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    Wow her, woo her or simply show her how much she means to you with the ultimate and best valentine’s day gift (s) to put a bright halo around her (literally!). Her favorite flowers, chocolates (or savory), and some really unique sparkly diamonds on the most romantic day of the year, are undeniably the best Valentine’s Day gift(s) that you can plan for your special someone.

    Diamonds are unbreakable and that’s because of the tight bonds shared by the Carbon atoms (p.s. diamond, be it lab grown or mined, is 100% carbon), making it the hardest substances known to man. It is easy to relate to diamond as a gemstone of choice for couples who want to commemorate their relationship and nurture it for a lifetime. You can not resist the timeless charm and brilliance of diamonds, be it lab grown diamonds or ones coming from earth.

    #FactCheck – Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds From Mines 

    When in love with the right person, every day is a celebration of love. We get it. But making happy memories is also an essential part of relationship and what better than Valentine’s Day to shower a gift of dazzling lab grown diamond jewelry or a ring!

    A jewelry gift is deeply symbolic. It’s will always be a more ‘special’ gift reminding the wearer about the person who gave it, how and when they presented it. This intensely emotional connection is hard to make with any other kind of Valentine’s Day gifts out there. Plus, your partner will get to proudly flaunt her gift in her social circle! #InstagramCalled

    best valentine's day gifts for her

    You don’t need to go in to debt or burn a hole in your pocket in the process of finding the best valentines day gift for her.

    Diamonds, lab grown or mined, allow you to make the choice based on what you think is perfect for your special someone. Concerned about the irreplaceable damage of that is a part of mining industry and extraction? Then consider lab grown diamonds without compromising on the 4Cs of your diamond or price. They are diamonds, just like earth mined ones, without the irreversible impact on bio-diversity. 

    Seven Proven Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

    The tradition of fine jewelry gifts….

    Gifting jewelry on this special day of love is a deep-rooted tradition. Back in the 15th century, love notes were the prized Valentine’s day gifts. History records Duke of Orleans to be the first person to send a Valentine’s Day card (a love poem). Eventually, the rose became the emblem of love and a precious Valentine’s Day gift in the 17th century. Chocolates soon followed to be the chosen V-Day gift in the mid-1600s as chocolate imports from Spain spread throughout Europe. It was only in the 1920s, that precious metal fine jewelry became available to the public and became entrenched as part of our gift-giving culture.

    best valentines day gifts
    Fascinating Solitaire Emerald Pendant (1/2 TCW.) Prices start at $499

    Even scientists agree that gift giving is humanity’s universal behavior and this kind of reciprocity or exchange of gifts is what helps build relationships! In today’s world, getting your special lady love a jewelry gift is really going to put you in her big league. So choose wisely.

    And remember that roses wither away, chocolates get eaten (and forgotten) greeting cards get tossed away, but your valentine’s day jewelry gift will stay with her forever and with it the memories of the day. 

    Pick your best kind of gifts for Valentine’s Day from our round up

    Jewelry gifts don’t need you to break the bank. LovBe has the choicest, high quality lab grown diamond selection starting at $399. There’s a valentines gift choice for every budget. 

    1. You’re a couple, but it’s still pretty new and you are really not sure how much to spend on a valentines day gift? We recommend to keep it easy and classy.
      valentines day jewelry gift
      Classic Round Solitaire Pendant (1/4 TCW); Prices start at $299

      A classic round diamond pendant (with no quality compromises on the solitaire diamond) set in 14K white or yellow or rose gold is just perfect gift. Just pay attention to what metal color she prefer. Yellow gold is classic and traditional, but may not be her ‘thing’. White gold and platinum appeal to those with modern tastes and goes with pretty much all kinds of jewelry that she may own already. If she’s a romantic at heart, then show her your love with a petite rose gold pendant.

      valentines day jewelry gift ideas
      Sparkly Dainty Heart Pendant (0.52 TCW); Prices start ay $549



    2. If you’ve been dating for a year or are in a committed relationship, then fine jewelry will be considered an appropriate on Valentine’s Day gift. You can never go wrong with simple statement making diamond ear studs, in a carat size that will look good on her!  Rose gold jewelry is pretty popular as valentines day gifts, likely because of its  rosy-pink feminine hue.
      romantic diamond jewelry gift for her
      Aurora Emerald Earstuds (1 TCW); Prices start at $1099


      A pair of sparkly diamond earrings can transform an outfit and your lady! Diamond earrings are versatile and can come in a variety of shapes – hoops or tri-stone settings. For a modern touch, check out our ever-so radiant diamond hoop earrings, encrusted with diamonds inside and out. That’s 360 degree of sparkle and shine, mister.

      jewelry gift ideas for her
      Inside Outside Diamond Hoop Earrings (FG SI 1.5 Ct. tw.)
    3. Those who are married or living-in with their long time partners, make it extra special with a diamond eternity ring or a dainty diamond band in a metal color that allows her to dress up her fingers.
      gift ideas for her
      1 carat TCW; Prices start at $1951

      eternity band for anniversary gift ideas jewelry gift for her

      From Meghan Markle to Marilyn Monroe, women wear their eternity rings with pride, stacking them with their engagement rings or as right hand rings. LovBe has a wide selection of simple, intricate, or multi-row bands that are great to complement every style. Like this LovBe’s Pavé Engraved Round Diamond Wedding Band is a guaranteed future heirloom worthy jewelry gift. The ring features a wave patterned engraving all over the side of the ring. Symbolically, waves are continuously flowing and never stopping, and this ring holds up the symbolism. No matter what happens in life, your love will be endless!jewelry gift for her

    Ready-to-ship Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

    we understand that shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for her can be stressful, specially if she has a taste for finer things. Choose a brilliant LovBe jewelry gift from our ready-to-ship selection and we will get it to you in 3 business days!

    Here are some of our ready-to-ship bestsellers that are both precious and guaranteed to be adored by your Valentine! We’ve got you.

    1. Bring out the big bling fest with this one. We’re positive that your partner will not stop showing off this elegant band featuring 23 round diamonds in their circle!valentine's day gift delivery
    2. Or if you are looking for a subtle but jewelry gift that she will remember for a long time, then check this straight pavè style band with 1/3 carat round diamonds. That petite sparkling ring on her finger is the best way to commemorate Valentines day.  
    3. Diamond studs are timeless and perfect for any occasion, every age and fit perfectly in every woman’s jewelry box. Best part is that you will not walk away with a lighter wallet! And she will want to wear it and flaunt it forever.

      valentine's day gift delivery
      4 Prong Screw Back Glacier Stud Earrings (0.75 TCW); Price – $599


    A thoughtful Valentine’s day jewelry gift expresses and underlines your commitment to your partner, in the most graceful way. And when it comes to jewelry, the list of reasons that makes it right are just endless. So, take your time and choose the best Valentine’s Day jewelry gift from LovBe.


    Make the most of LovBe’s 60-day free returns and free shipping to take the pressure off Valentines Day jewelry delivery. We also offer flexible financing options. Shop with confidence or ask for assistance from our Diamond Concierge, anytime.   

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