Big Diamond Rings for Women




    How big a diamond would be big enough? 


    The question has plagued many since time immemorial and still continues to, especially men who’re looking to buy the perfect diamond for their beloved! 


    If you’re looking for diamond rings for women, it won’t be a cakewalk for you either. But don’t worry, we’re here to ease your dilemma. Today, we’ll deep dive into the charm of big diamond rings and how to strike the right balance between the 4Cs to land with a knock-out wedding ring


    So, keep reading and thank us later!


    Biggest diamonds in history


    Until the advent of lab grown diamonds, all diamonds came from nature. Natural rough diamonds are formed in the deepest labyrinths of the earth over billions of years. Once mined and extracted, they are weighed to measure their carat weight and determine if they are big enough to be shaped into gemstones. Usually, larger diamond roughs are cut into several smaller stones, shaped and polished to perfection to give us sparkling diamonds for jewelry that we can proudly flaunt on our ears, fingers, necklines, and wrists. 


    You might wonder, “do all rough diamonds end up as gemstones”? 


    The answer is no. All mined diamonds are not of gem quality. So, how do diamond traders and jewelers ascertain which rough diamonds are of gem quality? 


    The diamonds that pass the 4Cs of gemological grading – cut, clarity, color, and carat – are shaped into gemstones for jewelry. The rejected pieces are used for various industrial purposes. 


    Diamonds are primarily evaluated on two core aspects – stone quality and the cutting method.


    Here’s a list of the largest diamonds in the history of the gem that will blow your minds!


    The Golden Jubilee Diamond 

    The world’s largest finished diamond, it is estimated to be 545.67 carats. Of a yellowish-brown hue, the golden jubilee diamond was discovered in 1985 in the Premier mines in South Africa. Master diamond cutter Gabriel Tolkowsky gave the diamond its famous fire-rose cushion shape. It took a few years to give the ‘Unnamed Brown’, as it was initially known, its present shape. The diamond was gifted to the royal king of Thailand on his 50th coronation anniversary and is now a part of the Thai royal jewels. It is interesting to note that the rough uncut diamond weighed 755.50 carats upon discovery, which became 545.67 carats after the cutting process –  a testimony that cutting and polishing can completely transform a diamond rough into a sparkling stone!


    Cullinan I 

    Perhaps the most famous stone in history, it was mined at the Premier mines in South Africa in 1905, the birthplace of many famous diamonds. Named after the chairman of the mining company, Sir Thomas Cullinan, the original rough cut weighed a whopping 3106.75 carats. It was presented to King Edward VII in 1907 on his 66th birthday as a token of loyalty by the people of Transvaal. Joseph Asscher (the head of the Asscher Diamond Company) was given the task of shaping this fascinatingly huge stone. It was broken into 9 large stones and several smaller ones, all of which remain a part of the royal regalia to date. The pear-shaped Cullinan I, weighing 530.2 carats adorns the royal scepter. It is the second-largest finished diamond in the world featuring 74 facets. Not for nothing has it been aptly dubbed as the Great star of Africa!


    Excelsior Diamond

    Discovered at the Jagersfontein Mine in South Africa in 1893, the Excelsior enjoyed a brief stint as the largest diamond ever discovered until the Cullinan made its appearance on the world stage. Weighing 971 carats, the rough-cut diamond proved to be a difficult task for the Asscher’s of Amsterdam to whom it was sent. For one, it had a bluish-white tinge and a number of inclusions. Despite the flaws, the Excelsior proved to be one of the most coveted pieces in history. The original diamond was cut into 10 large diamonds and a range of smaller ones, of which the largest was named Excelsior I, weighing 69.68 carats. Excelsior I was graded with VS2 clarity and G color and currently graces the bracelet of Robert Mouawad who bought it for $2,642,000 in 1996.



    Dubbed as the world’s largest internally flawless diamond, the Incomparable weighs a thumping 407.48 carat. The Incomparable has a deep yellow color and is cut in a shield step cut. A chance discovery in the MIBA diamond mine in the Republic of Congo in 1984 brought this sparkling piece to the forefront. With the original rough weighing around 890 carats, the incomparable diamond is now a center of attraction of Lebanese jeweler Mouawad’s L’Incomparable, the world’s most expensive necklace. Cutting the rough cut 890-carat diamond took 4 long years!


