Why Is Diamond A Gemstone Above All Others!


    The diamond is sometimes referred to as the king among gems and with good reason. They are held in such high regard not simply because of their rarity and beauty but also because for centuries, diamonds have been seen as a symbol of power.

    Some historians estimate diamonds were traded as early as 4 BC. In the 13th Century, Louis IX of France established a law reserving diamonds for the king.

    It was Plato who believed that diamonds were living beings that embodied celestial spirits. In Hindu mythology, it was believed that someone wearing a diamond is protected from fire, poison, thieves, water snakes, and evil spirits. Romans alleged wearing diamonds into battle would make a warrior stronger and invincible, while others believe someone wounded or sick can be cured by the magical energy within each stone.

    While most of these claims and beliefs have faded away with time, some cultures still regard diamond as a gemstone that can cleanse the body and mind. It is believed that it can amplify positive feelings and channel them through the wearer to ensure positive thoughts. This can be substantiated by the fact that Buddhism considers the diamond to be a symbol of pure insight. 

    The position of diamonds in the society has continued to evolve with time. In 1870s, diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa and that made access to diamonds easier. This was followed by consumption of the French crown jewels by newly wealthy capitalists, particularly in the United States, where a taste and capacity for opulence was burgeoning.

    Ever since diamonds were commercialized, the diamond trade has flourished across the globe. Aggressive marketing campaigns in 1950s-1960s firmly established diamonds and diamond engagement ring as the ultimate symbol of timeless love. 

    So, is marketing the sole reason behind diamonds’ importance?

    While marketing contributed significantly to amplifying diamonds’ importance, there’s more to it. When you look at a diamond, its brilliant shine is bound to leave you spellbound. A gemstone that lasts for a lifetime, it sure makes for the perfect symbol of dedicated love and belonging.

    The longevity of the stone, undiminished brilliance coupled with the long-established tradition of symbolizing power and purity are some of the many intangible reasons why diamonds are one of the most treasured gemstones in the world.



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