Get inspired from these celebrity engagement rings

    From custom-made solitaires to huge uncut rocks—celebrity engagement rings come in all kinds of carats and shapes. Bonus, we will show you how you too can get a whopper of a diamond engagement ring without burning through your bank balance or going in debt. 

    Shiny diamonds can get your endorphins higher than any chocolate bar or exercise class. In this round-up you’ll find plenty of inspiration to shop your own celebrity-inspired engagement ring or use this as a means to drop hints to your significant other!

    From custom-made solitaire styles to uncut rocks, from colored gemstones to colored metal—celebrity engagement rings come in all styles. 

    Of course, the price point gets as big as the diamond at most times. While there are celebs galore who have had the best engagement rings to draw inspiration from, the Kardashian sisters will always remain the queens of flaunting uber classy engagement rings. Many brides aspire to have an engagement ring like Kim Kardashian or a Khloe Kardashian. After all, the K-sisters have impeccable taste. No wonder, they still remain on the top of the list for favorite celebrities whose fashion choices and engagement rings are “to die for”!

    Owing to a few breakups, multiple marriages, and divorces that followed, the sisters of the Kardashian clan have had many engagement rings to flaunt over the years. The fact that they have successfully created a business empire bears testimony to their grit and mettle. And they continue to do so in style!

    Reality TV Star: Engagement Ring(s) of Kim Kardashian

    Perhaps the most influential of the Kardashian clan, Kim Kardashian catapulted to fame as a stylist and friend to the Hilton heiress and socialite Paris Hilton. She was seen everywhere with Paris. Fast forward to 2007 when Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired, Kim Kardashian became a familiar face and soon, a global icon. 

    The stories of Kim’s platinum engagement rings can fill up pages. Exclusive rocks, huge prices, trendy proposals, and an unfortunate theft – Kim’s story is as dramatic as it can get!

    Kim and Chris Humphries

    Before being married to now divorced husband Kanye West, Kim had been married twice. Her second husband, Chris Humphries, had given her a huge sparkler. She has gone on record saying that Kanye had met her at an award show and somehow seemed heartbroken on seeing Kim’s ring at that point! Interestingly, Kim went through the rest of the night trying to hide the ring from Kanye. This ring was from jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and came with a center diamond of 16.21 carats and two 1.8-carat diamonds on either side. In 2013, this ring was auctioned off at Christie’s for more than 7 million dollars.

    Kim and Kanye West

    In 2013, Kim again became the center of attention when her best friend and lover, music producer & rapper Kayne West proposed to her on her 33rd birthday, at AT&T Park (San Francisco). Serenaded by a 50-piece orchestra, Kanye proposed to her with a massive 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring in front of family and friends. The 15-carat, type D cushion shape diamond was estimated to be around 3 million dollars. The center stone was set on a thin, pave band in white metal. It was nothing short of a show-stealer. In 2016, Kim lost this ring along with 6.7 million dollars worth of jewelry in a robbery during the Paris fashion week. 

    Post this unfortunate incident, Kanye set out to find another beauty. He gifted Kim another ring proudly featuring a bigger, 20-carat emerald diamond. Naturally, Kanye chose the D type in line with his love for Kim – their love was as pure and strong as the type D diamonds. These are the hardest to find naturally and also are the whitest diamonds available. Kim’s rock belongs to type 2A and is internally flawless. 

    This second ring was in fact bigger though some are of the opinion that the price was a tad bit less than the first ring from Kanye. The buzz around this ring stayed strong on Instagram for months. Emerald diamonds are one of the most trending shapes, and Kim is certainly to thank for the massive popularity this shape has garnered over the years. This time, Kim’s diamond ring features corner trims with an almost perfect rectangular body. The flat and large table of the diamond accentuates the ring’s crystalline shape. Being a step-cut diamond, it has multiple facets that reflect light beautifully, giving off a brilliant sparkle. The prime feature of this emerald rock is that it has a very flashy mirror-like quality to it.

    The combined worth of both her engagement rings is well over 10 million dollars. Due to the exclusive nature and the pedigree of the diamonds in all of her rings, the exact worth is tough to figure out. According to the International Gem Society, a flawless type D diamond in 5 carat costs around 6.2 million dollars! The jeweler, the diamond type, and the metal band all come together to determine the final price for fancy-shaped diamond rings. 

    Khloe Kardashian

    The younger sibling, even though Khloe Kardashian is not as popular as her elder sister Kim, she definitely knows how to stay in the limelight. From being a successful host to a model and a businessperson, Khloe knows how to kill it in the business niche. 