    Big Engagement Rings 


    Engagement rings signify the first step into forever. They are symbolic of the commitment, faith, and love that make the foundation of a strong bond between two partners. Hence, choosing the perfect engagement ring becomes all the more important. And, if your budget permits, why not opt for a big engagement ring?


    Although a diamond’s size is never a reflection of the love you feel for your beloved, it certainly makes for a grand gesture! The moment you pop the question to her and she lays eyes on the  big engagement ring, she’ll smile from ear to ear with a big “YES!” A big wedding ring could very well be a symbol of your big love, something that no girl can say no to.


    Since we understand how overwhelming it can get shopping for engagement rings, so here we are, ready with the platter. Scroll down and read through our suggestions for the top big stylish wedding rings. We guarantee you’ll find something for your girl!


    • Posie round engagement ring – Round brilliant cut diamonds have been favorites for generations. If you are aiming for a statement diamond ring, go for this solitaire flanked by a double halo. The central stone in a four-prong setting is mounted on an ornate shank embellished with tiny diamonds in a micro-prong setting. The artistically designed bridge serves a two-fold purpose of supporting the center stone while also creating an elegant look.  
    • Veda oval engagement ring – This ring is the perfect amalgamation of class and uniqueness. Featuring an oval diamond flanked on two sides by rows of small round diamonds descending into a V-shaped gallery, the eye-catching beauty of the ring lies in the twisted rope-style split shank that holds the center stone beautifully. Although a statement piece in its own right, you can choose 18K rose gold or yellow gold for that extra glamorous feel.
    • Imogene oval engagement ring – This ring is sure to tick all the boxes for those looking for big wedding rings. The central solitaire is encased within a halo of small round diamonds in a micro prong setting. Take note of the double shanks with a subtle split in the center which not only enhances its sparkle but also makes the ring look bigger. The detailed filigree gallery, milgrain edging, and hand-engraved side profile enhance the ring’s beauty and charm. This ring would look best in platinum or 18K white gold. If you choose this classic royalty-inspired engagement ring for your lady love, she’ll fall in love with you all over again. 
    • Laisana princess engagement ring – A princess diamond adorns the center of this exquisite ring. The split bands filled with smaller diamonds in micro prongs show that the thicker your ring’s band, the greater is the overall impact. The simple and minimalist gallery looks very elegant and chic. 

    Compare this with the Rowena princess engagement ring which is set in a similar pattern with slight changes here and there. This ring gives off the impression of three wedding bands joined together at the base atop which the princess cut solitaire sits. If you look closely, you’ll see that the middle band is set with slightly bigger round diamonds with hand engravings. It will be hard to say no to such a ring, wouldn’t it?

