Definitive guide to choose the perfect halo engagement ring

    From intricate vintage styles to modern minimalist designs, halo engagement ring has truly evolved into a highly affordable and practical buy for modern brides. Read on to understand how you can build your very own halo ring with this style guide and expert tips. 

    The diamond halo engagement ring style that we adore today has a rich history and is a very versatile style for modern day brides. The halo style allow maximum sparkle and numerous combinations to design a ring that’s dreamy in every possible way.

    If you are attracted to celebrity inspired diamond ring styles, then extravagant diamond rings will be your thing. However, the more glamorous your ring is, the bigger the budget has to be. Is that always true? Not necessarily! 

    Today we’re here to divulge a secret – you can get a bigger-looking center diamond with a halo setting.

    The halo style of diamond engagement rings allows you to experiment with a wide range of options in terms of diamond shapes, setting styles, and band types. The best part is that a halo setting supersizes the center diamond, thereby giving the illusion of a bigger rock. You can play around with myriad customization options to add personal touches and create a unique halo engagement ring. 

    Dissecting the Halo Style Ring

    In a diamond halo engagement ring, the center diamond is encompassed by a band or row of smaller accent stones that create an almost magical effect. In fact, this setting style looks as classic as a solitaire engagement ring. 

    Set in a pave or micro prong row, the accent diamonds reflect the light very brightly, enhancing the shine of the center diamond. It never steals the focus of the center stone but instead creates a dazzling optical illusion that makes the center diamond appear bigger than it actually is – at least half a carat larger! 

    A halo setting can either be created in the shape of the center diamond or in a different shape, such as a cushion halo surrounding a round or princess diamond. Usually, the halo band encircling the center rock is kept thin and narrow to create a neat look. Traditionally, halo rings use a white-on-white concept to add extra oomph to the halo emitting from the ring. White diamonds around a white center stone look extremely gorgeous and shiny. However, modern brides are now opting for fancy colors. When the pave diamonds and center diamond are of contrasting colors, the halo setting creates a contrast of colors thereby shifting the focus toward the center stone.

    When thinking of the design of a halo engagement ring, you might pick to pave only one portion of the shank or simply leave the entire metal band bare. If you want to stick to the most typical design guideline for a halo engagement ring (according to the Art Deco style), the stones on the ring shank must be equal on both sides. Symmetry is a crucial aspect of design in this context.

    The History & Evolution of Halo Engagement Rings

    The halo style that we adore today was inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. The movement heavily focused on geometry and symmetry, and hence, the center stone encircled by bands of smaller stones seemed to be a direct reflection of the Art Deco aesthetics.  

    However, the origin of the halo ring goes back to the early years of the Georgian era, between 1714 and 1837 in Europe. The style reached peak popularity during the Victorian period when it started featuring a colored gemstone in the center surrounded by diamonds to create beautiful floral patterns.

    Over the years, the halo style has fallen in and out of trend lists, but it was never truly struck off the fashion pages. For instance, the Great Depression saw a decline in the demand for halo engagement rings. However, between the 1930s and 40s, the age of Hollywood Glamour, the style came back into fashion. Again, when World War II raged (1939-45), people drifted away from the halo ring style because of the financial impact of war. It made a big comeback in the 1960s and throughout the 90s, the style continued to be in fashion. This only goes to show that trends will come and go, but the halo ring style will always make a comeback. 

    Fast forward to this day, halo engagement rings come across as the second most in-demand engagement ring style – classic solitaire rings hold the top rank. One of the biggest factors for the popularity of the halo style is its affordability factor. When couples choose a halo ring style, they get to have a ring that “appears” huge without burning a hole in their pocket. From intricate, theme-inspired vintage pieces to modern and simplistic designs, the halo engagement ring has evolved into a highly affordable and practical buy for modern brides and couples. 

    What makes a Halo Engagement Ring Special?

    A halo engagement ring is unique and special. The sparkle of halo diamond rings is pretty intense, which inevitably adds to their charm. Owing to the subtle yet extravagant style, these diamond rings are for those who love combining functionality with funk. The biggest advantage of a halo engagement ring is that you can show off a bigger-looking engagement ring, thanks to the accent stones. Even with a smaller-sized stone, you can easily recreate the huge rock look inspired by celebrity rings. 