    Earlier married to Lamar Odom, the popular basketball star, Khloe’s engagement ring is a 12.5-carat piece with a cushion-shaped diamond. ​​The center diamond is surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds. A halo setting enhances and magnifies the overall brilliance of the center stone, making it appear larger than it actually is. The three-sided pave halo ring has a diamond-studded band, that not only adds to the ring’s sparkle but also makes it look ultra-glamorous. The best part is that Khloe’s ring will never go out of style. The estimated worth of Khloe’s ring is 8.5 million. This gorgeous double halo cushion engagement ring with a studded band is definitely a stunner. You can also opt for a bridal set with a cushion center surrounded by double halos and a studded band

    While the marriage ended in 2016, the tinsel town still remembers the ring. Currently, Khloe is dating another basketball star Tristan Thompson and both are parents to baby True. The latest pictures from a 4th of July party revealed Khloe wearing a new rock! According to experts, the pear-shaped diamond with a three-stone setting is probably around 13 carats with a crystal-clear VS2 grade of clarity. Set on either white gold or platinum metal, it’s no surprise that this ring sends ripples across Hollywood. 

    Kylie Jenner

    The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is a supremely successful businesswoman who juggles her million-dollar makeup & cosmetics empire with mommyhood. She’s only 24 and is probably the youngest person to have achieved such massive fame and success at such a young age. 

    Rumors of her engagement to boyfriend Travis Scott were rife some time back. She flaunted a minimalist diamond ring that is personalized with her boyfriend’s initials (from his birth name). The ring features the initials JW which is the abbreviation of Jacques Webster, the rapper’s real name. However, the ring failed to live up to the buzz and the rumors died down soon. 

    In 2019, Kylie Jenner flaunted a possible engagement ring on her Instagram page. While she did not reveal the details of the ring, diamond experts have concluded that the ring appears to be a 4-5 carat pink diamond. The cushion or radiant-shaped diamond is surrounded by white accent stones – a halo setting placed on a platinum eternity band.

    She was seen in April with Jordyn Woods, her bestie, wearing diamond rings in two stacks! These looked almost like eternity rings with blinding bling. However, no further details have been revealed just yet. The two have been thought to be dating since January 2021.

    Kourtney Kardashian

    Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest of the Kardashian siblings, has never been engaged formally. On KUTWK that documents the Kardashian-Jenner family’s affairs, Kourtney had three kids with her long-term boyfriend, Scott Disick. Even though Scott expressed his desire to marry Kourtney, she was determined to not go down the aisle. In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the sisters had mentioned finding a Lorraine Schwartz ring but it had eventually been returned by Scott. No luck with the details there! 

    Although Kourtney’s never been seen with an engagement ring on her hand, she was once seen in a white tank top and jeans, sporting a diamond ring on her left hand. The moment this picture hit the public eye, fans started speculating about her engagement with Travis Barker. But then, it’s most likely that this was just a fashion piece worn by the reality TV star.

    Kris Jenner

    Well, the Kardashians seem to have had all the luck in marital bliss and diamonds from their mamma, Kris Jenner. During her 25 years of being married to Olympian Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner), Kris Jenner flaunted a custom-made platinum engagement ring with a 20.5-carat diamond set. This is one of the costliest pieces in the Kardashian clan’s jewelry collection. 

    She got divorced in 2015, and ever since, she’s been dating Corey Gamble. In 2018, Kris was spotted in Beverly Hills flaunting a diamond ring paired with a studded band. This immediately fuelled rumors of her engagement to Corey Gamble.

    When it comes to diamonds, even the family’s friends have sported some unique diamond engagement rings over the years. Let’s peek into the collection of a few of Kim’s best buds.

    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton has always been in the news due to her initial eccentric ways and then her famous engagements. Paris has always had an eye for the best jewelry but her engagement rings and out against each other even. 

    Currently, she is freshly engaged since February 2021 and the rock in emerald cut keeps up with the latest trends. The ring is from the house of Jean Dousset and her boyfriend Carter Reum ensured every bit of the grand proposal just before Paris’s 40th birthday. This engagement ring is unique for being customized by the great-grandson of Louis-Francois Cartier. It is also named Paris. 

    The ring comes with an emerald-shaped centerpiece of 10-20 carats flanked by two shield-cut diamonds set in a tension setting. The entire ring is in a tension setting. The prong area, around these diamonds and under the ring’s base, you find intricate pave diamonds. This adds to the blinding bling while making the Paris a truly unique custom piece. Paris Hilton’s ring screams class while incorporating the two latest trends at once – three-stone style and elongated cuts.