    • Courtney cushion bridal set ring – Pairing up your engagement rings with your wedding bands is a thing of the past. Bridal sets are the new fashion favorites. Many modern brides now pair up a chunky diamond ring with a minimalist studded band to accentuate the sparkle. This cushion center set in a distinctive pave halo bezel setting with milgrain edging is crafted to perfection.
    • Mirelle emerald engagement ring – If your would-be spouse is a fan of step-cut stones and Art Deco-inspired designs, this three-stone emerald engagement ring is a classy choice. The thick white gold band supporting the three emerald diamonds looks sharp while oozing simplicity and class. It is the perfect ring for brides who love simple but chic designs. 
    • Tanja pear engagement ring – Add color and variety to your romance with this two toned pear engagement ring. The striking centrepiece stands in a six prong setting featuring a row of smaller round diamonds in yellow gold micro prong setting. The adjacent bands are set with pave diamonds in alternate white gold hexagonal and marquise frames. The slightly raised middle flank further accentuates its appeal. This vintage ring would be a wonderful heirloom piece in your family.
    • Maribelle Asscher engagement ring – Do you want your engagement ring to reflect a vintage setting but with a modern touch? We have just the ring for you. This Asscher engagement ring combines the best of both worlds. This ring flaunts a split shank supporting two petal-shaped halos, each cushioning a round diamond. The petal halos flank the radiant Asscher center stone. The best part about this design is that you can go overboard with the size of the center diamond without compromising on the look.
    • Kornelia radiant engagement ring – Radiant cut diamonds are breathtakingly beautiful and a soon-to-be bride deserves nothing less. The fiery central radiant diamond is encased within a delicate halo accentuating the sharp rectangular appearance of the diamond. The three-sided etoile styled paved shank does its bit in highlighting the size of the center stone. This vintage-inspired ring will look best in yellow gold. The moment she wears this gorgeous piece on her fingers, she’ll feel like a queen!
    • Milena marquise engagement ring – If your partner has an eye for out-of-the-ordinary designs, a marquise diamond engagement ring will surely satisfy her taste. This brilliant diamond engagement ring for women shows off a marquise diamond in a prong basket surrounded by a halo bordering closely the shape of the center stone. The pave encrusted shank on all three sides with an intricate milgrain border imparts an old-world charm to the ring. The curved diamond bridge and the detailed filigree design in the gallery don’t need a spotlight to grab attention. It is a timeless design, perfect for the bold yet calm personality.
    • Taybe heart engagement ring – Heart-shaped diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. They have an evergreen appeal. So, if you’re proposing soon, pull out all stops with this heart engagement ring in a five-prong setting. Two single rows of diamond-encrusted shanks border the loosely twisted marquise-shaped central band. Though white metal is often the preferred choice, this ring will also look good in yellow or rose gold. 
    • Andromeda cushion engagement ring – Express your unconditional love with this unique and big diamond engagement ring. Giving a twist to the split double band style, the ring demonstrates uniqueness with a single row curving over the double shanks. The central diamond is enclosed in a four-prong setting with four small diamonds on all four sides creating a subtle halo. 
    • Lisanna round engagement ring – We want our love to be infinite like the grains of sand on a beach or the drops of water in the ocean. What better way to represent your infinite love than a diamond engagement ring styled in an infinity pattern? This alluring infinity accented halo ring sports a brilliant round cut diamond in the center. A halo of scintillating diamonds with milgrain border twists and turns to form a continuous ribbon of infinity around the center stone. Moreover, the diamond-studded pave shank cuts through the infinity silhouette to create a more striking effect. 


    Famous Celebs and their trailblazing engagement rings


    Celebs never shy away from showing the magnitude of their through their sparkly and big engagement rings. From dream proposals to extravagant weddings, every celebrity engagement ring has a unique story behind it. Many celebs have even tipped the balance from oh-so-good to absolutely insane. 


    While us common folks can only dream of such lavish weddings and proposals, it’s no longer impossible to get that big engagement ring you so desire, thanks to lab grown diamonds. Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and create your dream wedding ring with a lab grown diamond at a fraction of the cost!


    Here are some of the most stunning and biggest diamond engagement rings in Hollywood history. Happy diamond-ogling!