    One benefit of a diamond halo engagement ring is often overlooked – the accent diamonds surrounding the center stone protect it from chipping. When you buy a halo engagement ring, you not only maximize your budget but also the look of your ring. 

    Over the years, many celebrities have endorsed unique halo engagement rings, further pushing this style to the top of the trend charts. When Lady Gaga flaunted one of these rings in 2020, it got people everywhere talking! Similarly, celebrities like Eva Longoria, Cardi B, Mary Kate Olsen, Carrie Underwood, and Bella Thorne have also adorned halo-style rings for their engagements.

    Designing a Halo Engagement Ring: The Possibilities!

    Shopping for the right engagement ring is a big deal. Money aside, It takes significant time and patience to pick the right ring for your partner. If the Art Deco-inspired halo engagement rings are not appealing enough for you, personalizing the ring is a wonderful option. You can customize your halo engagement ring into whatever your heart desires.

    When it comes to halos, a white center diamond surrounded by smaller white accents looks absolutely stunning. However, if you’re looking to make a unique statement you can even opt for a colored center girdled within white accent diamonds. You might even skip a big center rock and opt for a pave center or a snug cluster of mini diamonds – these emanate similar vibes. Then again, if you love bling, you can go for the double or triple halo surrounding the center diamond. Multiple pave rows circle the center rock, enhancing its brilliance and giving it more volume or “size”. 

    Struggling with the Shank Sensibility

    The shank is one aspect that underlines the overall look of any halo engagement ring. The major question you might have while shopping for diamond engagement rings in halo style is – should I opt for the pave or skip it?

    To put it plainly, not paving the ring shank gives a crisp and clean look. Here, the thickness and shape of the band attain paramount importance. However, if you prefer a little bling, go for a pave shank. 

    According to top halo engagement ring designers, it’s best to opt for a shank that’s not completely pavéd. This allows for easier maintenance and future repairs or replacements. If you are looking for pave shank options for a halo engagement ring, you can choose from the two classic designs – 

    • Entwined shanks – Here, two shanks entwine artistically to create a wonderful criss-cross effect. Both the shanks can be in plain metal, or you can keep one shank plain and the other one encrusted with accent diamonds. You can opt for entwined shanks if you want to keep a minimalist aesthetic while opting for a halo engagement ring.
    • Split shanks – In a split-shank engagement ring, the band usually parts or splits into two at the center. You’ll notice a visible gap in the two shanks. They might split near the head of the ring or the center of the band. Split shanks can make the ring look more ornate or even bigger. Again, it can either be a plain metal split shank or an encrusted split shank. Many vintage-inspired rings feature micro pave split shanks. 


    The Right Metal and Band Choice for a Halo Engagement Ring

    After the proposal, both the bride and groom move on to the next thing in line – picking the right engagement ring. While the accent diamonds enhance the shine of the center stone, your choice of the metal band also plays a pivotal role in defining the ring’s look and style. 

    Here are a few choices for you:

    You can pick between a suspended halo engagement ring or a supported halo-style ring for your engagement. The former style does not have any metal base right below the halo – it is only supported on either side of the halo. Due to this style, the main diamond appears sitting raised up on the finger. The sides of the halo ring appear completely straight. The halo design in the suspended category allows for a straight wedding band under the central diamond. It’s a great daily wear option. The one downside to this design is that there is not much room for playing around with the design. 

    The next category of supported halo engagement ring is designed such that the metal rests below the halo. The central diamond might not look very high since the metal wedding band is directly underneath the stone. We recommend you opt for a fancy wedding band (such as a twisted band) instead of a straight band. The good thing is that you can experiment with the band style with this halo design.

    Another wonderful pick is the wrap-around ring design for your halo diamond engagement ring. There’s a lot of room to customize this design. For instance, you can choose a “slip under” wedding band for your halo engagement ring. You can also opt for a guard design which makes more sense instead of getting multiple wedding bands. You can either get a personalized design on the guard or choose a ready-made guard that syncs well with the halo style. Make sure that the guard is soldered onto your engagement ring since the risk of wear and tear remains high in the case of double wedding bands.

    Traditionally, a halo engagement ring in diamond and platinum is the popular choice. However, white gold is also an equally vibrant and affordable option. These two options are perfect if you wish to stick to the fundamentals of white-on-white. On the contrary, if you’re looking to add a vintage look and feel to your halo ring, you can always choose yellow gold.

