Build Your Diamond Ring (Let’s Start With A Diamond!)


    When you choose to build your ring (engagement ring) it possibly is an expensive and very important decision of your life. Thus, it’s imperative that you first set a budget and then start shopping. When you build your own diamond ring, it helps you to stay within budget by allowing you the choice in your diamond, setting, metals. 

    In your search for the perfect diamond, we would recommend that you start narrowing down on center stone’s based on their 4Cs – the color, cut, clarity and carat weight, in the right combination and within your preferred budget. This way you can filter diamonds eliminating lower quality of diamonds ( or 4Cs that are unacceptable to you), and thereon.

    We would recommend you follow the steps below when you build your ring: Start With A Diamond

    • Look for the diamond shapes that work for your design or dream ring vision. At LovBe, we have almost 10 shapes of lab grown diamonds. From classic round, to ovals, emerald, asscher, princess, marquise, radiant, cushion, pear and even heart shaped center stones.
      • There’s no denying the fact that Round shaped diamonds are one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. One of the reasons why it is a popular choice is because, unlike other fancy shapes, the brilliance of round diamonds seems almost unmatched.
      • Oval diamonds, like round diamonds, maximize the brilliance. However, oval-shaped diamonds appear larger due to their shape and thus promise more beauty for the same price.
      • The princess shape is square (or rectangular) and can be a great choice if you are looking for flexibility in your style.
      • The cushion shape, almost like the princess shape, comes in a square and rectangular shape. However, it has larger facets and rounded corners, which gives off a better fire than round diamonds, though they may not be as brilliant. It is a great choice for a pavé style ring.
      • Emerald shaped diamonds are rectangular where step-cuts of the pavilion (the space below the girdle of the diamond), present as linear facets. It does not rate high on fire, but light flashes off this shape giving a mirror-like effect. However, inclusions can be visible due to the diamond’s glassy appearance and bigger crown area. Emerald shaped diamonds make your fingers look slimmer and it appears large in size too.
      • Pear shaped diamonds are often praised for their symmetry. A well cut pear-shaped diamond may appear larger than the round shaped diamond. They are also great as prong settings.
      • As for the Marquise shape diamonds, they have a rather symmetrical appearance and it is recommended to choose a prong setting that’ll protect the two ends.
      • Asscher is octagonal and has layered facets giving it a high brilliance level and an overall clean look. It can look amazing with the solitaire, pavé, and halo setting.
      • The radiant shape diamond has four sides and has a superior brilliance when compared with Asscher. A 4-prong setting can be a great choice for radiant shape.
      • The unique heart shaped diamond looks gorgeous in a three prong setting. Understanding the difference between the shape of the diamond and their characteristics can help you make a more educated decision on which diamond shape to choose.
    • When you build your ring, take time to thoroughly compare your diamond shapes in a 360 degree view on LovBe, filter your options based on the diamond’s Cut. It is this C of the diamond that determines the fire and ultimately how ‘shiny’ your diamond will look. The way the diamond disperses white light into rainbow colors, and thus, reflecting off the ‘sparkle’ refers to the fire. Diamond cutters spend meticulous hours chiseling a diamond to have the perfect cut and maximizing the fire. There are different gradations of cut that you can go for. Better cuts will increase the sparkling intensity of the diamond. Choose a diamond cut on the scale of good, very good, excellent, and ideal based on the shine quality that you prefer. You can also opt for the premium hearts and arrows cut. It is a precision cut focusing on symmetry and angle. The hearts and arrows cut, when viewed via a special tool, can reveal arrows on the top of the diamond and hearts when looked at from the face down. The hearts and arrows cut fall within the category of super ideal-cut diamonds.
    • When you build your ring on LovBe’s ring builder, it gives you the power to pick, view & do a side by side comparison of diamonds with varying grades of clarity (the number of inclusions or blemishes present in the diamond). On the LovBe diamond ring creator, you can choose a clarity on a scale of SI2 to IF. The SI2 grade means the diamond is slightly included (inclusions noticeable under 10x magnification). The IF stands for internally flawless. The cleaner the diamond, the more the price.  Thus, you can compare the clarity of different diamonds to get a suitable one for your ring.
    • A perfect diamond should not have a hue. The absence of color in diamonds helps to understand the purity of the diamond. On that basis, LovBe provides you a scale that moves from D grade to Fancy Yellow. Generally, when colorless diamonds begin to show a hue, it is a yellowish tint. LovBe also offers Fancy Pink & yellow diamonds, if you are in mood to take your ring to another level.
    • Often people confuse the carat as the size of a diamond. However, carat is the measure of the weight of the diamond. Even slight differences of carat weight can change the price. This is because higher carat weights are rarer to find, making them more desirable as center stones. Carat weight can also affect the size of the diamond. Fancy shapes like marquise and emerald can give the appearance of a larger size.

    After you have gone through all the steps, it’s time to build the ring design and match it with your selected shape. This next step will require you to choose a setting and pick a choice of metal for the ring. Using a custom engagement ring online has never been easier before. Try your hands on LovBe’s intuitive ring builder to bring your perfect engagement ring to life.  


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