Diamond Earrings For Some Self Love


    You don’t need megawatt of diamonds to make a statement. A sparkling pair of diamond earrings can be just as incredibly effective! And with lab grown diamonds it has become accessible to own a high quality diamonds without having to wait for a special occasion or a gift.

    Diamond earrings should be an everyday luxury that we can treat ourselves to and collect, as we do with designer shoes and bags!

    diamond earrings
    Three Stone Diamond Studs

    Even red carpet looks are styled with a pair of simple diamond earrings. For instance, actress Michelle Monaghan’s simple diamond studs at the premiere of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie showed us how one can hit the right style notes with diamonds. Diamond earrings were also huge on the VMA red carpet (2018) when Kylie Jenner, Sofia Carson and Blake Lively sported them proudly.

    diamond earring stud
    Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring

    The price of lab grown diamond earrings at LovBe starts at $329. Incredible, isn’t it!

    When buying or looking for ear studs or any diamond earrings, keep these tried and tested pointers in mind:

    1. Cut-Color-Clarity!
      When it comes to diamond stud earrings, diamond clarity is not going to be very relevant. Clarity, which refers to the inclusions or blemishes in a diamond, cannot be seen in diamond earrings unless one puts the jewelry under 10x magnification. You can also safely pick a diamond in the color grade H-J grades because the lower color is going to be indiscernible when you wear your diamond studs. A poorly cut diamond won’t have much brightness, fire or scintillation. It will look dull and lifeless – hardly the statement you want to make. It is advised to find diamonds that are graded either Good, Excellent or Ideal cut. Pro Tip: You can also pick matched pairs of fancy yellow or fancy pink lab grown diamonds as your choice and go with custom diamond studs, however they will come at a different cost than colorless diamonds.

      diamond earrings
      Three Stone Prong Diamond Stud Earrings
    2.  A Carat Size That’s Comfortable & Affordable
      With diamond earrings, you can save money by choosing lower clarity and color diamonds, which will allow you to budget for a larger carat weight. Remember, you may be able to buy more carats with a less expensive metal type. So choose wisely. Pro Tip: When you are looking at a pair of diamond studs, the “total carat weight” listed is for the diamond pair. So if you are looking at 1 carat diamond earrings, each will be 0.5 carat.

      diamond earrings
      Graduating Three Stone Diamond Earrings


    3. Ask Questions
      Don’t shy away from asking questions. No matter what size of diamond earrings you pick, it is important that you have the best value and best sparkle. Ask your diamond concierge about the best setting, metal color (and gold karat) for your chosen shape of diamonds (if you are sensitive to alloys then platinum will be your answer); and make sure you understand about the kind of backing are provided on the diamond earrings. Pro Tip: If you are not allergic, then go for 14K white gold which is a highly polished and lustrous, bright, white metal. This adds to the whiteness and brightness of the stones.

      diamond stud earrings
      Glacier Stud Earrings


    All in all, a pair (or two) of diamond earrings are a must-have for every one and you don’t need to pay a big price to get the most dazzling pair for your self or for someone you love.


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