    White gold engagement ring 

    When you pick a metal for your halo engagement ring, white metals should top your preference list. With the durability of gold and the typical sparkling sheen of silver, white gold makes the perfect base for multiple diamonds in halo rings. No matter what shape and carat size you choose, white gold halo engagement rings are a rocker! 

    Let’s take a look at a few exquisite shapes and setting styles for your halo engagement ring:

    Classic Halo Ring

    This comes with a single loop consisting of diamonds around the center diamond.  You can couple white gold with emerald, cushion, and radiant-shaped diamonds. However, nothing can beat a round diamond encircled by smaller white diamonds, set in a white gold plain or twisted shank.

    Round Solitaire

    If solitaires are your thing, then you’ll love this round-shaped halo ring. With a gorgeous center and an infinity split shank, the side stones in a micro prong setting twist and turn magnificently to create a masterpiece. 

    An Elongated Oval Center

    If you have been eyeing a halo engagement ring that makes a statement, this halo oval diamond ring can be your best bet. The oval centerpiece is contrasted with round diamonds in a micro prong setting. This is looped around the center cleverly in prongs.

    oval halo engagement ring
    Siena Oval Engagement Ring

    Square does Sparkle

    Pick this sparkling halo engagement ring in a square solitaire setting that shines in a cushion halo. The interweaving prongs seem to lift up the center diamond.  The micro prong diamonds enhance the visual appeal of this ring.

    Cushion-Cut, Just Right

    This halo engagement ring comes with a cushion-shaped solitaire at the center. The bling is brightened with mini dazzling diamonds around in double row form. The milgrain style setting diamonds beside this transform the halo ring into a charmer. Adding to its charm is the split shank encrusted with diamonds. 

    Double Halo

    A double halo engagement ring is surely extravagant. With a couple of layers of halo in a micro prong setting, this ring comes with a cushion cut diamond at the center. More accent diamonds add to the brilliance of the piece, around the scalloped split shank. An intricate gallery enhances the look of the halo ring that comes with a wedding band too.

    Emerald does Emit Sparkle

    Pick an emerald-shaped diamond halo ring with a round micro-prong halo in a brilliant cut. The layered loop on the ring gallery lends the center rock more class. Prong-set diamonds in this layered loop further add to the brilliance of this engagement ring.

    Pair with a Pear

    If you are looking for a uniquely styled halo engagement ring, this pear-shaped ring encircled by tiny round diamonds is the right choice. A micro prong adds more charm. The side stones on the shank come with a plain strand going down that is studded with more diamonds. This adds to the luminosity of the jewelry piece.

    Hidden Halo Too

    A classic solitaire halo ring is contemporary without being too extravagant.  There is a hidden halo in a paved setting just below the main rock. A petite shank lends the ring a delicate look.

    Radiance from a Radiant Diamond

    Featuring a radiant center diamond, this halo ring is of prong setting. The latter has a micro prong around that matches the halo. The shank is flat and makes for a snug fit. 

    Make a Mark with Marquise

    Try the glamorous marquise-style diamond halo ring with a crossover prong basket that is surrounded by a pave halo. The band adds to the fashion statement of this engagement ring.

    Heart it Up

    Immortalize your love with this ring having a classic love-shaped diamond as the center. A solitaire piece, the clean prong, and a thin plain shank add to the gorgeous yet minimalist appeal of this engagement ring.

    Peeking into the Platinum Perks 

    Platinum is another metal that finds favor with halo diamond engine rings, besides white gold. The bright silvery shine of the metal lends a refined aesthetic to a halo engagement ring. Platinum works well with both traditional as well as contemporary designs. Since platinum can be labeled as nearly colorless, round diamonds work best in a platinum halo engagement ring. And the best color grade for center stones is D, E, or F. Choosing these color grade diamonds will make your ring flawless. 

    The versatile aspect of platinum is highlighted beautifully in bold geometric diamond shapes. The right diamond shape can accentuate your halo design, making the ring shine brighter. Sharpness and sophistication club together in the rightly designed platinum halo engagement ring. From scallop set style to milgrain detailing, there is a ton of styling options to explore when designing halo rings. Generally, the best diamond shapes that work well with the halo style are round, cushion, princess, emerald, and Asscher. 

