7 Best friend jewelry ideas (+matching BFF jewelry ideas!)

    There is a fulfillment that comes when you gift someone diamonds. We have put together our 2021 favorite best friend jewelry ideas that can be really meaningful between friends for a lifetime.

    Friends who stay with us through both good and trying times (which we all have seen a fair share in the last few months), make it a tad easier to sail through tough situations in life.
    If you’ve known your bestie for a long time then it will help you choose the perfect piece of ‘bestie jewelry’ that will complement her personality. When gifting a fine jewelry piece, we would recommend that do not decide to buy on a whim.

    When looking for inspiration for best friend jewelry ideas, we recommend you look for a piece that’s special symbolically, and not exactly the priciest one. Diamond jewelry, specially one made with lab created diamonds, really stands out because it speaks out loud about your intention to ensure that diamonds were sourced for bestie’s jewelry without digging deep holes in the ground, displacing all that soil, and probably defacing bio-diversity irreparably.

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    It sure will impress your BFF to receive a gift that stands in line with their ideas and consciousness. For inspirational jewelry to help your bestie through hard days and make bright days even brighter, you will love the dainty jewelry collection by LovBe.  

    Best Friend Necklaces

    What’s awesome about matching BFF jewelry is its power to evoke memories and cause a serious case of nostalgia every time you both wear it.

    Like this round solitaire pendant which is a must-have for every woman’s jewelry box. A classic centerpiece, elegantly sporting three-prong set 0.25 carat GH-color diamond on an 18-inch 10K white gold rope chain (chain’s metal would change when you choose a yellow or rose gold pendant).

    Easy to layer with other necklaces and gorgeous on its own, this is one best friend necklace that you can never go wrong with! 

    matching BFF jewelry
    Classic Round Solitaire Pendant (1/4 TCW) in 14K Yellow Gold

    best friend necklace
    Classic Round Solitaire Pendant (1/4 TCW) in 14K White Gold

    Amp up the glam quotient, if you think your best friend would love this solitaire fancy-cut pear diamond pendant. Set in 4 prongs to make sure the 1/2 carat diamond solitaire stays secured, this necklace is a beauty. Pear cut diamonds are known for their vintage appeal, which could be perfect for a bestie who loves the ‘antique’ vibes. This shimmering pendant necklace is available in 14K/18K white, yellow or rose gold metal or get a platinum setting to mark a really special friendship milestone.

    best friend jewelry
    Exclusive Solitaire Pear Pendant (1/2 TCW) in 14K Rose Gold

    best friend necklace
    Solitaire Pear Pendant (1/2 TCW) in 14K White Gold

    Meaningful Jewelry For Best Friend 

    Stud earrings top the list of meaningful jewelry for best friend as well as being absolutely useful. They are a great choice if your friend has multiple ear piercings – so choose a set where she can mix and match (metal or diamond shapes)!

    meaningful jewelry for best friend
    Glacier Stud Earrings

    meaningful jewelry for best friend
    Candlelight Stud Earrings

    A heart necklace is a very fitting way to showcase the place your bestie has in your life. Your friends make the world go round. For some of us, our friends are part of our family. That’s why we care so much when trying to decide on a gift for them. This minimalistic heart pendant (1 TCW) with 20 small round diamonds pavéd along creates a very unique looking pendant. 

    gift for best friend
    Zealous Heart Pendant


    Matching BFF Jewelry

    If your friend would prefer a more subtle piece of jewelry that’s not a solitaire diamond on a chain, then this beautiful pendant cluster diamond pendant necklace is a perfect ‘budget-friendly’ option. Carats – check. Design – check. A 1.02 TCW necklace with 7 round twinkling diamonds arranged in a beautiful hexagon. This pendant is great for everyday wear because it’s subtle and pairs well other jewelry.

    bestie jewelry gift
    Cluster Diamond Pendant (1 TCW.)

    matching BFF jewelry
    Cluster Diamond Pendant (1 TCW)

    Match your jewelry with your friend in this sparkly floral-shaped cluster studs. Sport your matched style with your best friend to create your own statement. Finding the perfect gift for your best friends is easy with LovBe.


    diamond ear studs
    Round Cluster Diamond Stud Earring (1 1/3 TCW); Prices start at $699

    jewelry birthday gift

    These are some of our top picks when choosing meaningful bestie jewelry or if matching BFF jewelry. And remember, you don’t need any occasion or a gift to just let your BFF know how much they mean to you!



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