    • The Taylor-Burton diamond ring is perhaps among the first to create ripples in the fashion industry. Richard Burton’s extravagant gift to the iconic actress was a 33.19-carat Asscher diamond, a.k.a. the Krupp diamond. The huge gem is supported by baguette-cut accent stones and cost around $305,000 at the time.
    • Popular socialite Paris Hilton has made waves in the fashion world over and over again with her extravagant fashion sense and also with her equally famous engagement rings (plural, yes!). In 2005 she said yes to Paris Latsis with a beautiful 24-carat diamond ring and in 2018 she again made the headlines when actor Chris Zylka proposed to her with a whopping 20-carat pear diamond ring. The simple ring with a studded split shank looked marvelous. 
    • Clocking as the most expensive engagement ring in Tinseltown history, Mariah Carey’s 35-carat sparkler with two smaller baguette diamonds on the shank cost ex-fiancé James Packer an estimated $10 million. Designed by New York-based jeweler Wilfredo Rosado, this beauty took the engagement ring standards soaring high. It was an iconic trendsetter for our generation. Even today, brides across the world try to recreate this iconic diamond ring by adding their touches to it. 
    • Hollywood actress Grace Kelly waltzed into royalty after her much-publicized marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956. Princess Grace, as she was later known, said yes to her prince charming (literally a prince!) when he got down on one knee with a 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond ring, a Cartier creation.
    • Beyoncé too joined the club of celebrities with flashy engagement rings when rapper and music producer Jay Z proposed to her with a gorgeous 18-carat emerald diamond ring. Beyonce is the proud holder of six platinum albums, so naturally, nothing less than platinum would be fitting for our Queen Bey. Set on an elegant split shank band in platinum, this ring apparently cost Jay around $5 million. 
    • A list of diamond engagement rings is incomplete without the mention of The Boy Next Door star JLo. The American singer & actress has flaunted a series of eye-catching diamond rings over the years. Each time she got engaged to her love, JLo has only climbed up higher the carat size ladder with her stunning engagement rings. Starting with her 6.1 carats pale pink radiant cut diamond ring from Ben Affleck to Marc Anthony’s $4 million rare blue 8.5 carats and further to Alex Rodriguez’s astounding 15-carat emerald cut, JLo is truly a diamond girl! 


    However, it is not just the royals or the Tinseltown stars who have sported big engagement rings. Sports stars too have had their fair share. From Serena Williams’ three-stone 14-carat engagement ring from Alexis Ohanian to Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova’s 11-carat pink diamond ring from singer Enriqué, diamonds have ruled the court as well!


    Pro tips for buying big diamond rings for women


    Does the size of the diamond matter when it comes to love? NO. 


    But you would be hard-pressed to say no to a big stylish ring! First-time buyers are often hung up on this question and honestly, no jewelry salesperson will be able to give you a definite answer. It all comes down to your choice and budget. After all, we are no Kardashians! 


    Even so, you can still keep a few tricks up your sleeve to make a big impact with your engagement ring design: 


    • The size of the center stone has to be a minimum of 1 to 2 carat. Anything beyond that will also work wonderfully.


    • Remember the bigger the stone, the more flaws and inclusions it will show. Hence exercise caution while buying the center stone. Opt for a higher clarity grade, preferably VS1 or VS2. You can create a big impression even with a slightly colored stone. So, if the drawstrings of your purse are limiting you, you can compromise on the color. Stones in the F to J range will not stretch your budget – they’ll look beautiful when set in a ring.


    • The illusion effect works wonders, be it in magic or, in this case, diamonds. Fancy cut stones like marquise, pear, oval and even emerald have a larger table size (top surface). Hence, they appear bigger for the same carat weight as brilliant-cut round diamonds. You can opt for these fancy shapes to your advantage and design a bigger-looking ring.


    • Amplify the sparkle with a halo setting. Choose a center stone of a higher clarity and color grade as it offers maximum scintillation and fire. Now, add a halo to it and your center stone will look even bigger! The brilliance of the center stone will be multiplied by the reflection of the accent diamonds, creating a highly shimmery effect. Halos do an excellent job of augmenting the opulence and grandeur of your ring without burning a hole in your pockets


    • Minimize the setting to maximize the sparkle of your center stone. Shoppers often end up shrouding the central stone by choosing a fancy setting unsuitable for the stone. This strips away the beauty of the diamond, limiting its brilliance. So, when buying a ring, keep repeating the mantra – emphasize the stone!


    • Last (and most important trick), choose a lab grown diamond as you can get twice the size of a mined diamond at half the cost! This means you can opt for a big rock without compromising on your budget. For instance, this 2 carat, excellent cut criss-cross round diamond solitaire ring with VS2 clarity costs $3211. On the contrary, a natural diamond engagement ring with similar parameters will cost you around $9,130. The price difference says it all.




    Whether you want a big engagement ring or a minimalist engagement ring, the bottom line is, you must choose a ring that complements your fianceé. Study her style, personality carefully before taking a concrete decision. It may sound time-consuming, but once you get down on your knees, holding the ring of her dreams, her smile will be worth everything! 



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