    Looking back at her previous engagements, the ring on her finger from Chris Zylka was an impressive 20 carats pear-shaped diamond set in platinum. The stunner comes with a pear center stone encircled by accents in a halo setting. The double diamond pave style band was worth two million dollars. 

    Way back in 2002, when Paris was dating Jason Shaw, she received a huge diamond in pear shape that had been perched atop a gold band. Again, in 2005, Paris was engaged to her namesake with a shipping empire Paris Latsis who supposedly gave her 15 diamond engagement rings to pick from. The hotel heiress picked a five million dollar 24-carat rock then.

    Jennifer Lopez

    A diva is known across the globe for her awesome looks, skin, work, and famous partners– Jennifer has always been a frontrunner in the world of fame and popularity. She’s not only stayed in the news for her amazing music but she’s stolen the limelight through her engagements as well. She’s been engaged five times now, so you know that there’s a chain of classy diamond ring inspiration here!

    The first time Jennifer exchanged those vows, with Ojani Noa, a restaurateur, she awed us with a pear-shaped diamond ring that cost $100,000. With a brilliant dazzle, the ring featured an eye-grabbing cut. Although the marriage lasted only for just a year, the ring still remains etched in popular memory. 

    In her second marriage to Chris Judd, Jen flaunted a huge emerald-shaped diamond on her fingers. Ironically, the couple met while shooting “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” – the ring looked pretty expensive! Again, trouble hit lover’s paradise within a year, and eventually, the two got divorced.

    Ben Affleck proposed to Lopez in 2002 and together they were one of the most popular couples back then. Until then, diamonds dazzled in their whitest of white avatars. However, Affleck twisted the trends and proposed Jennifer with a colored diamond, and bam – colored diamonds became the hottest rage! JLo’s engagement ring featured a massive pink 6.10-carat diamond ring in the radiant cut. It was from the luxury jewelry house of Harry Winston. The approximate price of this ring was around 1.2 million dollars. However, even before she could walk down the aisle, the couple parted ways in 2004. She soon dived back into an old romance and rekindled her love with Marc Anthony in 2004. Marc proposed to his ladylove with a whopping 8.5-carat diamond (again from Harry Winston) and the couple sealed the knot by saying “I do”. The ring’s estimated cost was about 4 million dollars. They eventually split in 2014 with a divorce.

    Fast forward to 2017, Jennifer found time for love yet again with Alex Rodriguez. They tied the knot in 2019. Jennifer got a 15-carat emerald diamond engagement ring from Alex. The ring’s price is supposedly between 1-3 million dollars. Although they had a good run, JLo and Alex split in 2021. Now she’s back with Ben Affleck it seems. Who knows, there might just be another diamond stunner in line! 

    Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie is a popular American TV personality, socialite, and fashion designer. She stole the limelight in 2003 alongside her childhood friend, Paris Hilton, in the reality TV series The Simple Life. During the five years that the show aired, Nicole’s personal life created quite a stir in the media, and she became a household name in America. Just like Kim and Paris, Nicole also has two attention-worthy engagement rings. 

    In 2010, Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte fame), popped the question to Nicole and she said ‘YES’. Soon she was seen adorning a 4-carat round diamond surrounded by an octagonal halo that looked absolutely stunning. The ring had a vintage charm while looking effortlessly chic. Set in platinum, this Neil Lane ring was worth around 2 million dollars. Nicole was heavily involved in the designing process as she wanted something unique and special. Even to this day, Nicole’s ring continues to be a classy and stylish piece, that has been replicated numerous times by brides globally.

    Interestingly enough, the couple is still going strong, happily married with two kids! Seems like the ring worked like a charm for them!

    Get the Look – Platinum Engagement Rings Mood Board

    If you are looking to create mood boards for designing your dream diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, there is a lot to draw inspiration from (all thanks to celebrities who never fail to wow us with their unique engagement ring choices).

    While celebrity rings like that of Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, Paris Hilton’s engagement ring, or Khloe Kardashian’s engagement ring from Tristan, are out of your reach, you can recreate these designs at almost half the price with lab grown diamonds!

    You needn’t worry about shelling a ton of money on diamond rings like popular celebs. Instead you can rummage around online to find the right designs and diamond shapes to match your personal vibe. This is where a mood board comes in handy. Once you’ve gotten the right inspiration ideas, you can create an engagement ring mood board by handpicking the photos that showcase your style the best. 

