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Buying An Engagement Ring Online? Here Are 9 Things To Keep In Mind

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Before it’s time for you to get down on your knees for the perfect proposal, you have got to pick the perfect engagement ring first. It’s very monumentally difficult and yet exciting time when you get to pick the ring for your partner. The pressure & nervousness of choosing the ring of her dreams – we totally get that. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with the problem of anxiety of purchasing the ring. You can choose your engagement ring online – and we will tell you how.

Not only will it save a lot of time (social distancing and all!) but you can also see a lot of variety , compare prices of different styles and diamonds while safely sitting at home. As you start your hunt for the dream engagement ring, read through some “tested” tips.

Things a person should keep in mind while purchasing an engagement ring online:

  • Decide your budget & Stick to it

Firstly set up a budget and then look for the engagement rings. This will help you to see the options for rings within your budget without fretting over money and financing. Even better would be to look out for sites like LovBe which offer flexible payment options so that you choose your payment plan!

  • Choose a shape

Decide on a diamond shape that you want to go. It is always helpful if you have discussed the center stone shape with your special one. After all, it is a ring that would sit on her hand! If you know her style, whether it’s a pear shape, oval, cushion, heart or the classic round shape – choose and browse shapes that fit in your budget & style. Look for online retailers who offers free returns, like LovBe – which offers 60 days free returns on all its products. 

  • Know The Ring Size

You do not want to be in a position where you give the ring to your fiancé and it doesn’t fit. That would be a terrible situation. So to avoid getting into that trouble pick the right size by using a ring sizer (available online) or have friends or family secretly get her ring size. If you can’t get it from friends or family, then ask your partner (straight up!).  

  • Fancy Colored Diamond Or Colorless

There are several diamond color choices available while buying a diamond or a lab-grown diamond (there are yellow, pink and colorless diamonds that look absolutely beautiful) so you can decide what color suits your partner’s lifestyle & personality. 

You must know about the 4Cs of diamonds while buying your diamond engagement rings. The 4Cs are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Every characteristic of diamonds has different meanings and focuses on different things. You must prioritize them according to your preference (and budget). This will help you to find the most perfect engagement ring.

  • Pick a metal for the band

Be specific about the metal band for your engagement ring as it will affect the overall look of your ring. There are many choices to choose from like platinum, rose gold, gold, white gold, or even silver and each allows you to build a unique ring. Most couples like to incorporate their elements such as specific number of side stones or engravings within their metal bands that truly makes the ring their own.

  • Pick a style that lives on

Choosing a particular style is an important part of the overall ring buying experience. If you are buying it for your fiancé then do keep her taste and preferences in the mind, so that it matches her personal tastes, lifestyle and everyday routine. 

  • Make sure you get a diamond grading report when purchasing any diamond – Whether you choose a mined or lab grown diamond – it is strongly recommended that you buy from brands that offer diamond grading reports by very trusted gem grading laboratories. This document allows you to be sure of your diamond’s quality (i.e. the 4Cs) and ensures that you are aware of what you have paid for. Take your time before buying!

Don’t buy an engagement rings in a hurry. Take as much time as you want as you are putting in a lot of money in purchasing the rings. So, do your research properly. Once you are convinced with the design, shape, color, size, and other parameters then only order your diamond engagement rings. Remember that, it’s for your fiancé. So, while buying the ring keep her in mind always.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does buying engagement ring online cost less?

Yes, however in some cases only. The lab grown diamond engagement rings are way more affordable in online stores as compared to shops. You can easily find brands such as LovBe, which offer lab grown diamonds that are 2X the size of the mined diamond at the same value! 

Should I buy engagement rings online? Is it safe?

When you buy from a trusted online brand, like LovBe which provides certified lab – grown diamonds then it’s a safe bet. LovBe also offers free delivery all across US and Canada, money back guarantee if you do not like your purchase and has a customer service helpline where you can ask any diamond and ring related questions.