    Here are a few designs options in platinum:

    A solitaire round diamond ring in platinum, this halo engagement ring stands cushioned in a halo. The latter in turn, is engulfed in a petite prong.  A micro prong-set shank comes with an adorned scroll gallery that ends further chic appeal to the ring.

    Pick this halo engagement ring wherein a floral halo is encrusted with a micro prong. This is set with round diamonds that embrace an oval diamond in the center. The ring is inspired by nature and comes with a two-row shank that is wide and also studded with a micro prong round diamond setting. 

    You can also try this halo engagement ring that comes with an artsy embellishment of diamonds. It features prong-set diamonds on the bridge besides more sparkling diamonds on a side shank and scrollwork gallery.

    This engagement ring with a round diamond solitaire at the center and smaller dazzlers around comes in a multi-stone avatar.  A split shank studded with diamonds further adds charm to the ring. 

    This halo engagement ring is timeless due to its prong set emerald cut rock at the center, It stands nestled in a pave halo that glitters thanks to its delicate milgrain feature. Further, the ring has more sparkle because of its open gallery design. This engagement ring comes with a pave shank in three rows. 

    The pear solitaire is the focus of this double halo engagement ring. Smaller diamonds encircle the center rock and a triple split shank in prong setting comes studded with diamonds. One shank actually seems to merge onto the other.

    With a brilliant solitaire diamond at the center, there is a pave set hidden halo in this ring, just below its center stone. Its appeal heightens with its slim and petite shank.

    This radiant shape diamond is set inside prongs underneath a micro prong halo. The ring comes with filigree work in its gallery. The shank is beautified with round brilliant cut prong set dazzlers halfway around its band.

    Pick a marquise-shaped engagement ring in a halo style. The rock is held in a prong basket that is surrounded by a round brilliant cut pave halo. A milgrain border having pave encrusting on three shank sides and a curved diamond bridge adds to the class. Add to this, some more intricate filigree on the ring gallery, and you get a piece that is not just extravagant. 

    Go subtle with this solitaire-style pave set ring with a simple band and love-shaped center rock. Engagements can sometimes just be about subtle celebrations and strong memories. This halo engagement ring could be the perfect pick for such an occasion.

    Keep these tips in mind when picking a halo engagement ring

    One tip to keep in mind here is that the diamond shape is independent of the cut of the diamond. 

    Commonly, beginner shoppers fail to remember this and use both the parameters interchangeably around these rocks. The shape of a diamond could be round, pear, or even cushion. Whereas, the cut is a reference to the reflective quality, symmetry, facets, and dimensions of a diamond. The cut can be brilliant, shallow, deep, hearts & arrows, step, or even mixed. The more finely a diamond is cut, the higher will be its brilliance and fire.

    At LovBe, you can pick the diamond’s shape, cut, clarity, carat, and price – all according to your preference. 

    Keep these tips in mind when picking a halo engagement ring

    There are conjectures around the halo engagement ring stating that it’s a pretty high maintenance design. The halo – sometimes double or triple – of pave or accent stones adds to the dilemma of how you can keep a halo ring squeaky clean. The term accent diamonds is commonly heard when you go around shopping for a halo engagement ring. While these accent diamonds are small, almost minuscule, they are real diamonds. Therefore, the same parameters used to judge the quality of any diamond, is applicable to these diamonds as well. Individually, these tend to be of lower value but cost more when clubbed together as a bunch.

    If you buy a halo engagement ring, you need to take mindful steps to maintain the accent stones. One of the best and proven ways to protect your halo ring is to not wear the ring while doing intense chores and stuff around the house. Never use harsh liquids and home hacks to clean these. You can simply wash off the ring under running water to remove traces of lotion or cream, which might have gotten inside. 


    If you see that your ring has accumulated grime or dust buildup in or around these stones, visit your jeweler and get it professionally cleaned up after every three to six months. Jewelers have their own steam cleaning methods available for the right cleanup.

    The biggest concern of halo rings is that the accent stones might fall off, if not set properly in place. Thus, make sure to double-check with your jeweler and be a little extra careful on your end when wearing the halo ring. 

    With LovBe, you needn’t worry about your stones falling off – ever! Our state-of-the-art quality manufacturing and stringent QC processes ensure that your diamonds stay secured in the ring. We take immense pride in our craftsmanship and all our jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. 