    The best thing about having a mood board is that you get to visualize what your idea will look like in reality. It allows you to convey to your jewelry the desired tweaks and inputs that you want in your engagement ring. 

    You can find the closest lab grown diamond match to your celeb inspiration and choose platinum as the ring’s metal. After all, you will save a considerable sum on the diamond, so why not pick a classy metal? 

    For instance, you can try a three-stone cushion engagement ring flanked by two small pear diamonds on the side. This ring design is a beautiful ode to Kim’s first engagement ring from Chris Humphries. Designed in contemporary style, this ring features a micro prong halo and a glittering pave band. It is a true beauty at a fraction of the cost!

    Tips To Buy The Right Kim Kardashian Style Diamond Engagement Rings

    Kim Kardashian has given us massive engagement ring goals over the years. She’s a global style icon whose jewelry and wardrobe choices are to die for. While there are numerous replicas of Kim Kardashian engagement rings, make sure to be a wise buyer. 

    So, when you shop for Kim Kardashian cushion-cut engagement ring or emerald diamond rings like Kim Kardashian, try to keep the following shopping tips in mind:

    • An emerald diamond must come with even corners.
    • There must be no inclusions visible unmagnified.
    • Diamonds in blue fluorescence are not a good buy.
    • The ring girdle needs to be perfectly sized – nothing too thin or thick.

    Take a look at these wonderful Kardiashian inspired styles that’ll surely light up your face!

    An emerald center diamond set on a domed and twisted pave row, this engagement ring like Kim Kardashian is a brilliant choice for brides who love bling. The pave row twisting into the plain platinum band enhances the ring’s beauty and brilliance. A three-stone emerald ring with a convex shank is also a wonderful option. Though the emerald center commands your attention, the two side stones on the pave set band and the artistic craftsmanship under the side stones create a unique blend of class and elegance. If Khloe Kardashian’s engagement ring is what you desire, you should get your hands on this ring with a radiant center set within a gorgeous halo. The  three-sided etoile style pave shank further enhances the platinum’s shine, making it a perfectly royal and vintage pick. Rest assured, if you slip this on your ring finger, you’ll surely turn heads!

    Another wonderful Kardashian inspiration is this Kris Jenner style emerald engagement ring. The ring has two baguettes on the side and a French pave band that looks exquisite. If you love vintage designs, you can opt for a three-stone ring with an emerald center with two round side stones. The band is what catches the eye – it’s intricately carved with classy leaf patterns. 

    Inspired by one of Paris Hilton’s engagement rings, this engagement ring is an ode to pure love. While the emerald center stone sits beautifully on the cathedral shank, the double pave rows brighten the band. Overall, the ring looks absolutely mesmerizing. Paris’s pear diamond ring is also quite a hit among soon-to-be brides. If you want a ring like her, this pear diamond engagement ring in a halo setting is a fantastic pick. The studded prong-set triple split shank ring features one shank twisting over the double pave band, creating a unique dazzle effect. You can choose a vintage style pear engagement ring as well. The ring has a three-sided studded band with milgrain detailing and unique motifs.

    Since we’re deep into celebrity engagement rings, how can we forget to hook you up with JLo inspired engagement rings? Just like JLo’s emerald diamond ring, this emerald diamond sparkler set in a cathedral shank is a stunner. It has three dazzling round diamonds on either side and a plain band. While the center stone remains the focal point of this ring design, the side diamonds add to its beauty. Another wonderful choice is this minimalistic ring that exudes elegance. The emerald center diamond is set in a four-prong setting on a slim band that has smaller round diamonds placed equidistantly. It is a unique design that isn’t usually spotted easily. 

    Nicole Richie gives us true marriage goals. So if you’re hoping for a happy marriage, what better than Nicole’s engagement ring design? Here’s a glamorous round solitaire ring cushioned within a halo of smaller round diamonds. The v-style prong and two-row micro prong band create an illuminating effect. This OTT ring is for the woman who adores statement pieces and can carry blingy jewelry effortlessly!

    Fall In Love With Lab Grown Diamonds

    While lab grown diamonds being a girl’s best friend is a concept not much in vogue, it still remains close to the hearts of women who love jewelry. Both understated and gorgeous at the same time. Diamond engagement rings can be crafted in ways aplenty! 

