Ring Guide 101: Why Channel Set Diamond Rings Look Amazing

    If you are learning about the different styles of diamond rings, you are probably looking to buy one. Among the various styles, like pavé, halo, tension, solitaire, the channel set diamond ring is one of the more popular ones and we’ll tell you just why.

    If you prefer an engagement ring with larger accent diamonds, a channel setting will make perfect sense because it is designed to allow the diamonds to be mounted in a very secure fashion.

    It is one of the most popular ring setting styles even among celebrities. From Victoria Beckham and Drew Barrymore to Nikki Bella and BC Jean – celebrities seem to love this style. So, what’s it about channel set rings that makes them an excellent choice.


    What is a channel set diamond ring ?

    Channel setting is a method whereby stones are suspended between a couple of bars (strips of metal) that are called channels. The diamonds are secured by the two strips of metals hold them strongly in place as well as offer them protection. 

    channel set diamond ring
    Elliya Oval Engagement Ring

    The stones are aligned girdle-to-girdle along the groove and secured by hammering the upper sides of the channel walls. Because there are no prongs, they make an ideal choice for attaining that sparkly yet sophisticated modern look. Without any prongs or beads separating the stones, it offers a clean continuous look as opposed to the pavé setting. 

    Channel set diamond rings were a rage in the 1980s and 1990s and continue to fascinate celebs and people all across the globe. 

    Channel set engagement rings – are they a good choice?

    Whether used to accentuate the center lab grown diamond or to add sparkle to a plain band, a channel set engagement ring or wedding ring is the right choice for especially those who live an active lifestyle. This setting style isn’t just for athletes and adrenaline junkies, but any of those who work with their hands or tend to be not-so-careful with jewelry.

    The metal ridges of a channel setting not only protect the girdle of the diamonds from getting damaged or scratched, but they also sit lower in the band. This is in contrast with the pavé setting style where the diamonds are held in place using minuscule metal prongs or beads, which are likely to snag or tear clothes. 

    For instance, in this Asscher channel engagement ring in 18K rose gold, the round channel-set diamonds sweep into an arc holding the solitaire in a stunning tulip setting. The broad strips of metal on both sides ensure the safety of the small diamonds without compromising on the style. Rest assured you are least likely to lose the small accent diamonds in a channel set diamond set diamond engagement ring


    Another added benefit of a channel set diamond ring is its cost-effectiveness. You get double the sparkle at a lower price. This is particularly true of lab grown diamonds. You can get a ring of 3.04 ct lab grown diamond at the same price as a 1.54 ct naturally-mined diamond. 

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    Because the diamonds are enclosed within the channel (receded within) they are less exposed to light and thus a little less brilliant. This means that you can easily choose lower clarity diamonds aka minor imperfections that would be hidden away and yet the accent diamonds will still complement the overall sparkle of the ring.

    Take this oval engagement ring with the braided engraving as an example. Wouldn’t you fall in love with it at first sight? It would be a ravishing addition to any bride’s fingers. The only drawback of a channel set diamond ring is that it requires regular cleaning. However, that’s a small price to pay for a gorgeous shine. channel set ring


    Channel set rings and wedding bands

    A channel set engagement ring is a perfect choice if you’re looking to impress your bride-to-be. The timeless appeal of channel set rings makes them a versatile engagement jewelry piece that pairs well with everything. 

    Although rose gold and yellow gold make the diamonds pop out, the channel setting goes best with platinum or white gold. This is simply because white metals tend to make the diamonds shine brighter. Smaller diamonds come together to create a wonderful play of colors when viewed under the light. 

    Princess cut diamonds adorning the shank of the ring have gained steady approval over time due to their square shape which leaves no space between the stones. It gives off the appearance of one continuous diamond band adding to its appeal. 

    Channel set rings complement a variety of diamond shapes and designs from the classic round to emerald shapes to Asscher or pear shapes. Be it a simple six-prong engagement ring in 18K yellow gold or a bolder princess engagement ring sporting a cathedral-style center mount.diamond engagement ring

    If you are in love with vintage styles and want to incorporate them in your channel set diamond ring you can opt for an 18K white gold engagement ring featuring four-round cut diamonds on each side in a channel setting. The roped split band detail lends it a unique touch as does the engraving on the shank. Stacked rings are the latest trend in the fashion world.engagement ring channel set

    For a fashionista bride who loves stackable rings, a round bridal engagement ring set or a channel-set bridal engagement ring stack would make a wonderful choice. 

    The Last Word

    Channel set engagement rings offer maximum protection for the accent stones that further multiply the center stone’s beauty. Not to forget, they are a value-for-money buy!

    Cleaning these rings should come to be a part of their routine maintenance with annual steam cleaning done at a reliable jeweler. We would recommend that monthly cleaning of the ring at home with warm water and mild shampoo to maintain the shine of a fascinating engagement ring.




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