Why Diamond Jewelry For New Moms Is The Best Kind of ‘Push Gift’


    Diamond jewelry for new moms or as they are labelled, ‘push’ gifts or ‘push’ presents is intimate, one that captures an important milestone for any couple.

    Choosing diamond jewelry for new moms as a push gift can also be a way of the new father saying, ‘I’m there for you – always and forever.’ And a diamond captures this emotion beautifully. 

    Push presents can also be a way for family and partner to celebrate the special occasion of childbirth with diamond jewelry for the new mom who has braved childbirth (plus 9 months of all kinds of weird nausea and exhaustion). In fact, nearly 55% of pregnant women (according to NY Times) say they would like to receive unique push gift. 

    Remember J-Lo’s $2.5 million earrings engraved with the names of her twins as a ‘push present’ from her then-husband Marc Anthony. And you don’t need millions of dollars to buy a push gift. Here are some tips and ideas for finding the perfect push present for the new mom.

    Diamond Ear Studs or Diamond Earrings

    A pair of lab grown diamond stud earrings are the perfect push gifts for the new mom. They are chic, versatile enough to be matched with any existing styles (multi-ear piercings). The best part of donning a pair of diamond earrings is that they go well with everything. Diamond studs are both incredibly practical and spectacularly beautiful, whether it’s a picnic at the park or a neighborhood barbeque.

    diamond earrings push present
    Three Stone Prong Diamond Stud Earrings
    push gift
    Three Stone Diamond Studs
    push present
    Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring
    jewelry for new mom
    Candlelight Stud Earrings
















    When you are selecting a push present, be mindful of what the new mother can wear easily. Jewelry is perhaps one of the best push present choices for new mothers because you can customize a piece of jewelry by incorporating meaningful engravings (date, zodiac signs, initials, etc.) to make it a one-of-a-kind present.

    Make sure you choose the right metal color (or platinum, if the new mom is allergic to alloys in 14K/18K) and minimum of 1 total carat weight when it is a pair of diamond studs or earrings.

    Diamond Bracelets

    Back in 2006, actor Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes an 18-carat bracelet as a push present to commemorate their daughter Suri and it’s really a gorgeous piece of jewelry for your wrists. Diamond bracelets have a subtle bling to them and that 360 degree sparkle is just hard to match! When paired with the right metal, such as white gold or rose gold, a bracelet can become a bold statement piece for any ensemble.


    push gifts for new mom
    Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    push gift for new mom
    Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet (3 TCW)





    Diamond Pendants

    A diamond necklace is sure to catch the eye of any curious friends and family!

    push gift
    Sensational Halo Pendant
    push gift ideas
    Breezy Circle Pendant


    There are different styles in diamond necklaces. A halo diamond pendant is the perfect companion to a perfectly elegant dress or an oversized sweatshirt clad ‘new mom’. LovBe’s Sensational Halo Pendant features 18 diamonds, in I-J color grade and SI clarity (which is considered eye-clean in diamond world). This halo pendant draws all the attention to the bezel set sparkly center stone. The circle is a universal sign that symbolizes eternity, life, wholeness and perfection and LovBe’s Breezy Circle Pendant beautifully captures this sentiment.

    Or if you can’t make up your mind — stay safe with a solitaire pendant. Just like the solitaire ring, this push gift is just a sparkly center stone in a prong or basket style setting suspended from a chain. If your woman has understated but definitely classy taste, you simply cannot go wrong with this (remember to match the diamond shape to the solitaire on her finger, maybe!)

    push gift ideas
    Wonderful Solitaire Emerald Pendant (3/4 ct. tw.)


    push gift ideas
    Enchanting Solitaire Pendant
    push gifts
    Alluring Princess Solitaire Pendant (1 1/2 ct. tw.)









    According to a 2019 study published in Science Advances discovered that the energy used by athletes competing in extreme events such as marathons is only slightly higher than the energy used during pregnancy! Let that sink in…

    Now, repeat with us — Women are superheroes!

    Choose a meaningful diamond jewelry for the new mom as a push gift and let her wear your ‘eternal’ love and support with pride. 


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