    • However, the way diamonds are visualized and valued is seeing massive change in current times, thanks to the arrival of lab-grown diamonds. Since the time these wonders have come into the jewelry industry, both makers and buyers are raving over the awesomeness inherent in the lab grown rocks! 
    • Consumers have warmed up to these stones that are made in a lab since they are as real as mined diamonds. The two factors that pushed the popularity for lab created diamonds are accessibility and affordability. 
    • Then again, celebrity endorsements have widely contributed to the fandom lab grown rocks enjoy among brides to be around the world. Top-notch diamond dealers and makers are investing in lab-grown pieces thanks to the quicker turnaround times for a finished stone as well as the huge cost savings involved.

    Lab Grown Rings From Celebs

    Some celebrities have shown their interest in the trend of lab-grown diamonds so much so that they have even invested and even sponsored the idea of lab grown diamond engagement rings from the category. As lab grown diamonds make a place in the hearts of millennials and Gen-Z, it’d be great to look at some of the celebs who are setting and spreading the lab grown diamond trend:

    Camila Mendes

    Camila Mendes flaunted a lab grown diamond engrafted in 14-carat yellow gold. The pink diamond was a highlight in 5 carat, back in 2018 at an awards night. Mendes flaunted this amazing piece at the People’s choice awards and it did make many heads turn. Displaying the lab grown engagement ring while walking down the red carpet makes Mendes a great sponsor for lab grown diamonds.

    Bindi Irwin
    Bindi Irwin is the daughter of famous croc hunter Steve Irwin. A famous environment activist and boasted a lab grown diamond when she was engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Chandler Powell in 2019. She flaunted a recycled rose gold body with a big lab grown rock. 

    Nikki Reed

    Back in 2015, Reed was engaged with the famous Vampire Diaries heartthrob, Ian Sommerhalder. At that time, she did not get a platinum engagement ring with a lab growing rock but later on, Reed went on record that she exchanged her real diamond for giving way to a synthetic diamond later on. One of the reasons that she went for this move is because she wanted to broaden the horizons of diamonds and not stay constrained to the traditional form of natural diamonds. Little did she know, she would end up setting a trend with her diamond!

    Red Carpet Stunners With Lab Grown Diamonds To Flaunt

    Some celebrities have not switched to lab grown diamond rings for engagement and vows yet. However, they have regularly flaunted these diamonds on the red carpet. In fact, such appearances have elevated the popularity levels of these synthetic diamonds. 

    Penelope Cruz
    Lab- grown diamonds are a favorite with the famous Penelope Cruz who teamed up with Atelier Swarovski for creating an entire line of lab-grown jewels to flaunt on the red carpet. Cruz believes that such a collection is empowering and made for the woman of today. From bracelets to rings and even necklaces—there are a number of varieties available in the line. Cruz’s collection has been regularly flaunted by the likes of Laura Dern, Karlie Kloss, Zendaya, Mandy Moore and finally, Olivia Palermo.
    Meghan Markle
    The Duchess-actress who is an icon of empowerment and emancipation for women around the world, flaunts jewelry pieces made from lab-grown diamonds regularly. She had flaunted earrings from Dutch brand Kimai in 2019 at a London event—that soon became talk of the town. The brand is known for just sustainable lines of jewelry and use of recycled materials.
    Lady Gaga
    The vivacious performer flaunted cluster earrings from Anabela Chan at a red carpet event in 2018 for the A Star is Born premiere night. The earring was inspired by the constellation and comes made from nine lab grown diamonds paired with a freshwater pearl trio.
    Emma Watson
    Emma Watson is a firebrand activist and picks for fashion choices perfectly in line with the causes she stands for. She attended the after party for Oscars by Vanity Fair in 2018 wearing Vrai & Oro earrings made with lab-grown diamonds in recycled gold.
    Zoe Kravitz
    At the 2019 Met Gala that had a camp theme, Kravitz flaunted statement earrings in feathered design and accented by lab grown diamonds and pearls too, from designer Anabela Chan.

    Summing Up

    With lab grown diamond jewelry and engagement rings becoming a mainstream trend, it is only some more time that the global popularity for these begin to rise. Celebrities are often the best ambassadors for a product and with so many of them queuing up and advocating the use of lab grown rocks—the popularity meter is already on a high! 

    While the Kardashians might flaunt expensive and high carat diamond rings, you can also opt for similar styles at a budget-friendly range with lab grown diamonds. The beauty of LovBe lab grown diamonds is that they are diamonds, like natural diamonds, and yet you can get twice the size of an earth mined diamond at the same price.

    So, get a lab grown diamond ring and be the Kardashian of your family!




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