How to buy diamond engagement ring online?


    Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring first can be monumentally difficult. All the pressure & nervousness of choosing the ring of her dreams, we get that. As you start the hunt, here are some reasons why we think you can get a diamond ring online.

    Savings and more savings

    Shopping online is often economical than in-store. And there are legitimate reasons. For starters, an online jeweler doesn’t have to pay for a physical storefront and all that cost of running a store. These savings will get passed on to the customers. 

    Is it always cheaper to buy a ring online? Yes and no. You will be able to save up to 30%, when you choose a man-made or lab grown diamond. Mined diamonds may not give you substantial savings online. Brands such as LovBe lab grown diamonds are perfect for those looking for a better value with no compromises to a diamond’s quality.

    diamond engagement ring online
    More diamonds to view & compare

    When you are shopping online, you can be certain that the inventory of loose diamonds available for you to compare & view will be better than any offline store. When shopping online, you can filter the most important attributes and get the best quality diamond at the best price. Unlike a physical store, where you would have, at best a few loose diamond options shown to you and would be expected to make a choice.

    While you cannot touch the diamond, but you can see different shapes, carats in 360-degrees magnified views to really understand a stone’s 4Cs.

    Read the customer policies

    When shopping online for a diamond engagement ring, you must be sure of what the online store offers you as its customer. Look through its customer policies online. Trusted companies like LovBe insure all packages and require a signature upon delivery.

    Always check if the online retailer will offer free returns for all purchases. With LovBe, customers get 60-days free returns, no questions asked.

    Take time to understand the product warranties and any ‘free services’ that the brand offers. LovBe offers free resizing (once; depends on jewelry items) and lifetime manufacturing warranty on its jewelry. There’s also a lifetime diamond upgrade offer for LovBe customers who may want to at any point upsize their LovBe diamond.  

    Certified diamonds only

    While you’re browsing and comparing diamonds online, you could also run a check on the diamond grading report usually listed next to the stone (most online retailers will either list the diamond certificate or share report numbers with interested customers).

    All leading gem grading labs’ websites have a ‘serial/report checker’ section where you can enter the report number listed on the diamond certificate and confirm the stone’s characteristics as well as report’s authenticity. All for free! Always pick an online retailer who is offering diamond grading by independent laboratories like the IGI, GIA, GCAL or others.

    Choose when you are ready!

    Don’t buy an engagement ring in a hurry. Take as much time as you want as you are putting in a lot of money in purchasing the rings. You may want to browse one brand site, look up the customer policies and then compare with another online retailer. Buying a diamond online is free from the ‘pushy’ sales tactics that you may be subjected to offline. You should be able to make a choice at your own time.

    The Wedding Report has reported that in 2022, there could be about 2.5 million nuptials, which would mark a four-decade high. That’s a lot of engagement rings and wedding bands!

    Brands like LovBe who provide certified lab grown diamonds and 60-days free returns (because change of mind is real) are thus a safe bet when you are looking for a diamond online!


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