60 ct found in the Crown of Queen Elizabeth), the Wittelsbach-Graff (31.06 ct), the Jonker I (142.90 ct) and the Pink Star (59.60 ct).

    Oval cut diamonds have a larger crown area. So, it will appear bigger when compared with a round diamond of the same carat size! Plus, even though elliptical shaped, oval shape diamonds have no sharp corners and thus there’s no fear of chipping. 

    While they are loved for their vintage aesthetic, these elongated diamonds sit beautifully in modern settings as well. They have been chosen by many celebrities, such as Serena Williams and Amber Rose.

    oval engagement ring

    Keep this In Mind When Choosing An Oval Shape 

    If maximum brilliance and bedazzling shine is your goal then for oval cut diamonds, it is best to stay within these diamond grades:

    • Color: G or above on the IGI grading scale.
    • Clarity: VS1 or above on the IGI grading scale.

    If you go below these grades, the diamonds can show slight color tints and possibly visible inclusions — which is not a bad thing if you want a colored metal setting like 14K or 18K yellow or rose gold. Every diamond has its own character, after all.

    Just as with any elongated shape, a diamond’s symmetry should be evaluated just as you would evaluate its 4Cs. What this means is that you want each half of your oval diamond to be as close to perfectly equal to the other half as possible. oval cut diamond


    The Beauty Of Oval Engagement Rings

    Oval diamonds are loved for their versatility as you can put them in pretty much any kind of setting and they will still look stunning. This can be important for brides who like to wear their oval engagement rings in styles that will reflect their style. oval engagement ring with oval cut diamond center stone

    The more popular settings for oval cut diamonds are with four or six prongs in higher profile (like the brilliant round diamond) which allows light to enhance the beauty of the stone. Oval diamond rings can be set in shimmering halos and diamond accented shanks for brides who like to make a statement. 

    They can also be set in unique modern settings such as east-west settings, or a two-toned intricate side stone display on band. For the modern bride, a minimalist half-bezel set oval diamond ring that absolutely stands-out!


    Styles that are most popular for an oval diamond

    • Oval Solitaire Rings – Solitaires are one of the most minimalistic and sophisticated choices for engagement rings. Oval solitaire rings set in 4-prong or 6-prong settings are a beauty. Oval solitaire rings are a classic with a timeless charm. Be it yellow or rose gold, or platinum, this setting works well with about any precious metal choice. 
    oval cut diamond
    Anna Solitaire Oval Ring
    • Oval Halo Rings – Halo settings can add extra oomph to the center and enhance its brilliance. Oval halo rings add an extra layer of sparkle around the center stone, making it look even more magnificent. We love this dual halo oval center diamond ring which elevates the top and the side view of the engagement ring with a ravishing top and side halo.
      oval cut diamond halo ring
      Oval Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

      oval shape diamond
      Sparkling round diamonds set in micro prong setting adorn the top and the side of ring giving it a unique look. A pavé encrusted sleek shank completes the look.
    • Vintage Oval Rings – The quaint charm of vintage oval rings is what makes them so popular among brides. The elegant shape of oval engagement rings makes them perfect for vintage settings with detailed filigree or milgrain patterns around the diamond or on the ring’s shank. We love classic vintage designs such as this ornate halo patterned around the center oval diamond adding timeless aesthetics to this oval engagement ring.vintage oval cut diamond engagement ring

    Not sure you want to make the oval diamond the star of your engagement ring?
    Speak to our diamond concierge and get expert advice on all diamond shapes, settings and budgets. 



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