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    Be it a modern or vintage design, bridal sets can look fantastic if the wedding band and engagement ring sit seamlessly together. 

    Recently, there’s been a massive surge in interest in bridal sets as the right bridal set can multiply the beauty of your partner’s ring multifold. Bridal sets have typically been very popular among celebrities too. Actors like Salma Hayek wowed everyone with her beautiful engagement ring featuring a 5-carat oval-cut diamond surrounded by trillion-shaped diamonds on both sides. She matched it with a matching pave wedding band that adds to the dazzle of the ring without stealing the spotlight. 

    Couples now tend to steer towards bridal sets as they are easier to buy than buying two separate rings. Usually, bridal sets come in a package deal. You just need to choose the right one based on your partner’s preference. A few tips to buy bridal sets can really help you out to find the perfect bridal jewelry.

    Finding the perfect bridal set jewelry

    Bridal sets are quite versatile. The rings can be worn together as a set, or your partner can choose to wear the wedding band after the wedding day. Here are some tips to buy a bridal set that will be cherished by your partner for years to come.

    • Choose compatible metals – You can choose two different metals for the rings, but they must be compatible with each other. Yellow, white or rose gold look beautiful together. But if you pair platinum (a harder metal) with gold, it may cause damage to the rings in the long run.
    • Choose the right proportions – If your partner loves a big stone for engagement rings, make sure that you choose a wedding band that complements the size of the ring. If the engagement ring features a small diamond, it is best to find a wedding band that is dainty and doesn’t overpower the stone. For bigger stones, the preference of your partner would matter. If the partner wants a marquise ring that pops out, a straight wedding band underneath the diamond can really make the ring come on top. Curved wedding bands can make the shape more elegant. Proportions play a key role in enhancing the beauty of a bridal set. 
    • Match the styles – Another thing to keep in mind is to match the styles of the engagement ring and the wedding band. If your partner loves a vintage style engagement ring, choose a wedding band with intricate and ornate design. A classic solitaire ring pairs well with a simple wedding band
    • Pair bold with simple – If you want to add a touch of personality by choosing a bold engagement ring, with glamorous details and design, pair it with a simple wedding band. A classic band would enhance the beauty of the ring without taking away any attention from it.

    All of the above are important steps but the most important is your partner’s preference. Observe your partner’s favorite jewelry, and learn about their likes and dislikes. Your partner may have a minimalist style and love a solitaire with a plain wedding ring/band. Or they might want an extra bling (halo can be a nice choice to add to the shine). 

    Bottom-line, choose a bridal set that highlights the beauty of your engagement ring with a wedding band that checks off all the right boxes. 

    Should you propose with a bridal set?

    Proposing with a bridal set is a great idea if you want to make a wholesome proposal. Traditionally, an engagement ring is worn with the wedding band on the same finger after exchange of vows or a ceremony. Choosing a bridal set can be a great way to save time on shopping for the rings separately. 

    It seems like a ‘complete deal’ when your partner has her own unique engagement ring balanced in meta, design and style by a wedding band. This is especially true for engagement rings sporting fancy shaped diamonds like marquise, oval, emerald or pear. Since these are elongated diamonds, a straight wedding band can be a great way to keep your diamond glowing beautifully. On the other hand, curved wedding bands can really add to the shape of classic shaped diamonds like round or princess centers.

    Wedding Set vs Bridal Set

    A bridal set is designed for the bride. It comes as a pair of two matching rings – an engagement ring and a wedding band. A wedding set is a set of three rings. Wedding sets include a matching wedding band for the groom along with the bride’s engagement and matching wedding rings. Wedding sets can be a complete way of celebrating the couple as a whole. However, when it comes to proposals, a bridal set can really make the bride feel extra special and loved. 

    Mistakes to avoid while shopping for a bridal set

    A bridal set should allow the engagement ring shine brighter and better! The accompanied band must add a layer of intricate design detail and subtle scintillation to the stack! Make no mistakes that even a simple wedding band, however dainty, can still  add to the appeal of the set. It’s a good idea to keep the following things in mind while choosing the perfect bridal set for your partner.

    • It is of essence to choose rings that fit well (snug fit) with shapes that match. An optimal fit would allow the two rings to sit comfortably together without friction, which can damage the stones and metal.
    • It’s almost always a good idea to choose metals that complement each other or are of the same type. This reduces the chances of damage through regular wear.
    • While choosing your set of rings, make sure to keep the proportions in mind. The wedding band should add balance to the engagement ring in terms of size and weight.

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