    Possible Style Combinations With Halo Rings

    You can choose from a number of halo engagement ring styles. Depending on your budget and style requirements, there is no end to the style possibilities with a halo ring.  

    The top styles to pick from are as below:

    Vintage Halo Ring – It has a unique old-world charm and an antique appeal that never goes out of fashion. Yellow gold is the best choice for vintage halo rings.

    Double Halo RingThe center stone is encompassed within two pave rows. Double halo rings might come in twist-style designs or plain tapering bands. Platinum or white gold gives double halos an unmatched brilliance. 

    Floral Halo RingIn this style, the halo looks like a flower. The twist halo style is commonly used in white gold halo rings of the floral category. You can choose both white or yellow gold for floral halos. 

    Hidden Halo RingWith a hidden halo ring, a loop consisting of diamonds is placed below the main diamond. White gold is an affordable option for hidden halo rings. 

    Customized Halo RingYou can also customize halo engagement rings in fancy shapes like a marquise with cluster style and a square diamond with bypass style for a statement look. A halo ring with pear-shaped side stones and a carved band also looks majestic. 

    What’s a hidden halo engagement ring?

    While the buzz around halo rings is strong, hidden halo engagement rings are quickly catching people’s attention. The style is very popular and is an innovative take on the traditional halo design. The theoretical aspects of a hidden halo ring design are the same as a traditional halo ring. However, the final looks for both vary. 

    The hidden halo ring has a center stone that is not framed around with a bunch of diamonds. The halo looks like it is just sitting right below the centerpiece. This looks like it is a base and is hidden from the main view. An upfront view might not reveal the base halo but a view from the sides reveals this. Therefore, the center sparkler stands out nicely. The setting for hidden halo makes the center diamond look up to 15% bigger than the actual size. The unique base formation aspect allows the diamonds to sparkle and enhances the shine of the center diamond, making it the focus. 

    The advantage of a hidden halo engagement ring setting is that it is versatile and adaptable to every diamond shape from radiant to oval. Moreover, there also is ample room to allow for a clutter-free setting style. Despite the advantages that it offers, hidden halo rings are not any pricier than the typical halo engagement rings. This is simply because you don’t need extra accent diamonds or a different metal base for a hidden halo – it is just like the traditional halo, only with a twist in the setting. 

    Professional tip: You can create an offbeat hidden halo engagement ring by mixing up two different metals, like yellow gold and white gold.

    Unique hidden halo engagement ring styles

    Thanks to the setting of the hidden halo below the main stone, you get a chance to design your halo ring with a solitaire center. You can either choose a plain white gold metal band or a studded band, depending on your glam preference and budget. 

    These delicate hidden halo solitaire engagement rings are worth considering:

    Pick this hidden halo engagement ring that comes with a princess solitaire set within a four-prong setting. The solitaire appears to float above the sleek French pave shank.  The hidden halo from the diamonds around the center glimmers like a wraparound beam of brilliant light. You can also choose a classic solitaire sparkler set in the center. The brilliant pave flanking the center stone immediately catches your eye.

    Pick an oval solitaire hidden halo engagement ring that looks distinct. Featuring a sleek shank, the pave halo remains hidden, creating a classic piece.  

    Inspired by the vintage designs, this hidden halo engagement ring has a split band and roping over the center. The smaller round diamonds sit flush on the band that gracefully complements the main rock.

    hidden halo engagement ring hidden halo engagement ringIf you want to go overboard and express your love, this three-stone hidden halo ring is an ideal pick. Within a round center diamond in a brilliant cut, this beauty hides the round pave halo partially. Two small round diamonds in a prong setting sit on the sides of the center stone. The design features filigree and nature-inspired motifs. The side profile has a beaded edge style design just below the gallery. Also, the scalloped shank is encrusted with tiny round diamonds in a micro prong setting. 

    Quality matters for Halo Style Engagement Rings 

    When picking a halo engagement ring, make sure you do not go in for one that is not certified or stamped with the required quality grades. With LovBe’s wide lab grown diamonds collection, you can get the best value for money. At LovBe, we offer certified diamonds for complete transparency. After all, we strive to offer a pleasing and enjoyable experience to all our customers.





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